Free $$$ & 5X At Office Depot/Officemax: $15 Instant Rebate on Visa Gift Cards, But Not as Good as Before

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office depot visa gift card deal

Free Points & Profit at Officemax & Office Depot

For awhile the Office Depot/Officemax Visa/MC gift card deal spigot had been shut off, but we have seen a couple of recent promotions including fee-free Mastercards. Thankfully their best Visa promotion will return this Black Friday week, but it will be a bit more restrictive than before.

The Offer

  • Save $15 instantly when you buy $300 or more in Visa gift cards.

Key Terms

  • Offer valid in store only 11/20/16 – 11/26/16.
  • Limit one (1) offer per customer.
  • Discount applied at register.

I had heard this offer was coming a bit back, but was asked to wait to write about it until the details became public. Thankfully the offer has been released publicly and you can find the full terms here. (Thanks to Doctor of Credit for the offer link.)

The Math

Office Depot carries a wide variety of Visa gift cards. Some are variable load up to $200 with a lower fee and others carry a $6.95 fee. Since not everyone has access to the lower fee cards or wishes to deal with their restrictions (some only work at specific merchants), I’ll base the math on the $6.95 fee.

Even with a limit of 1 rebate, I think the best option is to purchase 2 of the $200 Visa gift cards. The math works out like this:

  • Cost of cards: $413.90
  • Minus instant rebate: -$15
  • Final cost: $398.90
  • Profit: $1.10

Previous offers had a limit of 2 which allowed you to get 2 discounts on the same transaction when purchasing $600 in cards. This meant you could profit close to $10 when purchasing $600, so this deal certainly is devalued slightly.


It is best to pay with a card that earns 5X at office supply stores such as a Chase Ink. For example, a Chase Ink card would also earn 1,995 Ultimate Rewards points. Alternatively, an Amex SimplyCash Plus which earns 5% cashback at office supply stores would put an additional $19.95 in your pocket.


Visa gift cards sold by Officemax/Office Depot are issued by Metabank and are pin-enabled. These cards should work fine to load Bluebird/Serve at Walmart. They also generally work for money orders if that is your thing. For more detailed information on liquidating these cards, see: How To Liquidate Prepaid Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards


This is another opportunity to generate valuable points at a negative cost. While the limit of 1 truly is a bummer, hopefully there will be enough cards around to allow everyone to get in on the action. I know most of you probably want to avoid stores on Black Friday week, but this may be a reason to pop your head in to grease that Ink card.


  1. I have until the end of May to spend my remaining 6.5K Ink spend in VGCs at Office Depot. Do you expect that the better deal will come along again before then with the 2 discounts at $600? On the fence about whether I should go for it now or wait a bit yet.

  2. Thanks Shawn – The offer was part of their Black Friday Deals email but the nice thing about it is that it starts on Sunday and on for the whole week so I am planning on avoiding Friday!!!! Hopefully the registers will still be coded for 2 discounts as usual…will see if OD/M programmers remembered this time….

    Shawn – any idea from experience how the points reset with Ink – it says anniversary but my anniversary was Nov 1 and it still shows the full amount from last year (annual fee charged Nov 1)…


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