Skip That PayPal Uber One Offer & Do This Instead!

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Citi Merchant Offer

Uber One Citi Merchant Offer

I just described how I’ve been benefiting more from Citi Merchant Offers.  Offers are becoming more prevalent across my accounts, they’re more attractive, and some are repeating.  Certain readers have been reporting issues with these offers, but I haven’t had any issues yet – knock on wood.  I’ll keep plugging away, and I bet many of you will, also.  But a current PayPal Uber One offer may create a dilemma for some.  Here’s why I think you should ignore that one and go with the Citi Merchant Offer.

Citi Merchant Offer vs. PayPal Offer

Various Citi cardholders have received the following offer:

  • Eligible cardholders can receive $9.99 back when they enroll in Uber One.  This is essentially a free month of Uber One benefits.  The Citi Merchant Offer can be redeemed up to two times during the offer period (~45 days).

The PayPal offer getting a lot of attention currently is (HT DoC):

  • PayPal members can obtain six months of Uber One for the price of one month.  That’s $9.99 for six months.

Citi Merchant Offer

Which Offer’s Better?

I generally avoid any promo which would bring on unnecessary, unnatural spending habits.  As solid as the PayPal offer is, I have no need to pay for Uber One.  It’s a useful Uber feature, but it’s not worth paying for in my situation.

I can’t ignore, though, that I have plenty of Uber credits thanks to holding multiple Amex Gold and Amex Platinum cards.  I previously used this same Citi Merchant Offer and I know that these credits stack with Uber One benefits.  But two free months now with the Citi Merchant Offer is worth more to me than paying $9.99 for six months.

I’m even more confident in this move because it’s not difficult to get free months of Uber One at any given time, with Citi or otherwise.  Citi has repeatedly provided this same offer, and they may do so again.  Regardless, I know that I have no burning need for more than two consecutive months of Uber One benefits.

I’m Not Alone

I conducted an MtM Diamond Slack survey where I presented each offer and asked which members would pick.  The Citi Merchant Offer came out ahead by a wide margin.  In fact, not even one person chose the PayPal offer.  I had a feeling the Citi Merchant Offer would win out, but this offer obtaining all votes surprised me.

Citi Merchant Offer


Of course, I figure some out there may choose the PayPal Uber One offer, and that’s understandable.  Some will prefer the simplicity of signing up once for six months, and they may not mind paying $9.99 to lock in the service for an extended period.  But many of us aren’t interested in Uber One futures trading.  I’ll bank on other free Uber One opportunities in the future.  I don’t really need it that much, anyway.  Even when it’s “only” $9.99 for six months.  Which offer are you pursuing?

Benjy Harmon
Benjy is a fan of points, miles, and financial independence (FI). An experienced world traveler, husband, and father, he currently focuses on roaming throughout the USA expense-free (or close to it). He enjoys helping others achieve their FI and travel goals.

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  1. Benjy,

    Can you please explain how the Citi Merchant offer “stacks” with our Amex Platinum and Gold credits? I thought you had to have those cards active (and used for rides or eats) in order to take advantage of the monthly credits we get with those cards.

    Maybe you can register for the Uber One account (using your tied Citi card with the Merchant Offer), and then still pay for rides and food with either of the Amex cards?

    • Evan F,
      Your latter statement is correct. Simply buy the Uber One membership with your Citi card, then go about using Uber/Uber Eats with Amex credits and Amex card as your backup payment method.


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