Hmmm…. Is It Worth Upgrading to a Crockfords Las Vegas Stay?

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Crockfords Las Vegas
Resorts World Las Vegas (Photo Credit: Maverick Helicopters)

Is Crockfords Las Vegas Worth It?

I’ve written plenty about how I found Conrad Las Vegas, and Resorts World in general, fairly average.  In addition to my two separate stays at the Conrad, I also had a quick, one night stay at Crockfords, the luxury property within Hilton’s LXR brand, next door in Resorts World.  Vegas visitors are presented with a variety of options within Resorts World.  Is it worth picking a Crockfords Las Vegas stay over the adjacent Hilton or Conrad properties?  I’ll share my experience to hopefully assist in your overall decision making.  Here are my separate cases for and against Crockfords Las Vegas.

The Case For Crockfords Being Worth It

There’s much to like about Crockfords Las Vegas.  My check-in experience was close to perfect and markedly better than my initial Conrad arrival.  The welcome tea and souvenir skeleton key are nice touches, establishing the foundation for a distinctive experience.

Initially, I was concerned that the room would be too similar to a standard Conrad room.  I was immediately and happily proven wrong there.  I loved how opening the room’s front door activated the opening of the curtains covering the floor to ceiling windows.  Room furniture and materials definitely felt superior to the Conrad’s.

Crockfords Las Vegas

Crockfords offers a light continental breakfast to guests.  I enjoyed the easy access to coffee, juice, fresh fruit, and pastries at the picturesque lobby bar.  The self serve setup was a bit picked over by the time I arrived, but it’s a nice option I wasn’t expecting, anyway.

Also, the Crockfords has exclusive access to a separate pool and seating area adjacent to the large Resorts World pool.  Guests having fairly simple access without the need to rush down for a chair first thing in the morning is definitely a perk.

Another feature that Crockfords has that’s fairly limited in Vegas is…quiet.  All public spaces and visitor floors were notably calm, quiet, even serene.  This felt similar to the peaceful silence Encore at The Wynn provided.

Finally, Crockfords provides something that many luxury properties simply do not – cooperation with a major hotel chain’s loyalty program, Hilton Honors in this case.  Similar properties, boutique and otherwise, don’t have an official loyalty program that guests can leverage during stays to earn or use points and elite benefits.

The Case Against Crockfords Being Worth It

I highlighted Crockfords’ lack of attention to detail here.  No soap in the bolted-to-the-wall shower dispenser is simply unsatisfactory, and this problem showing up at an ultra luxury property sticks out even more.  Separately, I find it tremendously low rent that such a property has bolted-to-the-wall dispensers, anyway.  Otherwise, I found most else satisfactory in the room, but I can’t ignore this one slip-up.

Crockfords Las Vegas
The room’s materials are nicer, but the layout is pretty much the same at the Conrad.

Speaking of the room, while I found the quality of room materials improved, the Conrad and Crockfords basic room sizes are exactly the same – 550 square feet.  The layout is tremendously similar, also.  That may not matter to some, including this writer, but others might find luxury, in terms of space, lacking at Crockfords.  For what it’s worth, basic room size at the Hilton is 400 square feet.

The daily Diamond food and beverage benefit at Crockfords is exactly the same as the Conrad’s.  Hilton Honors Diamond members are entitled to $25 daily credits per person (up to two people) for use at only two Resorts World locations – The Kitchen and Sun’s Out Buns Out.  When I asked about the limitations, the front desk said that in-room dining was recently removed as an option.  I feel that Crockfords should have a more unique option for elite members to use their daily credits.  Having similar benefits as lower-end properties pulls down the exclusivity of Crockfords, in my view.

On that note, one can question what exactly is unique about Crockfords beyond the rooms.  A guest is essentially obtaining the same products, service, and standards throughout Resorts World as guests staying at the Hilton and Conrad properties.  Guests of all properties can access the same restaurants, fitness center, and casinos.  There is a separate, small Crockfords casino, but I saw nothing preventing anyone from gambling there.  Is it worth paying the extra money or points for, primarily, a nicer room, a small pool area, and slightly more attentive service in the lobby?  So then, let’s look at what that “extra” is.

Crockfords Las Vegas

Pricing – Hilton vs. Conrad vs. Crockfords

Let’s compare the prices of the three Resorts World Las Vegas properties, both cash and points rates, during a random Saturday night a few months away.  Of course, rates widely vary in Vegas, so take these numbers with a grain of salt.  But we must pick something to compare here.  Specifically, I’m looking at a stay for two people on the night of 8 October 2022.  Each rate is for a basic room with one king bed.  Here’s what I find:


  • Cash Rate: $239, plus resort fee ($45) and taxes, or
  • Points Rate: 70k points


  • Cash Rate: $255, plus resort fee ($45) and taxes, or
  • Points Rate: 80k points


  • Cash Rate: $494, plus resort fee ($45) and taxes, or
  • Points Rate: 95k points

Is Crockfords Las Vegas Worth It – Conclusion

What one considers upgrade-worthy is a highly personal decision.  We each calculate differently for our respective situations.  Should I pay with cash or points?  Is the little more I get at the nicer property worth x much extra cash or y much extra points?

From my perspective, start with your travel dates and work backwards.  Again, Vegas rates wildly vary based on the travel timeframe, and those equally-wacky room rates may make your decision easy.  Also, if you can leverage Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts benefits and your $200 Platinum credit, incorporate that into your decision making.  And don’t forget any Hilton free night certificates you may have sitting around.

In general, I would first consider a return to Crockfords with a Hilton free night certificate.  That’s how I booked my initial stay, and I’m fine with the return I got.  Next, I would consider a Crockfords Fine Hotels & Resorts booking while using a $200 Platinum credit at lower rates.  I’m willing to go out of pocket a bit here, but not much.

Another caveat: I would only consider using a Hilton cert or Platinum credit at Crockfords if I had no other uses better-aligned with my higher priority goals.  Like any redemption, I don’t recommend forcing a stay at a given property if it isn’t in line with one’s goals.

I would never pay the above cash or points rates for any of the Resorts World properties.  More out of curiosity than anything, I would be open to paying the cash rate at Hilton when prices are low.  But when it comes to travel, I rarely pay out of pocket for anything, anyway.

Again, this is just my perspective.  Many of you will correctly decide otherwise for your situation.  Based on the example, though, one redemption situation does jump out to me.  If one must travel to Vegas and has a ridiculously large sum of Hilton Honors points that they’ve historically struggled to use, booking Crockfords on points seems like a no-brainer (compared to the other properties, at least).

Is Crockfords Las Vegas worth it when compared to Conrad or the Hilton?  Why or why not?

Benjy Harmon
Benjy Harmon
Benjy focuses on the intersection of points, travel, and financial independence (FI). An experienced world traveler, husband, and father, he currently roams throughout the USA close to expense-free. Benjy enjoys helping others achieve their FI and travel goals.

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  1. I am debating between Waldorf Astoria and Conrad or Crockfords. I have stayed at the Waldorf once before and loved it. Felt like a luxury oasis away from the casinos. I like the Crockford is brand new but once you are in the common areas you are mixed in with the general population, right?

    • I enjoyed the Mandarin Oriental in Vegas before it became a WA. Beyond the hotel areas itself, Crockfords shares most everything with Conrad and Hilton. One exception (there may be others) is Crockfords has its own pool area.

      • When I stayed at Crockfords 2 months ago they shared the many pools with the connected brands but its biggest pool complex in vegas. They did have a “luxury” pool that had a hefty upcharge. Also double check FHR I was able to get Crockfords cheaper plus with the added benfits and upgrade, then if I was to book Conrad through the Hilton app.

    • The common lobby area & elevator is combined with Crockfords & Conrad, Hilton has a separate lobby/elevator and check in, which is the first lobby you walk in to coming from the parking garage. Don’t waste your time waiting at the long lines at the Hilton check in as they will send you over to the Crockfords/Conrad lobby which is empty, looks more luxury and has a bar across from the check in counter.

  2. I just checked into (Memorial Day) Crockfords using FHR, I got a great deal of $179. Does anyone know if your able to stack your AMEX Aspire $250 resort credit while using FHR benefits? I prepaid the room with my Plat card thru FHR, which will also trigger my $200 FHR Plat booking credit. I entered my Hilton loyalty # on the FHR during the booking process, which pushes the reservation through my Hilton app. My Hilton app gave me a notification to pre-check the day prior, which I did using my AMEX Aspire card on file. Now my Aspire card is on the room which was also hit with the $150 incidentals hold.

    When I checked in under FHR I was told I get the $125 Credit F&B credit & $33 per person ($66) breakfast credit. Since I am a Hilton Diamond I get to stack my $25 per person ($50) breakfast credit on top of the FHR benefits.

    I wonder if I room charge move then the $125 F&B FHR credit, if my $250 Aspire resort credits will kick in as the Crockfords is listed as one of the Hilton Resorts?

    P.s. A couple of nights ago I used my Aspire free night to stay at St. Regis Bevery Hills, which is actual Ultra Luxury, It now makes the Crockfords seem to be a big step down going as going from a 5-star to a 4-star hotel in comparison.

    • Correction: I named St. Regis Bevery Hills incorrect for my free night, I mean I just stayed at “Waldorf Astoria”, Beverly Hills using my free night.

  3. I totally agree with your overall assessment of Crockfords Las Vegas. I did utilize the Amex Plat FHR booking and credit of $100 towards food in addition to the Hilton Diamond daily F&B credit. I used points for the second night. I was actually not that impressed after reading people’s reviews of international Crockfords. Service was at best mediocre for that status of a hotel. Rooms are spacious but after seeing pictures of the Conrad there was really no difference in the Crockfords. The separate pool was nice, especially if the pool area was crowded but there was nothing special about the service. I was very impressed with the Resort’s World KUSA NORI restaurant food and presentation not the service. I was alone at the hotel so the $100 FH&R credit was eaten up quickly. Would I go there if I was paying cash? Don’t think so. I have stayed at Conrad ls and even Hilton’s that offer a better overall experience. A hotel’s service and quality have everything to do with management and how staff is trained!

  4. I think right now the rates through FHR is around 30$-50$ difference per night for Conrad vs Crockfords. If it is minor difference, you think it’s worth the upgrade right?

  5. I am going through the same process right now to decide one location over another. One big factor I always consider is parking which is probably not an issue in Vegas but other locations its huge! Im cashing in a free night cert at Waldorf Beverly hills and its Vallet parking only for $68 a night + tax & tip! I hate Vallet with a passion (for many reasons) regardless if it’s my own car or a rental. Normal if it’s Vallet only and there are no street parking options that alone will make my decision not to stay at that property but with the W.A. Beverly hills being over $1.1k cash rate I’m going to suck this one up or hopefully find nearby parking. For some reason when ever I’m hotel searching it seams it’s impossible to find the parking rates on the hotel page so I normally have a side google window open to search parking rates for that hotel so I can add it in to my, if it’s worth it decision making proces.

    • Mike,
      I’m intrigued by WA Beverly Hills. On an award stay there, I could rationalize paying for parking. Plus, paying for parking is just part of the deal in Los Angeles. 😉

  6. Really appreciate the Vegas reviews! We didn’t stay there but played at the casino during a workday recently after opening. The staff was very accommodating opening a Let It Ride table just for us which I found super cool. I do agree with others it kind of feels like a mall with a casino, but I would like to go back on a weekend night and see what the action is like!


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