Disney’s All Star Movies Review: Renovated Room + Saving Over 30% on Priceline! Worth It?

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Disney's All Star Movies Review
Welcome to Disney’s All Star Movies Resort!

Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Review

Walt Disney World’s value resorts can sometimes be a great bargain, although that isn’t always the case. During my recent visit to Galaxy’s Edge I had the opportunity to stay in a renovated room at the Disney All Star Movies resort which proved to be a great deal. In this All Star Movies Disney World review I’ll talk about the value, the awesome new room and whether it makes sense to visit this particular hotel compared to the other Walt Disney World value properties.


Disney’s All Star Movie resort is located within a complex housing All Star Sports & All Star Music. Each of these resorts has their own check-in areas, food courts and amenities, although the entrance to all three is in the same place. All three All Star resorts have been criticized over the years for being very low-end and not feeling Disney. I don’t feel that is the case, although admittedly the outside entrances scream “motel” more than they do “Disney”.

Disney's All Star Movies Review

Disney’s All Star Movies Review – Booking

Instead of booking ahead of time and paying Disney’s published rates, I was able to score a last minute night at the All Star Movies Resort from Priceline Express Deals for only $75 per night plus taxes/fees.

  • Room Rate: $75++
  • Final Cost: $92.97

When I booked the hotel all I knew was I was booking “a 3 star resort with no resort fee in the Bonnet Creek area of Walt Disney World”. There was no guaranteed resort, however only on-property Disney hotels fit that description. This meant I could have been given any of the following:

  • All Star Movies
  • All Star Music
  • All Star Sports
  • Art of Animation
  • Pop Century

Most Walt Disney World fans would probably be cheering for Art of Animation or Pop Century and I was no different. Unfortunately I was given All Star Movies, which gave me a little anxiety, but turned out to be fantastic.

Disney's All Star Movies Review

Disney’s All Star Movies Review – Arrival & Check-In

Since I booked on Priceline last minute I didn’t link my reservation to My Disney Experience so I had to go to the front desk to check-in. Thankfully upon arrival it wasn’t crowded so I completed my check-in before realizing something quite embarrassing. I had come to All Star Music for check-in, but I was staying at All Star Movies. Oops! Thankfully the very nice cast member had completed everything for me so I didn’t need to go to the All Star Movies front desk.

Disney’s All Star Movies Review – The Room

Disney’s value resorts aren’t meant to be big and lavish. The rooms in these buildings are small, however Disney is making incredible use of the space in their All Star Movies renovated rooms. After entering I noticed the new room looked almost identical to the room at Pop Century where we stayed earlier this year.

Disney's All Star Movies Review
Disney’s All Star Movie Renovated Room – August, 2019
Disney's All Star Movies Review
A reverse look of a renovated room at Disney’s Pop Century Resort reveals they are almost the same with slight thematic changes.

One of the ways Disney does right here is by using a Murphy Bed that doubles as a table when it is folded up. The room feels so much bigger with the second bed folded up. A use of a barn door to the bathroom also both looks good and is functional given the limited space.

In addition to pretty standard Disney beds and what some would say is generic Disney decor, All Star Movies renovated rooms have a ton of pillows and USB outlets for everyone! Between all of that and the abundance of Disney entertainment on the large flat screen television, I think families will be quite happy here.

Disney's All Star Movies Review
The pools at Disney value resorts always seem to be hopping.

Disney’s All Star Movies Review – The Resort

All Star Movies has pools just like the other value resorts. Don’t expect much other than a normal pool that might have a themed shape and some decorations. Like other Disney value resorts you will also find a food court and a gift shop with bus transportation around Walt Disney World not far away either.

During my stay I did have the chance to use mobile order for a quick meal from the food court before I recorded an episode of the Miles to Memories podcast. Normally I would eat elsewhere given the prices, but I was in a time crunch and it turned out alright. My chicken sandwich was ready when I got there (I checked in before leaving my room) and I was easily able to take it to my room. It tasted fine as well.

More Disney’s All Star Movies Resort Review Photos

Bottom Line

The All Star Movies renovations are nearing completion, so before long all of the rooms should be much more modern. While I prefer Pop Century and Art of Animation (even more so after the Disney Skyliner opens), I honestly have no complaint about my stay. The service and food was exactly what one would expect from a Disney Value Resort, while the room is a huge upgrade over what you used to get.

Have you stayed in a renovated room at Disney’s All Star Movies resort? Share your Disney’s All Star Movies review in the comments!

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  1. I swear I read through this article and the only thing I’m reading that says has changed with the renovation is that there’s plenty of USB ports and pillows. Is that actually it? Other things mentioned aren’t clear if they were there before the renovation or not.

    Also the beds were referred to as pretty standard Disney beds. What does that mean? Last time I went we stayed at Disney’s Port Orleans French Quarter because they offered queen size beds and the All Star resorts did not. I believe they were double beds. Is that still the case?

    • Hey Jim. This is a review of the hotel as it is and not a comparison of the changes. You can find images on the web of the old rooms if you want to get a side by side, but I have provided enough here to show you what to expect when booking one of these rooms.

      The beds are two Queen beds. Both the stationary bed and the Murphy Bed each have a queen size mattress. They also have a King version of the room with only one bed. If you go to the Disney site, you can see both rooms (old and new) listed as well. FWIW the old room also is listed as two queens. I didn’t notice them to be any smaller than normal queen size beds.

      Preferred room = renovated and Standard room = old room

  2. If you vacation is going to be largely spent in the theme parks, I always say its better to save money on the hotel and use the savings to buy a meal plan or extend your disney vacation an extra day or 2. The first time I took my wife and son to Disney was in 2014 and we stayed 4 days at the Animal Kingdom lounge, besides sleeping we did not take advantage of the hotel, the room was 500 a night on average….we return in April of 2015 and stayed at All Star resort- payed 107 a night for a room and had the same enjoyable experience. Now, we stay a either Pop or New Orleans….but I agree that the Value resorts are well worth it if you are planning to be in the parks

    • Exactly. I love the Disney hotels but for my family of 5 (plus sometimes parents) who leave the hotel at 8am and return at 10-11pm, why would we waste the money. Last few years we’ve rented timeshare at Bonnet Creek or rented at Windsor Hills getting 3-5 bedroom apartments or houses for about $200/night (which is about what you’d pay for a single hotel room at a Disney moderate). But I’ve done the value and moderate resorts when it was just my wife and I and they’re perfectly adequate! Unless you’re going to actually spend time at the resort I’d never recommend anything beyond the value or moderates.


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