1. Why not buy Meijer GC at the store and then pay for VCG with the GC at the same time. They do run promos on VCGs all the time.

    • You can do that as well – the eBay route comes with a discount and a small money maker but if you were looking to just get spend done this would also be an option. I wouldn’t hit it too hard since it would be suspicious to Amex when talking about sign up bonuses.

  2. Did anyone try to use Meijer GC via NFC payment? (i.e Samsung Pay).
    My sis got the cards but it will bea day or 2 till i get them. But i do have serial/pin

  3. “purchases of gift cards” is listed right there in the AMEX Ts and Cs… buying from SVM on eBay is quite clearly “purchases of gift cards”

    If AMEX wanted to revoke a bonus based on your use of SVM to meet a min spend requirement, I think they would be standing on solid ground.

    • Well if you bought the VGC with all of your other groceries @ a neighborhood Walmart grocery via self check out then how could they code some purchases as grocery & some purchases not as grocery?

    • If you file a CFPB case against them over it would you win – I would lean towards no but I think that is an overreach on their part since almost everyone buys store gift cards at one time or another.

      While it is in their terms I do not believe it is something that will be pursued. I think they are looking at re-loadable VGCs and cash like equivalents. That is my take on it at least and like I said there is risk involved and everyone has to make their own decision.

      But, I don’t think some SVM purchases mixed in with other spend will be pursued.

  4. Can one purchase a VGC @ Walmart neighborhood grocery store with an AMEX BLUE CASH card & have it count as grocery purchase along with other groceries?

    • That entirely depends on how the store codes. Each one is different. I would would do a sample purchase of something and see how it bills. If it bills as grocery then it would work. Don’t do this when going for the initial welcome bonus but I do it at Kroger often with no issues.


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