Life After Moviepass: Why I Have Resisted Signing Up For Another Movie Plan Program

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My Options After Canceling Moviepass

My Options After Canceling Moviepass: What Did I Decide?

I have to admit that I was a big time Moviepass fan boy.  Moviepass was just too good to be true and I knew it would end sooner rather than later.  To my surprise it went on for months and months and months.  That is until it all came crashing down and they continued to make cut after cut to the program. I decided to cancel my subscription but what were my options after canceling Moviepass?

Different Options

Granted there are people out there who are still putting up with Moviepass’ limited movie times, limited movie choices, and the new cap of 3 movies per month. Some were not able to cancel when Moviepass offered  a refund and are stuck trying to get what they can out of the program. I feel for them and I know that sooner or later they will be forced to move on to something else.

Some have jumped ship to rival Sinemia especially since they now offer an unlimited plan as well. (Remember to book Sinemia movies fee free with this trick). AMC Stubs A-List probably has the best overall program but not everyone is near an AMC location.  So what did I do? How about none of the above.

My Options After Canceling Moviepass

My Choice

The theater that I frequent most often has very reasonable prices.  The movies range from $4-6 for kids to $6-8 for adults depending on the time and day of the week.  I didn’t see the value in paying for a program that I would pretty much break even with in Sinemia.

Most months I would see between 3-5 movies for an average cost of $2.50 per movie with Moviepass.  I just wouldn’t get enough value out of AMC Stubs A-List at $19.95 per month.  AMC has a great plan for frequent movie goers but my out of pocket cost would be around $20-25 without it.  Some months would be even lower than that. There is no reason for me to get locked into a program that wouldn’t really save me money.

I was seeing B and C grade movies with Moviepass just because I could.  I enjoyed seeing them but I didn’t really need to, I could have waited until they came out on DVD or streaming services. That is something else to consider in these calculations. I could afford to see less movies.

The “plan” that I came up with is seeing the movies I really want to see at an AMC theater on Tuesdays.  That is because every AMC Stubs member (even the free version) gets $5 tickets to all shows on Tuesdays.  This also includes the more expensive AMC theaters that have the comfy reclining seats.  AMC also offers a “Cameo Deal” for AMC Stubs members on Tuesdays where you get a small drink and popcorn for $5.  That is a pretty amazing deal.


I know that these plans make a lot of sense for people that live in areas with expensive ticket prices.  But if you have Tuesday evenings free, an AMC theater near you, and loathe 3D movies like I do then this is another option.  There is no need to pay over $100 upfront for something where the company may go bust anyway. My new plan also keeps me from going to so so movies just because I can.

Even if you stick with one of the other options discussed above swing into AMC Theaters on Tuesdays to get the reduced priced popcorn and drink.



Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Do the math! Even one movie a month is worth the membership. Our local Regal theatres are $11.50 per admission. We go 2-3 times per month and Regal gives us points which we can use for popcorn or other concessions.

    • Odojoe as I said if you are not near an AMC or in a more expensive area then Sinemia etc. is a great option. But if you go to AMC on Tuesdays you can get that $11.50 ticket for $5 and still earn points etc.

  2. They didn’t let me cancel my annual membership, didn’t respond to emails and I was even banned from their Reddit subforum for questioning OP who was essentially shilling for MoviePass. That had me laughing because I’d never been banned from a Reddit or any forum for that matter. Don’t ask questions and sheep along and you’ll be fine.

    At any rate I had a successful charge back after about a month of waiting. They credited me and basically told me in so many words MP never provided a response or evidence to dispute my claim, which was based on the T&C at that time of not being limited to movies/options for the duration of the first year. In essence it was the very reason I paid the $90 upfront. I hope they actually pulled the funds from MP and Alliant CU didn’t eat it.

    It’s sad what’s come of MP but in it’s wake it appears a more value-oriented subscription plan by many competitors has risen. In our case we’re lucky to have even two date nights a month so going forward we’ll probably go the same route as you Mark. I’ll likely buy the 4 pack of tickets sold at the Costco around the corner from the movie theatre. It’ll basically lock in matinee pricing, which is still in the $8-$9 range but the leather recliners are worth it. I will still keep an eye on the evolution of these plans though because if the math reaches a point where I can’t refuse then I may jump back in.

    • I am glad that you were able to get your money back. If you routinely go to 2 movies per month then Sinemia’s 2/month plan may work for you at under $10 a month (when the offer returns). But if some months you go to less than 2 sticking with the pay as you go plan is probably better. I know Atom always sells discounted gift cards too so there is another option as well.

  3. I am still going 4-5 times a week with MP here in FL. Rarely is there an option that I do not want to go see, usually 2 days a week would be losers. They have never restricted me after all the changes to 3x a month. I am riding this for as long as it lasts. I think their cash burn must have slowed dramatically to still be plodding along, but the planned new 500-1 Reverse Split might be the end, as they did not learn from the last one.

    • I am surprised but glad to hear you have avoided the devaluations. Ride it till it dies! I agree on the stock split issue.

  4. They emailed me last Thursday, as someone who cancelled when you recommended it. They say that are going to reactive my unlimited plan because I never accepted the 3 movie limited plan.

  5. I cancelled MoviePass this month and decided to only go to the movies I really want to watch. Saves on my outrageous concession costs too. MoviePass was once an amazing card to own.

    • I was somehow able to avoid concessions when using the Moviepass but would rather go to less movies and get the full experience at this point. It was fun while it lasted and got me through the winter though 🙂


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