Ireland Goes Back Into Lockdown Because of COVID-19

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Ireland Lockdown COVID-19

Ireland Goes Back Into Lockdown Because of COVID-19

The worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us, but it is still around. In fact many states in the US and countries around the world are seeing spikes in new cases. Ireland is one of those places, and it will will be the first European country to return to a nationwide shutdown.

During this shutdown, nonessential retail businesses are ordered to close. Residents are expected to stay within about 3 miles of their homes, except for work and some other essential activities. These restrictions will begin Thursday and will initially be in place for six weeks.

The shutdown is expected to put more than 200,000 people back on to Ireland’s unemployment program, barely weeks after many resumed work. Prime Minister Micheal Martin said they would receive emergency pandemic payments of up to €350 ($415 USD) a week.

These measures will not be nearly as strict as the ones put in place back in March when the pandemic was first getting started. Construction sites and schools will remain open for example.

The website of the U.S. Embassy in Ireland has also been updated today to reflect these changes. It notes that the government of Ireland requires visitors to restrict their movements and fill in a COVID-19 Passenger Locator Form indicating where they will self-isolate for 14 days. Additionally the website says that hotels, guesthouses, and B&Bs can provide services only to persons who are guests of those hotels or similar accommodation on the 21st day of October 2020 until the date of their departure.

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  1. @ DDG — I strongly disagree with the following statement: “The worst of the coronavirus pandemic is behind us”. On what facts do you base this ridiculous conclusion?

    • I base it on the fact that we no longer have overwhelmed hospitals and we had more that 2,700 deaths daily at some point back in April. Now we’re at less than 1,000. There’s also some hope for vaccines and several treatment trials.

      But as I said in the article, it is still around and very much so. It is still a real risk. I’m all for wearing masks when needed and for following CDC and govt guidelines.

  2. The pandemic is around like the flu is around every year. I understand strong reactions in March to an unknown virus outside of what China disclosed. However, once it became clear most of it was hype, exaggeration, and alarmism it’s criminal not to open countries back up. Of course, it’s the MO of big government institutionalists, bureaucrats, and academics to call for more government power over our lives and less freedom. Of course, the answer to this flu is more money given to bureaucrats, academics, and institutionalists, and letting them make decisions for us. Reactions of most world leaders to rona will be a permanent stain on them for all their lives.

    • > However, once it became clear most of it was hype, exaggeration, and alarmism it’s criminal not to open countries back up.

      Coronavirus Cases:

      • Each year 1,250,000 people are killed worldwide in auto accidents. Why aren’t you advocating for governments to forbid people from driving? And that’s a serious question too.

        The only reason why is because we have accepted the number of deaths associated with auto accidents. Yet you have not accepted the number of deaths associated with corona. As soon as you do, then you will understand the hype, exaggeration, and alarmism associated with corona.

        • Eric – that’s why we regulate driving by having a licensing system, having speed limits in school zones, and improving technologies to make cars safer. We also suspend people from driving who may be putting other people at risk i.e. DUI and dangerous driving. Advocacy for safe driving is important, it saves lives, same with the pandemic, reckless people are selfish because they don’t understand their actions put other people at risk. What if it is your loved ones who are dying with COVID, see how easy your tone will be accepting the deaths.

        • And yet there are punishments for speeding, drinking and driving. There’s also a minimum age for driving, eye tests, you have to take a test to get a license to drive and there’s a myriad of rules and road signs to denote when it’s safe to turn, what speed you can drive, who has the right away. Failure to follow these rules result in fines or if you hit someone, jail time.

          The example you are looking for is: each year there are millions of people in the US who die from liver disease, hypertension and diabetes. Why is no one advocating that they don’t stuff their faces with hamburgers, soda and beer? Why are we burdened into taking care of them and paying for their healthcare? Since they are at risk, they should stay at home and be kept away from fast food or just allowed to die on their own. Why should they take up both armrests on an airplane? Now imagine someone only eats junk food and has heart conditions and then they touch you and suddenly you have heart conditions too! They keep on eating like shit and stay alive with medical intervention but you were unlucky and you have a heart attack and die. Sucks.

          Doubtless, we’ll have to learn to live with the coronavirus but the problem is no one is willing to follow even the easiest of rules. The consequences from the choices of an individual end up being borne by the whole community and in most communities, there’s enough people that feel that this is unacceptable enough to shut down everything.


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