Enroll Now For Discover’s Stacked 4th Quarter 5% Bonus – Target, Walmart & Amazon!

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Discover's 4th quarter 5% categories

Enroll Now For Discover’s 4th Quarter 5% Categories

It is possible to enroll now for Discover’s 4th quarter 5% categories and they are awesome.  The 4th quarter for the Chase Freedom and Discover is usually the best quarter and this one is no different!


4th Quarter 5% Categories

Discover’s 4th quarter 5% categories are as follows:

  • Amazon.com
  • Target
  • Walmart.com

Those are 3 of the heaviest hitters out there and just in time for Holiday spending!  I do find it weird that Walmart is online only when Target is allowed in store.

Discover's 4th quarter 5% categories

Terms of the Offer

Here are the terms:

  • Earn 5% Cashback Bonus at Amazon.com, Target, and Walmart.com
  • From 10/1/19 (or the date on which you activate 5%, whichever is later) through 12/31/19 on up to $1,500 in purchases.
  • Amazon.com purchases include those made through the Amazon.com checkout, including digital downloads, Amazon.com gift cards, Amazon Fresh orders, Amazon Local Deals and Amazon Prime subscriptions and items sold by third party merchants through Amazon.com’s marketplace.
  • Target purchases include any purchase made online at Target.com, through the Target app, or in-store at Target.
  • Walmart.com purchases include those made at Walmart.com and when shopping through the Walmart app (including Grocery Pick Up and Instore Pick Up). Purchases made in store at Walmart Stores, Walmart Supercenters, Neighborhood Markets and Walmart Pay are excluded from this promotion.

Link to Activate

Final Thoughts

Discover’s 4th quarter 5% categories should be pretty easy to maximize.  We will go into more detail on how we plan to attack the quarter as it get closer.  Be sure to activate it now so that you don’t miss out on the savings when the time comes.


  1. As others said, this quarter has minimal value. Pretty much just to get walmart.com gift cards, as long as Sam’s still accepts the Walmart cards.

    • Yep they work, no issues ever. Was just at Sam’s yesterday. Can pay for anything there including prescriptions with a gift card.

  2. I’ve been enjoying the current quarter categories for dining and PayPal. But yeah, with both Target and Amazon cards, Q4 is not a big draw for me. I do wonder though, why exactly do we need to ‘activate’ the categories each quarter? Why not just default them to the card each quarter? Are they hoping some card-holders won’t sign up, but still spend in those categories?

  3. It’s meh for me. Target 5% RedCard and Amazon prime 5% card leaves only Walmart.com. Might buy a few Walmart gift cards to use in store/ Sam’s club. Would be great to see another warehouse category. First world problems I know

    • That is true if you have the RedCard and Prime then this is a lot less enticing. Hopefully Walmart.com runs some of their discounted gift card promos like they did last year.


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