Forbidden Fruit? 7 of the World’s Least Visited Countries

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7 of the World’s Most Remote & Least Visited Countries

Travel bug itching? Looking for a new, exotic destination to travel to when this all blows over? You can be sure to find something unique within this list of least visited countries in the world.

With many of these countries hardly visited due only to the fact that they can be difficult to get to, have a read of this list and you’re bound to find a few hidden gems. It’s only a matter of time before these last few untouched countries are also put on the tourist’s map.

Let’s take a look at the world’s least-visited countries and what you can expect to find there.

Note: With so little tourism data on the world’s least-visited countries, it can be difficult to figure out which really is the least visited country overall. But popular opinion has Nauru and Tuvalu up at the top.

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Least Visited Countries: Nauru

Approx. 200 annual visitors

Nauru is one of the least visited countries in the world. It’s also one of the smallest countries in the world, and the smallest island nation in the world. The history of Nauru sees it pass through the hands of several different countries before gaining independence, and from then on going from one of the richest countries in the world to one of the poorest countries in the world – within a matter of years.

nauru least visited countries


Approx. 2000 annual visitors

Tuvalu is one of the most remote and inaccessible countries in the world – which is probably a big reason as to why it is also one of the least visited countries. It’s an archipelago of 9 islands in the pacific ocean. It could also not be around for that long. Tuvalu could be the first country in the world to disappear due to local warming, as the sea levels get higher and eventually cause the island to sink.

Tuvalu is well known for its main island thin strip of land with only one real main road running through it and turquoise blue waters and coral reefs surrounding it. It also has a pretty fun airport, aptly having the airport code ‘FUN’, as it becomes a social area (when no flights are due) for the locals of an afternoon. Here, people gather and street stalls sell food and souvenirs.

It may be difficult to get there due to the lack of flights, but luckily all you don’t need to worry about the visa beforehand as entry permits are granted upon arrival. US, UK, Canada, Australia and EU nationals do not require a visa to stay in Tuvalu for up to 30 days.

Why would you want to visit? Well, apart from the lack of tourists giving you your own paradise island… There are some great snorkel spots and places to swim to enjoy the beautiful reefs and fish.

Least Visited Countries: Guyana

Approx. 3000 annual visitors

Guyana lies in the northeast of South America, bordered by Venezuela and Suriname. And its largely passed up by tourists compared to the surrounding countries – despite the fact that it’s the only English speaking country in South America.

What await you in Guyana is a country with a strong Caribbean influence. It boasts untouched rainforests, white-sand beaches, pristine rivers and landscapes, and savannahs.

least visited countries guyana
Guyana – one of the world’s least visited countries

Marshall Islands

Approx. 6000 annual visitors

The Marshall Islands are another pacific island group rarely visited by tourists. You can find this archipelago between the Philippines and Hawaii. It is a chain of 1000 volcanic islands and islets.

Despite it being hardly visited by tourists, you may have heard of the Marshall Islands for the fact that the Bikini Atoll was United States’ nuclear testing site on the Marshall Islands. This test site is still radioactive and off-limits to visitors.

If you like seafood and/or diving, the Marshall Islands may be the place for you. There are over 1000 registered species of fish here. This is the highest in the world. There are also multiple shipwrecks and reefs to dive, giving it the title of one of the best places to dive in the world.

Least Visited Countries: Kiribati

Approx. 6800 annual visitors

Kiribati is another pacific island country that few visit annually. You actually pronounce the country as ‘Kiribass’. Kiribati lies 1,394 miles from Fiji and has a total landmass of 800 square kilometres. The islands themselves, however, make up a space of over 3.5 million square kilometres. And like many pacific islands, beautiful turquoise waters, white-sand beaches and roads lined with palm trees will be there to greet you. 

Kiribati is well-known for friendly locals and rich culture.

least visited countries guyana
Kiribati, one of the world’s least visited countries, is well known for its rich culture and hospitality


Approx. 6000 annual visitors

The government closed Turkmenistan off from outside visitors for decades. It’s the least visited country in Central Asia and one of the most unique and curious of the Stan countries. Turkmenistan is over 80% desert and home to traditional Turkmen nomadic life.

It’s notoriously difficult to get a visa to Turkmenistan. You have to go through a travel company and even then there is no guarantee to get a visa. Authorities simply don’t accept some visa applications with no further explanation given. Whereas they will accept others no problem. 

To go to Turkmenistan, you will probably enter through Istanbul.

One of the most bizarre and architecturally unique capital cities in the world – Ashgabat – and a flaming pit of gas, otherwise known as the ‘gates of hell’ await you in Turkmenistan. 

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Approx. 28,000 annual visitors

Comoros is probably another country you’ve never heard of. It’s another island nation, but Comoros is located off the coast of East Africa near Mozambique and Madagascar. It’s often known as East Africa’s island paradise.

Comoros offers stunning beautiful scenery with untouched beaches and luscious jungles unlike anywhere else. 

With a lack of tourism infrastructure in Comoros, don’t expect travel here to be easy – but it will certainly be very rewarding, and you won’t have to share it with clusters of tourists!

Final Thoughts

None of the countries in this list are easy to travel, but each will reward you in its own way. Which least visited country on the list interests you most?  Have you been to any of these?  Share you experiences below.

Happy travelling!

Zoe Stephens
Zoe is a freelance writer from Liverpool, UK. She spends her time traveling between China, where she is based, and North Korea, where she works as a tour guide for Koryo Tours. You can follow her journey and see her content from North Korea on Instagram (@zoediscovers) and YouTube. You can see more about her life stuck on Tonga on Instagram @tongadiaries.

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  1. The title of the article is catchy enough and the substance is true to the spirit. Fortunately i have been to 5/7. Turkmenistan is very difficult to negotiate visa etc (I was hoping to meet some Iranian friends there who could drive there). Comorros is not too difficult to get to as there is a large Comorros expatriate community, and one island Mayotte is part of France! Tuvalu is challenging but there are strange ex colonial types there, I met a couple from Tristan da Cunha there! There is an island very difficult to get to, Tokelau but it is administered by Aotearoa (NZ). Cuba’s international medical programme helps inhabitants from Tuvalu Nauru Kiribati (and other islands in the region) and i have met medical students from these countries in Cuba. We also have students from Rapa Nui (Easter Island) studying Medicine in Cuba and one of the Rapa Nui was telling me of her experiencing talking to students from Tuvalu, as they could understand each other! Incredible..Thanks for a pleasant read.


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