Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare



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The hotel is decent--it's not bad, not amazing. If you're looking for a Hyatt property near ORD O'Hare airport, this is a good option. I wouldn't go out of my way to stay here, though.
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Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare
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Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

The title tells you that my Hyatt Rosemont review finds it to be a decent hotel and nothing more or less. My wife and I recently stayed here for 3 nights while visiting friends and family in the area. In this Hyatt Rosemont review, I’ll cover the hotel property itself (such as the facilities & guest room), the amenities, and then the staff.

Booking Process

We booked this hotel using Hyatt points. The cash price was $144 per night when we stayed over a long weekend. As a category 2 property, Hyatt charges 8,000 points per night. That’s a value of 1.8 cents per point on our booking. That’s above average on our valuation of Hyatt points.

Additionally, we made sure to book 1 night in my wife’s name to go with the 2 in my name. That way, we both got credit for Hyatt Brand Explorer. Neither of us had stayed at a regular “Hyatt” brand property before.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Hyatt Rosemont Review

As the title says, my overall take on the Hyatt Rosemont is that’s decent. It’s not spectacular, and it’s not bad. It’s OK, which was all we needed when looking for a hotel near ORD airport. Here’s a look at the hotel property itself.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare


The lobby is large and spacious. It has a lot of large windows, letting in good amounts of natural light.

They clearly had a business area at some point, but now it sits empty. It’s a bit of an eyesore.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Off the lobby, there is more space. It’s currently blocked off.

Near the check-in area, there is ample seating, an ATM, and snacks for sale.

They clearly had a café / coffee bar previously, and the restaurant is closed, as well. Oddly, none of this was explained to us at check-in, which I’ll get to later.

View to the guest elevators at Hyatt Rosemont

Guest Hallways

The hallways on the guest floors are well lit. While they have no fancy decorations and aren’t large in any sense, they aren’t cramped. They get the job done, and the carpet eats up some of the noise in the hallway. It especially smothers the sound of rolling suitcases, which is nice.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Doors to the guest rooms SLAM really hard if you don’t hold onto them. You could easily hear these when inside your guest room.

The hotel has 4 floors. We stayed on the 3rd floor in room 326.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Guest Room

We stayed in a “standard king bed” room. The room encompasses what you’d expect with “standard” in the name. Without frills, it has everything you need.

There is an armchair and ottoman plus a floor lamp in one corner. In the other corner, there’s a desk with chair & lamp. A phone sits on the desk, also.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

A dresser with 4 big drawers occupies the wall across from the bed. There’s a TV on top of the dresser.

The inside of our door to the hallway had a strange handle. I feel like it should point to the side, and then you pull it down to open it—right? The tension on the doors (which is what makes them slam) plus the weird handle layout made lifting up on the door handle and pulling it open kind of awkward.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare


We found the bed comfortable. The pillows were decent, the bed size matched the description, and we slept well.

Each side of the bed has a night stand. The night stands have outlets for charging your devices, which is nice. One night stand has an alarm clock-radio, and the other has a phone. That makes 2 phones in the room.


Immediately next to the door, there is a closet. Inside, there are 6 hangers, an iron & ironing board, and a luggage rack.The sliding doors on the closet also serve as a full-length mirror.


While the bathroom is definitely not large, it has a huge amount of counter space. This is nice for the toiletries they provide, what you’ve brought, the hand towel, etc. not getting crammed into a small space. Props for this big counter space.

The sink was missing a part on top of the “cold” handle.

A shower-tub combo sits on the other side of the bathroom. It’s a standard size. Water pressure wasn’t anything to write home about, but it got the job done.

The shower curtain was missing the magnets that should hold it down. There are spaces for them, but they aren’t there. Thus, the curtain flapped around a lot when showering.

There wasn’t much scent to the bathroom toiletries, which is definitely better than having a bad scent. We liked the hand lotion and took it with us when we left.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Mini Bar

Immediately upon entering the room, a partial wall separates the “bedroom” area from the “entry” area / closet / bathroom. Here, there is a mini bar.

Within the cabinet, there’s a mini fridge and a small safe. On top of the cabinet, there’s a coffee maker, supplies, and an ice bucket.

Room Amenities

Wifi in the room was inconsistent. Rather than needing a room number and name or some other element to access the wifi, you just provided an email address. Anyone can do that—even if you’re just sitting outside the hotel and not staying there. Thus, we found that the wifi really slowed down during the afternoons and early evenings. Early in the morning or late at night, when businesses nearby or other hotel guests weren’t using it, the internet signal was stronger and more reliable.

The room has doors to adjoining rooms, which is a nice feature when traveling in a group or with a big family.

Our A/C functioned well and correctly. We could adjust it as desired. It did make noise when running, but nothing compared to those “under the window” A/C units in some rooms. You know the ones I’m talking about.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare
View from our room

Overall Thoughts On The Property

The property reminds me of hotels I’ve stayed at in the past. It’s definitely not a modern hotel design. However, it provides all of the necessities in the guest room for a decent amount of points. The cash price seems inflated, due to location, and I would expect more for that amount of cash. I found everything to be adequate or decent within the hotel property itself, and it was fair for the amount of points we used. A few small items could be addressed to make up for deficiencies.

The view from our room also wasn’t great, but that’s not something you can change.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Hyatt Rosemont Staff Review

How were the employees? They can make or break a hotel stay. In this section, I’ll cover our experiences with the hotel staff from start to finish.

Prior To Arrival

The hotel did not contact us before arrival. We didn’t contact them, either.

Check In

We arrived late and were greeted. Not in a friendly or welcoming way, basically a “hello”. At no point did the front desk agent acknowledge my Globalist status. He did not offer an upgrade of any type. We found the room adequate and didn’t inquire about any upgrades after seeing the room, since it was OK and we were really tired (it was 1am).

During check-in, the employee didn’t explain anything about the restaurant being closed. He did give us a parking pass for the nearby parking garage, which we used for our rental car.

The employee checked us in, but he was “just getting the job done” and nothing more.

The night stand on my side of the bed had a sticker on it when we arrived. This was clearly left from a previous guest, which is an issue for the housekeeping team. How thoroughly was the room cleaned prior to our check in?

During Our Stay

We interacted with front desk staff several times and found 2 of the 3 employees friendly. The man who checked us in & 1 other employee were “just there”. The morning after our arrival, we asked about our 2 free bottles of water, which is a guaranteed perk for World of Hyatt members. They told us to take 2 bottles from the area with snacks for sale. This “taking our 2 free bottles now” conversation happened daily.

We inquired about the breakfast and were told “the restaurant is closed” very matter-of-factly. Like it was meant to be the end of the conversation. I tried to ask about the Globalist breakfast benefit and was reminded that the restaurant was closed.

I messaged Hyatt on Twitter and was told that if the hotel isn’t offering anything that they could give me 500 points per day.

When checking in, I forgot to tell them that we had 2 nights in my name then a night in my wife’s name. On day 2, we told the front desk staff about this. They closed out our bill (nothing on it) and issued new keys without difficulty. They gave us another pass for the parking garage.

Check Out

Our check out process was easy and quick. We had no bill to pay, and they refunded the ‘hold’ put on my credit card. The friendly woman at the desk asked if we needed the free van to the airport, which runs every 30 minutes. Because we had a rental car, we declined.

Hyatt Rosemont Review – Decent Hotel Near Chicago O’Hare

Final Thoughts

I don’t find “decent” or “adequate” to be negatives or use them as insults. Throughout my Hyatt Rosemont review, I mentioned a few items that could be improved. Overall, though, the hotel provides everything needed. There are no frills, but that’s to be expected at a category 2 property. We were satisfied with our stay. This is a decent option if you’re looking for a vanilla Hyatt property and/or looking for a property near O’Hare that doesn’t require a ton of points.

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  1. This hotel is only good for the brand explorer checklist, that’s it. It’s embarrassing how weak everything is in this property. I could not wait to get out of there when I stayed there in February, the situation was pretty much the same as it is now it looks like – they even wanted to charge for coffee in the morning.

    • Yeah, coffee wasn’t free. That’s why I asked Hyatt’s Twitter team about the situation, and they gave me 500 points per night. Not really sufficient, but better than nothing.

    • No, that was the Hyatt Place O’Hare. I hadn’t heard about it until your comment, but I just tried to make a dummy booking and the fee isn’t there.

  2. Your experiences are comparable to mine, except I didn’t find the hotel staff, or accommodations to be decent or adequate for a Hyatt brand hotel before Covid 19.
    Can’t imagine how it would’ve been during, so didn’t venture there during a recent stay in Chicago.

    • Karen – we only made these plans about a week ahead, so the options were definitely less than you’d normally expect. Prices were about 25% higher than I normally pay.


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