Fake Press Release Sends People to Grand Hyatt Looking for Shelter

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Fake Press Release Sends People to Grand Hyatt Looking for Shelter

Wildfires on the West Coast have been on the news for weeks now. More than 30 people have been killed so far and many more have been forced to evacuate. For people looking for shelter in and around the Seattle area, a press release from Grand Hyatt seemed to be just what they needed, a place to stay. But it turned out to be fake.

Grand Hyatt in downtown Seattle was temporarily in lock-down yesterday after the fake press release invited homeless to shelter from smoke from nearby wildfires that has led to hazardous air quality in the area. People occupied the lobby first and then the fornt of the hotel for hours.

Police was called and people were moved out of the lobby. However they waited in front of the hotel and were joined by protesters. They formed a line on the sidewalk with the Seattle Police on the other side.

Hyatt said the hotel did not distribute the press release. Later on it was revealed that the press release was indeed put out by an “ad hoc collective of diverse organizers” who said the whole thing was set up as a ruse.

“We imagined a world in which corporations and leadership collaborated to provide comfortable, safe shelter for the City’s most vulnerable,” the clarification of the fake press release says. “And we decided to see what would happen if we made that dream a reality, even if it was just an illusion.”

Hyatt’s Response

“Hyatt cares deeply for the Seattle community and for all the communities in which Hyatt hotels operate,” a Hyatt spokesperson said, as per Newsweek. “We are outraged that an anonymous group earlier today issued a fake press release that misled and tried to lure many of Seattle’s most vulnerable individuals to expect hotel accommodations.”

“We remain open to collaborative discussions with local governments and interest groups about solutions to citywide challenges,” they added. “In an effort to support homeless individuals this evening, the Grand Hyatt Seattle team worked diligently to make contact with several local shelters that could offer proper assistance.”

Air Quality in Seattle

Seattle air quality has deteriorated in recent years, even before the wildfires. The American Lung Association giving King County an “F” in air quality on its 2020 report card. But over the past few days, our Air Quality Index (AQI) has been between 150 and 180. That’s considered “unhealthy” and it puts Seattle among the places with the worst air quality in the world.

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  1. Even from a left leaning point of view, this is pretty stupid. If they want to make a difference, maybe the activists could invite these homeless people to shelter at their place or maybe they can pitch in some money to rent a few rooms at the hotel. That’s the problem with people from both sides of the aisle these days, always willing to spend someone else’s money and when it affects them, they are nowhere to be seen.

  2. What’s sad is all these people denounce property rights when property rights and owning private private is the greatest way to secure a safe future for individuals, their families, and their descendants. Millions of people worked very hard, saved, took risk, and invested wisely to move themselves from poverty into a position to own a home, own a business, or own shares in a hotel chain that provides accommodation to paying guests who want tranquility.

    The left always wants to make everyone poorer so they are more equal, while the right wants to make everyone richer (no matter if some are richer than others: they all benefit). Things like illegal immigration (depressed wages, oversupply of labor, crime, and demand for more taxes to pay for their benefits), unfair trade with countries like China, and decline of manufacturing and energy jobs (due to shortsighted unions, too many excessive regulations, and unfair trade practices) make this difficult. The activists in these cities should focus on solving the above issues instead of perpetuating violence, arson, blocking traffic, and pushing a message of hate against private property.

    • I know you’re a hard core right winger (yes I know I’m centrist so enter joke here if you like) but do you have to take cheap shots where none are called for? This is a sick joke where nobody wins. The people who perpetrated it are in need of mental help. Labeling them activists only gives them power. If there’s a political motivation to take some sick person and try to label them as being part of the opposition, that speaks ill of the person trying to do the labeling. Just call it cruel and stupid leave it at that.


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