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Uber Wants to Buy Postmates for $2.6 Billion

Uber has turned its attention to acquiring Postmates after its deal to buy Grubhub fell apart earlier this month.

What Is Uber Flash? New Uber Project Launches, But Not In...

What is Uber Flash? An examination of the new Uber delivery service, as well as where it's currently available (not in the US yet).

Uber Lawsuit Over 2016 Massive Data Breach

Back in 2016, Uber suffered a major data breach. A hacker accessed its systems and compromised the information of 50 million riders and 7 million drivers.

Uber Wants to Buy Grubhub

The food delivery market has seen huge increase in demand in recent months. But now we could see one of the major players disappear. Uber has reportedly made an offer to acquire Grubhub.

Get A $15 Statement Credit For Your $15 Uber Amex Platinum...

uber safety issue
If you are struggling to use your $15 Uber Amex Platinum credit as the end of the month approaches you may have another option, a $15 statement credit.

Uber Rolls Out Another Useless Safety Feature

Uber Safety Issues- new uber feature claims to enhance rider safety during trips where a rider feels unsafe, but is this a real solution or a PR move?

Uber Shut Down Spree – Accounts Locked For Gift Card Loads

uber safety issue
There is an Uber shut down spree going on right now targeting peoples accounts that loaded discounted gift cards to their account.

Uber Eats Review: The Driver Did What to My Food?!?

A detailed review of food delivery service Uber Eats including the crazy excuse a driver had for not delivering my food!