10% Off Target Gift Cards & 3 Huge Reasons Why You Probably Want to Buy Some

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discounted target gift cards

Discounted Target Gift Cards One Day Only

For one day only, Target will be offering up to $300 worth of gift cards at 10% off. On the surface this doesn’t seem like a huge deal since we see discounted gift cards all of the time, but in reality it is a very good deal. Let’s look at the full details and how you can possibly use these cards to score some killer savings.

The Offer

On December 20, save 10% off of Target gift cards purchased in-store or online at Target.com.

Key Terms

  • The discount is limited to the first $300 worth of Target GiftCard purchases per household.
  • The minimum GiftCard value eligible for the discount is $10.
  • If you’re planning on making GiftCard purchases on Target.com, you’ll be limited to one transaction of eGiftCards or mobile GiftCards per household.
  • Quantities are limited, and rainchecks won’t be offered.
  • The deal is available in Target stores Dec. 20 from opening to closing time, and at Target.com from midnight PST Dec. 20 to 11:59 PST Dec. 20.
  • You can begin redeeming your GiftCards purchased during the sale on Monday, Dec. 21.

You can find the full terms here.

discounted target gift cards

Ways to Use Discounted Target Gift Cards

The title promises three reasons why you will want to purchase these cards. While all may not apply to you, I guarantee one of them probably will.

Manufacture Spend via Gift Card Reselling

Right now several gift card resellers will purchase Target gift cards at 90% from you. This means you could manufacture spend for free by purchasing and reselling these cards. I fully expect the 90% rate to drop on these cards on some sites, however it will bounce back up since Target cards are rarely discounted and there is always a huge demand. As always, do what you are comfortable with. You can find some more information on gift card reselling here.

Maximize Your Savings on Everyday Purchases

Remember that Target has a very good price matching policy, meaning you can save 10% off of the lowest prices across a number of stores. Target will price match Walmart, Amazon, Kmart and a ton of other retailers and price matches go fairly smoothly. Also remember Target runs a number of other discounts like:

  • Registry discounts
  • Cartwheel (In-store only)
  • REDcard (Amex, Debit or Credit)

I don’t want to spell it all out for you, but I’ll mention a few things to get the gears running. REDcard works in combination with gift cards online for a 5% discount as long as a small portion is put on the REDcard. In-store you only get the discount for the portion you pay with REDcard. Also, generally Cartwheel has great in-store offers and the registry coupons are AMAZING!


Many of the above discounts will also work to help resell merchandise. If you are a reseller, then starting 10% ahead and combining a number of discounts makes it much easier to earn a profit! Target has been great this year with sales and their prices have been competitive on a number of products. Sometimes the price ends up being so low, that I am shocked!

discounted target gift cards

Other Considerations

Here are a few more things to think about when determining how you will participate in this deal.

Household Limit

As is stated in the terms, there is a household limit of $300 in gift cards. I don’t know how they would enforce that if you purchased $300 online and then went to a store for another $300. Or what if you brought some family to buy some or perhaps purchased some in the electronics department and then some more in the front of the store? I’m not sure how they would be able to tell.

Coded As A Grocery Store

Keep in mind that many Target stores are coded as a grocery store by Visa. If you have a Visa that earns a grocery category bonus, then you can check to see if your local Target is coded that way. This only works for Visa and not other types of cards.


On the surface 10% off gift cards doesn’t seem that good, but with Target it really is. Starting 10% ahead and then price matching and utilizing all of their other discount mechanisms can lead to a huge savings on everyday purchases or items to resell. If you are just looking for some “free” spend, then this might be a good deal for you as well. Happy shopping!

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  1. For anyone thinking about using the new Target Gift Card Exchange Service that was recently launched, dont bother. It sucks ass. Such a rip-off.

    Example: $100 Toys R Us GC for $63 Target GC.

    Yeah right.

    Maybe some of you will find a use for this service out of desperation or other reasons, but nobody at Target knows they even offer this. You have to go to the back of the electronics section and ask for a “Target Mobile Tech Specialist”. I have no idea why. Just ask. The guy will use a laptop, not a kiosk, to look up crap and give you a stupid offer. Just say no to drugs. But yes to laughter in their face.

  2. Bought $200 online with gift cards and then $300 at the store…I guess we will see if they put the two together and void one.

    • It’s not necessary to comment on a blog post that you have no particular interest in either, especially when your post is judgmental and adds no value. Just stating the obvious.

  3. Honestly, Visa database contains a few local B&M that been closed for five or more years.

    The REDcard never made it to this area, although I found info on Target.com that it was available. Now one might look for coupons to use with a discounted GC and your Target credit card.

    • There are several version of “REDcard.”

      Two are:
      1. The Amex reloadable comparable to Serve & Bluebird, aka Redbird
      2. The Target credit card
      Both get you 5% discount on items purchased in stores and on-line.

      You should be able to get the store credit card version, even if your area never had Redbird.

    • Apply for the debit version and don’t forget to look for affiliate/cash back opportunities when doing so. When I picked mine up a few months ago (the debit version) I didn’t get any cb portal kickback as I had no idea there was any opportunity to do so.

  4. Regarding this “REDcard works in combination with gift cards online for a 5% discount as long as a small portion is put on the REDcard”; how do you go about telling the website checkout you want to pay a portion with REDcard and the rest with a gift card?

      • I have bought ebay gift cards without putting anything on the redcard and still got 5% off…not sure if it just doesn’t work with target gift cards to do it 100%?

        • You won’t receive any redcard discount on buying target gift cards. You will when using them to pay however.

          Amex RB = must have partial payment with RB
          Debit RB = can pay in full with gift cards

          • You got that reversed. You get 5% off buying gift cards and nothing off when using them…you get the discount by having the redcard.

          • Mark I think you have it mixed up a bit. The premise here is that using the RB gains you 5% additional discount when stacking it with a target gift card for payment. Per Liz’s question, the topic here is re: using RB to gain a 5% discount.

            As stated, you do not get any RB discount when using it to buy Target gift cards (this upcoming promo on the 20th). You are able to piggyback the RB discount on any other purchases at target.com when using a target gift card as a payment method (such as the ones you’ll acquire tomorrow).


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