Frustration: MGM Nights Not Crediting to Hyatt For Weeks

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MGM nights not crediting to Hyatt

MGM Nights Not Crediting to Hyatt

When I booked a couple nights in Las Vegas at MGM properties, I thought I was getting the best of all worlds. Low rates? Check, including a sub-$30 night at Luxor. Waived resort fees with newly-matched MGM Gold status? Check. Nights toward requalifying for World of Hyatt Globalist status and bonus points from a promotion? Not so fast. I recently had some substantial issues with MGM nights not crediting to Hyatt. I was beginning to think my stays never would show up.

Issues with MGM Stays Booked Through Hyatt

Hyatt and MGM have had a long partnership. You can seamlessly book MGM properties directly through Hyatt, and these nights are eligible for both status credit and points accrual according to the program terms. You can also use points to stay at MGM properties, although they are usually a poor value.

The downside seems to be issues with crediting stays. I’ve only had one stay through my years with Hyatt that didn’t credit correctly. Most stays credit perfectly within a couple days. This time, two back-to-back MGM stays were having problems.

I don’t know where things went wrong. I succeeded in getting the resort fees removed at the front desk, and part of me wonders whether this reservation change somehow messed up the Hyatt credit. I had to add my MGM Gold number to receive this benefit. In any case, talking with Hyatt was necessary to get night credit.

MGM nights not crediting to Hyatt

Following up on my nights

A couple weeks after submitting a missing stay request one week after my stays, I followed up with my Hyatt concierge. She told me two things: 1) she could see the request for the nights to be credited, 2) she would no longer be my concierge. Since I didn’t achieve 60 nights in 2021, this would be our last interaction. Sad trombone.

For the record, she has been a great concierge. I made sure to ask whether I’d be reassigned to her, and am glad she answered in the affirmative.

For now, I am relegated to the Globalist line.

I was about to give the Globalist line a call, when I decided to check one more time to see if the nights credited. To my amazement, they were showing, and the points from the Hyatt promotion were credited as well.

It took over 7 weeks from my final checkout date (and over 6 weeks from my missing stay request) for the stays to post, but they finally did.

Final Thoughts

I’m not sure what to make of this, but issues with MGM nights not posting to Hyatt could be very frustrating for anyone who frequents Las Vegas and/or likes booking cheap MGM stays to help earn Globalist status. It also troubling if you’re counting on elite benefits kicking in for future stays. I was happy to get great rates with MGM through Hyatt, that include points and elite credit. But this experience was worrisome.

Have you had any issues with MGM nights not crediting to Hyatt?

Ian Snyder
After igniting his passion for award travel while planning his honeymoon, Ian now enjoys using points and miles to see the world with his wife and three internationally adopted kiddos. He loves dissecting loyalty programs to find maximum value. His goal is to demonstrate that extraordinary travel is possible for the ordinary family.

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  1. 0/1 so far at the Excalibur. Booked direct with MGM, indicated my Hyatt account number and desire to have Hyatt nights credited during the booking and at check-in but it hasn’t been credited as of now. About 2 weeks post check-out.

  2. I believe the MGM Rewards terms & conditions state that if you “book directly through MGM website” you will receive both MGM and Hyatt stay credit. I did this about a month ago and my nights posted 2 days after I checked out. I believe the reason you are experiencing this delay is that you are booking through the Hyatt app. Why don’t you save yourself the headache and just book the room as instructed and go directly through the MGM website?

    • I thought booking through Hyatt “counted” like booking direct. But I’ll try what you suggest next time. Should also make the resort fee aspect easier.

  3. I’ve stayed many times at MGM properties this year and credited them to Hyatt. I’ve found that calling into the Front Desk number while checked in and simply asking them to make sure that my Hyatt number is attached to the reservation pretty much ensures it’ll get credited within 3 days. The only time I did not get credited is when the entire stay was comped.

    The operator must click something but I’ve never had a problem since I started doing this.

  4. I checked out of Excalibur on 04/22/22 after four nights (one of which was comped) and the stay posted two days later. I had a two night cash stay at Aria checking out on 04/24/22 and that posted 7 days later (today).
    I’m curious as it sounds like you booked your stay through the Hyatt app. I was under the impression resort fees wouldn’t be waived in that case (I booked my stays on the MGM website). Did you have to fight to get the resort fees waived or they did it automatically even though booked via Hyatt?

    • I asked at the desk at each hotel regarding waiving the resort fee. Mandalay did it no problem at check out. With Luxor, I had to email a follow-up request to get the charge reversed.

  5. I’ve stayed at MGM Vegas properties every week (M-F) since the resort fees were waived. About half of the stays have posted automatically and the others I’ve had to complete missing stay requests. Make sure you send the requests to instead of the normal route or it won’t get done.

  6. Out of five Excaliber stays in the last couple of months, three have posted (in 4 days, 5 days, and about 25 days) and two have not yet posted (18 and 22 days since checkout and counting). There wasn’t much that was done differently for each stay, so I assume it’s just random flakiness. From postings I’ve seen, seems like people are able to get them posted if they request it after 30 days.

    • Strange. You’d think it’d be faster? I requested after 7 days, which I think is the Hyatt minimum window.

  7. I have stayed in MGM properties at least six times (either booked directly through MGM but with the WoH number attached to the record, and confirmed at check in) or directly through Hyatt. I have literally never had a stay post in less than four weeks, and even then, only with extensive back and forths with my concierge.

  8. The best thing is to book MGM directly on the MGM website. Technically you were not supposed to have the resort fee waived since you booked on Hyatt.

    Then after checking in after booking directly from the MGM website, have them add your Hyatt number.

  9. I checked out last Sunday (Apr 24) from a stay at the Aria (using my Hyatt cat 1-7 night, so I KNOW my Hyatt number was attached). Still no credit.

      • Did you get credit for a single night award stay? Some are saying that doesn’t work – that award stays need to have one paid night added on in order to post.

    • About a week in that case. Not too bad. Curious about Frank’s comment on the single night award stay credit as well.

    • No, as far as credit goes, from what I gather. But it may become necessary to book directly with MGM to ensure resort fees are waived.

  10. I think it is hard enough to get an MGM stay that is booked directly. But, for a Delano FHR stay I did in January, they only posted the points about 2 months ago, and that was for incidental spending. So I think FHR stays don’t qualify for the room spend. But, at least they do give elite night credits.

    • That is a weird mix of what qualifies and what doesn’t. They are supposed to be “direct” so I’d think everything would count.


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