N.Y.C. Says No Soup For You Without Proof Of Vaccination

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Key To NYC Pass Program

N.Y.C. Says No Soup For You Without Proof Of Vaccination

New York City is known for many things like Broadway, bagels, expensive shops, amazing Broadway productions and much more. Today, you can add a new one to the list, they will be the first major city in the US to require proof of vaccination in order to do certain indoor leisure activities. As Seinfeld, a famous NYC based show, made the no soup for you slang viral, mayor Bill de Blasio is essentially saying no soup for you without vaccination proof.

Key To NYC Pass Program

The Mayor announced the “Key to NYC Pass” program and new requirements earlier today at a press conference.  The following activities will require proof of vaccination within the city limits.  All of these are for the indoor versions of the activities:

  • Restaurants
  • Gyms
  • Performances / Shows

The Key to NYC Pass program will launch in mid August but will be fully implemented the week of September 13th. The mayor is hoping this increases the rate of vaccinations in the city saying:

“It is time for people to see vaccinations as literally necessary to living a good, full and healthy life, if you’re unvaccinated, unfortunately, you will not be able to participate in many things.” Source NBC News

Currently 70% of adults in NYC have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and about 66% are fully vaccinated. The options to show proof of vaccination will be showing your vaccination paper card, use the city’s Covid-19 safe app or the state’s Excelsior app.

Final Thoughts

While many of these things can be done outside, at least while the weather is nice, it will become more of a hurdle as winter approaches.  This is coming at a time when young people are starting to move back into city centers. The unvaccinated among them will likely be changing course with this news. There is little point in paying city prices if you can not experience all that a city has to offer.

As for travelers, this could force some to change their visitation plans.  Since hotels and museums etc. do not fall under this order you could still experience much of the city without vaccination proof.  You could also skirt the rules by taking part in outdoor dining or takeout etc. while the weather is still bearable. But I assume some will decide to look elsewhere to for their travel needs.

It will be interesting to see if other cities launch a similar program.  It would seem like LA would be the next logical choice to do something similar, but only time will tell.  I wouldn’t be surprised for airlines to implement something similar if the pandemic continues to rage on, but that is just speculation on my part.

We live in a world of constant change these days and you need to be quick on your feet. Or at least be prepared to be told, no soup for you.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. A healthy person with a natural immunity might be a happy person — but to a 2021 biotech entrepreneur, who views the human body as a market to dominate, he is a sheer insult. From the standpoint of that entrepreneur, replacing the default natural immunity of the past millions years with a fully artificial tool that requires a “subscription” throughout one’s entire lifetime (see “variants” and “boosters”) is desirable.
    Replacing the default natural immunity with an artificial tool is a very successful case of creating a brand new market (“artificial immunity market”) out of air. A life-long subscription to artificial immunity, with an ever-expanding range of necessary “upgrades,” is a lot more profitable than some rookie traditional shop selling vitamins. Even better, if artificial immunity destroys the natural immunity, customer loyalty is guaranteed. See how elegant?…. Everyone pushing this false “vaccine ” needs to wise up, I’m shocked at peoples inability to see what is goin on here

  2. I watched last night one of Biden’s CDC directors admit the type of masks that most people wear don’t really protect you from the virus. Then I watched another one saying all kids going back to school this fall must mask up. Even though in Sweden they never closed schools and didn’t require masks. Guess how many children died? 0 I also watched a 25 year ICE employee say how he retired early on Saturday because his disgust of government not allowing them to enforce the laws of this nation. His exact words were “ if the US keeps going down this road at the southern border- we’re screwed. Also said he watched hundreds of illegals with covid being loaded onto buses and commercial aircraft to be shipped and dropped off throughout the country. And we wonder why people have so little trust in the people running this country? Before you assume I’m a antivaccer, got my shots 6 months ago.

    • Al… saw something similar in a So Cal hotel. Lots of government contract nurses staying in an overflow hotel 20 miles from the fairgrounds. Their job was to vaccinate for all sorts of things to include CoVid for illegal immigrants herded in LA County.

      My suspicion is they aren’t really talking about the spread of CoVid from the illegals… doesn’t meet the agenda of granting amnesty for the vote.

  3. The vaccinated pass it around minimally. Vaccinating the entire population is the only way out of this. I fully support the mandate. I am considering it for my patient population.
    Something needs to give.

  4. Vaccinated but I don’t like the idea of government restricting rights if you don’t obey their wishes. Rather slippery slope. I cancelled my trip to NYC for US open bc of rampant crime, but this makes me feel even better about my decision.

    • I like this the most… someone with the ability to decide for himself and not tell those who don’t do the same to die off.

  5. I’ll be avoiding NYC… already was for other reasons though. Mass population centers are the main spreading grounds. In my rural area we’ve had some problems with this. Many neighbors report family/friends traveling to them from the major metropolises as being suspect in why they got it.

    Many ways to think of the problem and who/where it comes from guys.

  6. Seems like overkill, wouldn’t the non-vaxxed just die off since they are not vaxxed? That’s what I would do, but I guess they aren’t dying off quickly enough? Thanks for the advisory notice, Mark!

    • They don’t really die off from a thing that doesn’t kill at huge rates. Primarily antibodies would form in the non-vaxxed herds.

      Crap isn’t going away just as the flu doesn’t since it mutates. Oh… what flu?

  7. Get the vaccine and you can still get the virus. Get the vaccine and you can still spread the virus to other people. So what’s the point of the vaccine in terms of showing a vaccine passport since you can still spread the virus to others? This is not about the actual virus and “pandemic”.

    • Breakthrough infection occurs in less than 1% of fully vaccinated people. No vaccine, medication, treatment, etc works 100% of the time. Breakthrough infections in vaccinated people are considerably less likely to result in hospitalization or death than infections among the unvaccinated. Because the virus is so easily transmissible, there is concern that a breakthrough case in a vaccinated person would potentially infect many unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated will likely keep the pandemic going for quite awhile (perhaps 1-3 years) longer.

      • End’s up you are quite wrong… got to key in on the Israeli findings and how our folks had to finally change course and endorse the booster like them due to all the breakthroughs of the vaccinated crowd to Delta.

        Seems quite the opposite of natural antibodies… the vax is a six month subscription and the pandemic of the unvaccinated is a huge fear mongering statement… whereas the Israeli’s are now finding that natural antibodies are doing better in preventing getting CoVid again.

  8. Or you can simply give a middle finger to those tools who are running NYC into the ground.
    High crime, lots of shuttered stores, COVID restrictions, high rent, limited nightlife, lousy hotel service.. what’s not to like?

    Kinda funny all these pro-I’m-gonna-jab-you-whether-you-like-it-or-not types are generally the same folks that say “My body, my choice.” Hypocrites

    • Just to be clear, no one is holding people down and vaccinating them against their will. Everyone can still choose to not get vaccinated.

      • Personally saw a kid held down to get the vax from a law enforcement medic. Tears and all. Must of been tears of joyful willingness.

  9. I think evidence of a drug/alcohol/tobacco-free life should be required as well since those are also proof of a good and healthy life…..also evidence of democratic voters registration must be mandated.

    • And an intelligence test as well (which based on your comment you would have a hell of a lot of trouble passing since you cannot understand the difference between personal vices and contagious diseases). I’m sure you have done your part to prolong this crisis.

      • Exactly……….. As @IntrovertedNerd said, the Unvaccinated “Fools” are just not dying off fast enough!! Their Body, Their Choice…. is all fine and good, until it involves death to others. The Unvaccinated Fools and their ignorance is impacting the entire world and costing Trillions of $$$$, just because they are too stupid to get vaccinated!!

        Note to the Unvaxers: “Please stay home, shut up and die faster, so the rest of us can get back to normal.” Thank you!!

          • Hahahahaha. Nope, just a believer in science and using sarcasim to get people to hopefull take note and make the right decision to get vaccinated…… Period. My feeling is if people do NOT want to get vaccinated, it is NOT my F’ing job to protect them!!

            I accomplished my goal and got you to read it!!

  10. While I’m no fan of mandates, all the reasonable approaches have already been tried: cajoling, mask requirements, desperate appeals to patriotism, the whole science thing, prizes for getting jabbed, giant PR campaigns, outright begging. It’s time to put the onus on the people who’ve chosen not to get vaccinated and make them adjust to society rather than the reverse.

    • Forcing people to “adjust to society”. That’s all great. Until you don’t agree with the political leaders in power who arbitrarily cherry-pick which “science” they will accept as they try to force everyone to “adjust to society”. Then I’m sure you won’t be quite so sanguine. But that’s how fascism all begins.
      Those who don’t learn the mistakes of history are doomed to repeat them.

      • Duhhhhhhh my name is Al……. You should wear a sign that says “My name is Al and I’m a Ignorant Nonvaxer.” so the rest of us can stay far, far away from you!!

        BTW, your posts are sooooo off the charts ridiculous, it’s scary!!

        • Dude… you’re not off the chart here?

          Al was making an entirely true statement that any side could make in a thoughtful conversation. It seems like you either don’t know much history or choose to ignore it.

          • Yep, didn’t read that Al was vaccinated……. My Bad. I’m glad Al is vaxed, thank you Al. However, the rest what I said stands, that he and evidently you Tim, are dumb as a box of rocks and I’m sorry for insulting the rocks!!

            Everyone that can get vaccinted against this horrible Covid-19 think needs to get on board and get vaccinted, NOW…. Or wear a mask the rest of your life. It’s their business to live or die.

      • Is that the past where requiring children be vaccinated to enroll in public school reduced the incidence of measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, pertussis, etc etc etc…?

        • Absolutely, thanks for pointing out that FACT Parts Unknown. Them were the good old days, where we truely were serious about dealing with those horrible diseases and pretty much eradicated them with vaccinations. And all the diseases you listed were NO where near as DEADLY as Covid is…… Yet we did it. Too many people these days are anti-this or anti-that and question everything as being to control them and take away their choices, especially it comes from “The Government”. Now due to the new questioning mentality, I’m afraid Covid is gonna be around for a long long time and as I said above, “The Unvaccinated Fools and their ignorance is impacting the entire world and costing Trillions of $$$$, just because they are too stupid to get vaccinated!!” I say send the unvaxed the bills, especially their hospital bills for the 10-100 days they are in their when the catch Covid and are begging for care to save them…. Unfortunately most won’t be able to pay, because they don’t have a job and are mooching off the government in every way possible, the same government they question every step of the way.

          • “And all the diseases you listed were NO where near as DEADLY as Covid is”

            Diphteria, per the CDC: The overall case-fatality rate for diphtheria is 5%–10%, with higher death rates (up to 20%) among persons younger than 5 and older than 40 years of age.

            Doesn’t make you look overly emotionally fearful of CoVid at all or ignorant.

          • @ Tim, so I was off by a little bit, thank you for fact checking the death rates………. Diphtheria was some nasty stuff back 100 years ago in the 1920s. My point was, Covid ain’t a happy time and lots of people died and are still dying, that is a big FACT…. with a death rate of ~1.74%, or 615,000 out of 35,407,700 confirmed cases. For the 21st century, with modern medicine and multiple highly effective vaccines now avaiilable, a death rate of 1/4 of that is unacceptable………….. Heck the death rate from the Delta variant could be much higher????. My points stand in concept, that the unvaxed that get it should pay for their hospital and follow-up recovery care out of their own pocket, not get a bale out from Uncle Sam or anyone else.

    • Absolutely…………. When they impact the rest of the intelligent world, they just need to stay home and spread it around to each other so they can die faster!! Oh and please invite @Al to join you, so he help spread it, or his uneducated, worthless and moronic rhetoric to someone that gives a rats $@# about what he has to say!!

      • You really think you’re part of the intelligent world? That’s funny. You seem like a typical hateful leftist drone to me, incapable of critical thought, just blindly believing what you are told to believe. You’re a useful idiot, once your masters are done with you, you’ll be cast aside.

        • WR2…………. Science is Science and if you don’t believe it, because you drank some of the stupid Antivax rhetoric, you are the TOTAL Idiot.

          There is NO conspiracy here folk, Covid is REAL, lots of people have died from it and if you get vaccinated, you will not die, 99.999% sure of that.

          Hateful, not for a minute, just resentful that soooooooo many people are not vaccinated in the US, that the Delta varriant has taken hold and gonna send us back to square 1 almost with regarding masks, etc. that impacts us that were smart and got vaccinated. That is all I’m trying to say here WR2……. I just want to get back to normal and enjoy live in the good old US of A without a damn mask.

          Talk about hateful leftist drones w/o critical thinking capabilities……… You better look in the mirror next time that thought crosses you pea brain, because it ain’t me sister/brother!!

      • Tim, the simple fact is people need to take more responsibilty for the decisions they consciously make and NOT expect someone else to reacue them all the F’ing time, i.e. the Federal Gov’t, Social Service Organization, etc. I’m an average college educated professional and I have never sponged off of the Gov’t for any of my bad decision……
        Unforseen situations, accidents, natural disasters are one thing and I compassion for those who are impacted and do not mind the relief provided as a result of those situations, but if it’s self-inflicted, especially by stupidity, then TS, you own it you pay for it, PERIOD.
        There is NO hate there at all, just a realistic approach to life in general…….. So, if you can’t deal with that, pack up and move out of the US of A or just quit droning on and on and on and nit picking things or regergitating fake news, BECAUSE Covid is REAL.

        P.S. Your comment above, “Personally saw a kid held down to get the vax from a law enforcement medic. Tears and all. Must of been tears of joyful willingness.” is such B.S. and I’m certain a fake news video that you bit into hook line and sinker, because there has been NO forced vaccination of childern, without parents giving permision, and that is NOT being forced. Got it dumb a@#. That is just smart parenting to keep your child safe!! A little shot is better than getting horribly sick or death, RIGHT? RIGHT Tim? or do you want children(over 12 yrs old) to die????? I await your response to the questions above…… 😉

        • I personally know and respect the deputy. She is a great leader but made a poor choice in my opinion.

          GLC… you assume a lot of things. I don’t even have a television that puts on live TV or cable… simply Amazon Prime and Netflix because I choose not to listen/watch to things being fed to the masses.

          I’d be more able to agree with the no medical billing help if that was also applied to people who choose to take shitty care of their body for so many other reasons too. But we are a soft society on many issues and it all comes down to personal freedoms.


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