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Visa Planning Big Changes to U.S. Swipe Fees

Visa is planning the biggest changes in a decade to the rates U.S. merchants pay to accept its cards, Bloomberg reports today. The move is aimed at attracting more people to use credit cards for purchases.

My Grocery Store Stopped Accepting Visa, But Has Now Backtracked: Visa...

My local Kroger stopped accepting Visa cards for payment awhile ago. This has hurt given I have a very lucrative grocery Visa earning card, however things are about to change.

Great Offer! Earn 5X on Select Bill Payments With Your Hyatt...

There is a new Hyatt credit card spending offer that is giving you 5X the very valueable World of Hyatt points on many purchases. See if you are targeted!

Plastiq Makes Positive Changes for Payments with Visa Cards

Plastiq is making some positive changes to the way payments are processed when using a personal Visa credit card.

Stop&Shop/Giant/Martin’s, $10 Discount onVisa Style, Fuel and Dining Cards

Stop & Shop, Giant and Martin’s supermarkets have a promotion that can get you discount on category specific Visa branded gift cards. The discount should take care of the activation fee and give you a small profit, plus you can get your credit card rewards.

Where To Buy Pin-Enabled Gift Cards for Credit Card Spend

A complete resource describing where to buy pin enabled gift cards including which types are worth your time and which are probably best avoided.

Free Car Service Credit from Groundlink: Get $20 or $30 With...

GroundLink is a car service similar to Uber and Lyft. They are more luxurious and they offer either pick up/drop off service or hourly service, but rates are sometimes twice as much as competitors. However if you have enough Visa credit cards you can earn a few free rides.

My Favorite Store Card Strikes Again with a 5X Uncapped 4th...

The store card that has always been generous with spending offers strikes again with a new uncapped 5X offer for the 4th quarter.