(Video Tour) Luxor Las Vegas Closing Rumor & Why It’s Atrium, Elevators, Theming & Crazy Stairs Make It Worth Keeping!

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Luxor Las Vegas Tour August 2020

A few weeks back we covered the rumors that perhaps Luxor Las Vegas and maybe even its neighbor Excalibur could be on the chopping block. Luxor opened in 1993 during the era of family friendly Vegas and at a time when theming was king! For example, MGM Grand opened with a Wizard of Oz theme, the Emerald City and a theme park in the same year as did Treasure Island with its pirate battle and theme.

Of course the era of themed hotels and being family friendly is now gone for the most part. Gone is the theme park at MGM Grand along with the Emerald City and all of the theming. Other hotels have also de-themed and modernized as they have tried to attract a different clientele, but Luxor remains.

Can’t Take the Egypt Out of the Pyramid

Don’t get me wrong over the years theming (along with a boat ride and many other things) has been removed from the casino, but it’s hard to completely take Egypt out of a Pyramid. Because of that today it represents a past era of Las Vegas, but also carves itself out as a unique piece of the skyline and an important part of the city. As the 11th largest hotel in the world with the largest atrium by volume, it’s internationally notable as well.

With all of that said, I don’t want you to take my word for it. I thought I would show you why Luxor is a unique gem and why you should take a visit on your next trip to Vegas. From the awesome sideways elevators to the crazy stairways it has enough cool to impress you plus the building and theming are impressive as well. I’m not saying the rooms don’t need a refresh, but I’m saying this hotel is as Vegas as it gets and I hope it doesn’t go anywhere.

Luxor Las Vegas Tour August 2020 – Bottom Line

While I’ve stayed at Luxor a couple of times, I know it gets knocked for being run down and not catering to higher end clientele. No matter what you feel about Luxor hopefully this video shows you there is so much unique about this property. From the crazy walkway over the pool to the secret second lobby and the previously mentioned elevators, I think you’ll want to check it out the next time you’re in Vegas.

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  1. MGM has mismanaged the Luxor to death ever since they bought it, going all the way back to when it shipped off the Egypt exhibit to the Las Vegas natural history museum.

    Every time i stay at Luxor, I always look around and think the same thing: MGM is deliberately not fixing this place up, so MGM can have a strip hotel at a cheaper price point. There is nothing wrong with Luxor that a half decent renovation wouldn’t fix.

    There was never anything wrong with the Egypt theme, other than the executives didn’t like it. (I am not including that boat ride, which was slow as molasses.) If it was up to me, I’d differentiate Luxor from the rest of the strip. Bring back the theme, dress up all the cocktail waitresses like they are in that Katy Perry Dark horse video. It would sell better than another beat up casino on the strip.


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