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Shocker: Marriott Approves My Best Rate Guarantee!

Hotel's like to play games with their best rate guarantee terms and conditions, but Marriott surprised my by approving my recent claim!

If You Want To Stay At Vegas’ Newest Property You Are...

It is now possible to book Circa Las Vegas rooms for the hotel opening in December. The rest of the property will be opening prior to the hotel.

Is It Worth Pursuing Marriott Platinum Status (or Higher) This Year?

With the reduced elite status requirements, is it worth pursuing Marriott Platinum status again? Here's how the 2020 requirements break down:

Hotel Stay During Covid-19, Welcome To The Twilight Zone

I wanted to share what a hotel stay during Covid-19 is like and what you can expect. Prepare yourself to enter the twilight zone!

Should We Reconsider Booking Travel With Transferable Currencies?

As travel cancellations continue to spike it has left me wondering, should we reconsider booking travel with transferable currencies for now?

The St. Regis Shanghai Let An Impostor Reserve & Stay in...

A crazy story about the time the St. Regis Shanghai made me a reservation for an impostor. How & why it happened plus how it was resolved.

What Are The Best Co-Branded Hotel Credit Cards? Here Are Our...

Best Hotel Credit Cards Properly following up our list of best co-branded airline credit cards is our list of best hotel credit cards. Unlike the...

Yes!!! Bipartisan Legislation Proposed For Deceptive Hotel Resort Fees!

There was legislation proposed for deceptive hotel resort fees this week and it is exactly what we have been asking for, up front pricing!