Credit Card Replacement Plastc has Firm Launch Date & a new 2 for 1 Offer!

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plastc features discount coupon

Plastc Launch Date & 2 for 1 Special

Last October I was one of the first people to write about the credit card replacement known as Plastc. As a reminder, Plastiq will store information for up to 20 credit cards and unlike some of its competitors like Coin, it will have an EMV chip (Mastercard EMV will work at launch) and will also work with NFC.


Here are the specifications of Plastc as quoted from their website:

  1. Payment technologies
    • Re-writeable Magnetic stripe
    • Re-writeable EMV Chip’n’Pin
    • Re-writeable NFC Wireless payments
    • Barcodes
  2. E-ink touchscreen display
    • 3.1”
    • 312 x 74 Pixels
    • Flexible bi-stable display
    • Touch sensor
  3. Wireless charging
    • Qi
    • PMA (Duracell Powermat)
    • A4WP
  4. Bluetooth low energy.
  5. Flexible rechargeable battery. (Approx. 30 day charge)
  6. Flash memory. (Store up to 20 cards)

More Features

Plastc recently announced a few updated features from what was originally announced. First, as I previously mentioned, the card will launch with Mastercard Chip & Pin support with Visa support to follow. Also, it will have an emergency card feature and will support all of the major wireless charging standards. Finally, they have updated the technology behind the E-Ink screen used on the card.

As part of their announcement, Plastc has said the card will now ship on April 29, 2016. What is even more interesting is that they are going to give lifetime updates to anyone who orders a card before that date. To make it even sweeter, if you order your card before August 26, 2015 then you will get a second card for free.

I Finally Ordered One & You Can Too

plastc features discount coupon

The 2 for 1 promotion is what finally made me order Plastc. Now that they have a more developed product and a semi-firm launch date, I am ready to commit. The fact that I can get a second card for free put it over the top for me. I really can’t wait to try this out and have a million and one ideas for interesting ways this card could work.

The normal price for Plastc is $155, however if you order through someone’s referral link, you can get the card for $135. So basically, if you order before August 26, 2015 then you will get 2 Plastc cards for $135. This is my referral link if you are interested in ordering. If you use my link then you get $20 off, I and I get a $20 Amazon gift card. Everyone who has purchased a Plastc card has a referral link and if you don’t want to use mine a simple Google search will yield plenty of results of links to use.


You can find the announcement of new features and the launch date along with some news about Plastc’s production here. I was skeptical about all of these cards at the beginning, however Plastc has enough features that I am willing to jump in at this price. Have you pre-ordered a Plastc card? Is this promotion making you consider it? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. What info do we have on the battery? How many cycles can you charge it? or how many years will it last? Can you replcae it yourself? It won’t make since to pay for an apple type product where you would have future costs of replacing the battery.

  2. The free subscription is only for the lifetime of the card. If your card needs to be replaced, your subscription is no longer free.

    From the announcement email:
    “A FREE subscription to Plastc Card services for the lifetime of your Plastc Card.”

  3. Just ordered using your link. I’m sure we will come up with some creative uses in addition to reducing the annoying stack in my wallet!

  4. I just tried to order 2, and it comes up with an automatic $313.20 after applying your promo code. There is NO indication at all of any 2 for 1 deal or promotion. Please advise!

  5. After my Wocket Wallet fail, I am staying clear of this. I think Plastc could be very good, but after my Wocket, I am not interested in another all in one card/device.

    2 for 1 definitely sounds good, I just hope they keep their new timeline they have mentioned. Right until the update with an exact launch date, they kept saying this summer for release.

  6. I would be interested if we would be able to store information from gift cards (Amex GCs and Visa GCs) so that we can MS more effectively and hide the fact that we’re using a GC when buying MOs or buying Visa GCs with Amex GCs.

    • Plastc can’t be any worse than having to explain to the cashier to flip my Citi card over and swipe again!

    • On their web site, there is no indication of VISA/MC/AMEX GCs work with this device. It appears the card itself isn’t a standalone product but works along with Plastc Wallet App.

        • The promo video indicates compatibility with gift-cards of the scannable “bar-code” variety. It’s possible use of VGC and MGCs, via the mag strip, may be excluded – I believe they can be identified as such by the first few card numbers. Also I cant see if they put your name on the card or not (for interactions with TG staff). Too many unknowns for me to jump at the stage.

  7. At first glance I thought you were nuts for paying $155 for some little gizmo. Then again I know you’re not the type to buy something if you don’t find good value in it. Once I actually clicked a few links and read what this is all about, I felt like a kid running into the living room for Christmas.

    I’m more than just interested, but I need to get clarification on the lifetime updates and membership fees. It looks like SD’ers are asking the same questions, which is whether or not the “lifetime” free subscription is only for as long as your card lasts, which I’m going to guess is at most a few years. After that we’re paying the $50 a year fee I assume? By subscription are they basically referring to updates? I’m just confused on the verbiage of the lifetime offer and what it does and doesn’t entail and for exactly how long.

    It also looks like this will act as an organizer of credit cards with their Personal Finance Management system. I currently use the BillGuard app to monitor all banking and credit card balances and transactions. This could absolutely streamline our MS pursuits in so many ways, including the bulk in our wallet. There is so much possibility here it’s something I’d think we’d all think is pretty damn awesome.

  8. Absolutely considering this!

    Reduces the footprint (Sasquatch sized) of my wallet and keeps my wife from poking fun at its clunkiness.

    Simplifies travel as well!


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