GiftCardMall’s Amazing Visa Deal Is Now Working Properly: Make $25 Profit & Rewards on Every $500 Card!

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GiftCardMall Five Back Visa Discount

GiftCardMall Five Back Visa Discount

Yesterday I covered Gift Card Mall’s new Five Back Visa gift card promotion. In my post I called this deal almost too good to be true. Thankfully that isn’t the case since it is true. At the time of my original post the deal was advertised but no discount was being given. Fortunately that has now been corrected.

Here is what it looks like when you add one of the cards to your cart:


Between the 1.25% cashback you receive from shopping portals plus the instant discount, your cost for each $500 card is $474.70! In other words you earn $25.30 per $500 card plus the rewards on whichever credit card you use to purchase the Visa. Wow!

For the full details of this deal along with what you need to know about ordering from Gift Card Mall, please see my original post.

Thanks to a few people in the Miles to Memories Facebook group for letting me know the deal is now working! Happy buying.


  1. How did the bloggers miss such a good score?

    I guess it’s everyone for themselves now.

    Why tell people who contribute nothing and go out and blow up a great deal?

  2. I twas up for a few hours yesterday 12/17. Had to go to and search 5 back.

    Still same sweet deal but it sold out quick. I’m talking the 500’s even. I know people who did well with it.

    Once something breaks it’s quickly gone. Don’t know if it’s due to an influx of new travel hackers or big players getting greedy.

    Surprised this blog didn’t have it.

  3. Has anyone called in within the last few days and got them to honor the 5% from that 1st day of the sale? Rep told me they can only cancel and re-issue with discount if you haven’t used the cards yet. My cards were already used when I called in today.

      • They cancelled promotion And they are refunding people who did not get discount
        They do have a different offer five dollars off each $100.00 5 back card. You have to look in the search box to find it .

  4. All right, so help me understand your process here.

    You buy the Visa Gift card at a discount using a credit card. You get the card at a discount + cash back or miles or whatever you get for using your credit card. OK, great.

    Now you’ve got this gift card to unload or use. Given how frequently you folks buy gift cards and the natural limitations of personal spending, you need a way yo get this cash out of the card, so…

    You go to Walmart and stand in line at customer service and buy a money order payable to who, yourself? Then you take that money order to you physical bank branch and endorse it and deposit it/them?


    I’d need some serious profit to subject myself to those 2 places, Walmart, and the bank.

    So, are there limits on money order purchases at Walmart? Is there a fee to buy a MO?

    • Respectfully, why don’t you use google and find out yourself so you don’t blame anyone.

      If you can’t go with the flow by doing your own research this might not be for you.

      Lots of reading, lots of experience at many stores and constantly monitoring and adjusting to what’s going on is imperative or you’ll fail.

      Best wishes.

        • I gave you good advice but, should of realized from your condescending/confused post you wouldn’t be receptive. Troll someone else, obviously you can take the last shot with a post but, I travel very often for very little money. I’m thankful and work hard for it as do others in this hobby.

          Travel isn’t for you and you won’t be well received anywhere with your attitude. It’s a matter of mind over matter. I don’t mind and you don’t matter.

          • All I read here is Walter having a lot of questions and his own opinion. Both should be welcome here. Ironically, it’s you who comes off as abrasive here. Maybe a bad day? We all have them. Regardless, its not a justification to push out anyone who doesn’t know how this all works. We all started somewhere and I’d rather see questions asked here than having people comment that they contacted their bank or GCM.

            P.S. This is manufactured spending and has nothing fundamentally to do with travel. You could use your debit card and still turn a profit, in money or miles/points.

        • Walter I apologize in my response to you. No excuses. I take responsibility, I am sorry, I took things wrong and it’s not typical of me. Pete

        • Walter, I apologize for being argumentative and not professional. I take full responsibility for acting incorrectly.

    • The biggest cost here is time and your risk tolerance for playing the MO game (if you go that route). It’s not for everyone (including me). Biggest thing I’d add is that this is YMMV (value of time, logistics, regional, personal situation, blah blah). There really isn’t any right or wrong answer here. I’ve personally never felt the cost-benefit analysis with liquidating gift cards was worthwhile, especially when it comes to MO, but I know many others who would strongly disagree.

      I was going to buy $1k worth to help meet minimum spend on a non-amex credit card and just use it for everyday spending. Essentially turning a small profit while extending my window for meeting spending requirements. I sat on my hands too long (infant will do that do you) and it looks like it’s dead.

    • Use it to meet minimum spend or use the card where you value the everyday earnings the highest. Some would use an SPG card, some a 2% cashback card. It depends on your needs.

  5. @Chris – order one and try it for yourself…and then, if you choose, help other by posting the result…if you think that using this card to buy MOs is the best usage then you need to read again and then read some more…

    @David – I got cancelled 3 times last night (thankfully) and tried it today and the order went through. Check your address carefully in the system and don’t let the autofill populate it as that seemed to have been the problem with my orders being rejected. Good luck!

    • @bexho2000 – So I’ll take that as an “I don’t know.” (Or I guess it could be an “I know, but I’m not telling you.”) And thanx for the lecture. lol.

      • @Chris – sorry to say but you seem to be reading the wrong blog….this is not the one with charts and arrows…

        FYI-all visa debit cards can be used to buy MOs…

          • Mel – been doing this for over 5 years now and have yet to come only a visa debit card that can not be used for MOs….it take a bit of research and a lot of testing/do-it-yourself attitude but it has never failed. Done it every year in South FL as well during my annual 2week Christmas trips as well while on vacation in your beautiful beaches….

  6. Thought I’d give this another shot…
    Do these work as well as the regular Visa cards for unloading via Wally & MO?

  7. What about those of us who bought this yesterday? The thinking then was that the 5% would show up as an additional to the gift card, rather than a discount as shown here.

  8. What about those who bought it yesterday, thinking that instead of them taking 5% off that instead they were putting 5% onto the card? Thx.

    • I would wait to see if they correct the charge before it posts. If not, then give them a call. The deal dates are clear on their site so I would imagine they might have to refund you.

      • Correct Shawn. The order I placed yesterday didn’t have the discount BUT, I did call them and they said it’s a known issue, they were making it right. I highly recommend calling and they also will give a case number.

        Two options:

        1) If order was processed (mine was) she was sending a 2nd level request to get a full refund.
        ( I called and then got back on and re-ordered.)

        2) If order was not processed they can add in the 5 % but my understanding is the customer has to call.

        Either way if you put in an order call and see which way you have to go. I called 8 pm EST. I wouldn’t let it go or expect it to fix itself. Also, I didn’t call the regular number, I was referred to 1-877-247-2559.

        Again, I wouldn’t let this go, worth calling to be sure.

        I also re-ordered and can wait out the refund.

          • I bought two of these, one was purchased when the link wasn’t working properly and did not show a discount at checkout. I contacted them via their website’s email after the order was placed and have not heard back. Today I got an email notifcation the card has shipped so I decided to follow-up again. The phone number which worked for me to reach customer service was 1-877-426-2551.
            I was given a ticket number and advised the discount would be applied to my credit card as a refund.


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