Forever Lasts A Day, Hilton Corporate Walks Back Breakfast Credit Claim

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Hilton Breakfast Credit Still Temporary

Yesterday I shared with you that Hilton had confirmed a rumor that had been swirling, the switch to breakfast credits was a permanent thing. This was confirmed by their social media team. In the article I shared some of my skepticism on the confirmation since social media teams are not always the most reliable.  I did lean towards it being accurate though because of the rumors, the fact that the change made a lot of sense and was predicted from the start and because the Hilton staff came in strong with the confirmation.  Here is a screen shot of the confirmation of the change:

In order to be thorough John also reached out to the Hilton media team for a double confirmation sharing the article and findings with them.  He heard back late last night that the information shared by their social media team was inaccurate. The credit is still only expected to be extended through 2022 at this time.

A couple of things here. This is no way means it won’t be a long term change and that could in fact still be the plan. They are only publicly committing to this until the end of 2022 though. As you can see there was no claim that they would switch back to a full breakfast benefit starting in 2023.  Originally the change was only supposed to be through the 2021 calendar year and has already been extended once for longer than it was initially supposed to run. This could end up being an American Airlines rolling delay or they could switch back once the pandemic calms down and staffing levels turn back to normal.

Which way do you think it will go? Let me know in the comments section.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. I totally agree about breakfast. I usually skip the sit down breakfast and just want a cup of coffee and a bagel or something light.
    I do notice that Marriott and Hilton usually has brewed coffee available in the morning. It’s not the best, but it saves you some time and gets you going.
    Bathrooms are usually available on the lobby floor too.

  2. For the leisure traveler, this sucks, if only because many times there is no breakfast option around within walking distance. The money they give you gets you nothing at the hotel. It’s not like I get an upgrade in the US As a Diamond unless I stay as at a Conrad.

  3. I understand the concern but am not sure the breakfast credit is entirely bad. The real issue is whether or not the daily credit covers the cost of breakfast at the property. At the DoubleTree by Niagara Falls (a few years ago), I recall Diamond status covered the cold breakfast buffet, but if you wanted hot food (e.g. omelette station), there was an upcharge. So IIRC, we did two days with the upcharge and one day without. The amount of the daily credit vs. the cost of breakfast varies by Hilton property and is where the rubber meets the road and determines where the favorable/unfavorable line is drawn.

  4. Have other competing chains gone to such an idiotic policy? Why don’t diamond members get a greater allowance that gold members? Why doesn’t Hilton poll their diamond members and get their take before they start looking at a competing program? I think the new policy sucks.

    • Hilton kind of already had it at many of their higher end hotels (Waldorf, Conrad etc.). I think Marriott was going to do it at certain hotels too.

  5. At this time, I have extended my policy of not staying at Hilton hotels into this year (2022). I will continue to evaluate this policy to make the best decision for myself going forward.

  6. To me, it sounds like it is gone. She wants all questions sent to her rather than the social media people in order to control the narrative. She is touting the party line (until it changes this Dec), while the social media people are sharing the truth. In my opinion at least.

  7. I think, if they continue down this road, they will be hurting themselves badly with business travelers. When travelling I am only in a hotel for the night and then a new one next. If I know a Hilton is not going to give me a decent breakfast as a Diamond, but as a Globalist and Titanium, I can get that at a Marriott. I will choose the Hyatt or Marriott. A certificate at that hotel for a drink later is worthless to the business traveler.

    Continuing down this road opens up an opportunity for Hyatt and Marriott and Hilton will see their profits fall. Afterall, the actual hotel is a franchise more than likely and and bears the breakfast cost. This is an appease to the franchise than the actual customer.

    • I feel like business travel is so low right now and that is why they are doing it. Maybe once that starts back up they will be forced to bring the full breakfast back to get the business traveler back in the hotel.

      • Mark, according to industry statistics (referred in a VFTW post), U.S. hotel occupancy rate and revenue per night per room returned to roughly pre-COVID historical averages starting in May 2021. Business isn’t bad. Everyone says “of course, it’s bad” because COVID is still hear. But, the reality is that it isn’t bad. And, the reality is that the loyalty programs and property owners are continuing on their long road of reducing value. I’m sorry to say that the Great Pumpkin ain’t coming . . . and neither is breakfast. Accept it.

    • I’m not understanding the business traveler and their need for a comped breakfast. I understand that it may “eat” into a per-diem, but that’s what it is for right?

      • You mention a comped breakfast? Sometimes the business traveler just wants a BREWED cup of coffee, not the instant coffee in the room. I understand some families will want a big breakfast buffet and stay over one hour at the buffet.
        Why is it so difficult for hotels to understand that some people just want real BREWED coffee and two pieces of toast with butter and jam…..and their….out…the…door.
        To me, maybe others it is paramount to provide some kind of breakfast. Coffee should be complimentary. Ex: Bathrooms should be available also.
        Reminds me of staying at Holiday Inn and watching restaurant workers just standing around, not working….why? No breakfast offered….even for Platinum members!
        Then one has to go to 7-11 and buy some coffee to go.


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