Postmates Terrible Customer Service & What You Can Do When They Fail to Fix a Problem!

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Postmates Terrible Customer Service Experiences

Postmates Terrible Customer Service Experiences

Postmates is a delivery service the aims to get you what you want without you having to go get it yourself. It is sort of a mix between Uber and Grubhub, although you can order a lot more than food. Basically, you order something and a Postmates driver picks it up and brings it to you.

A Google search for “Postmates Customer Service Issues” will deliver a number of results showing that this company often fails to stand behind their product. From their misleading “$100 in free delivery” promotion that only counts towards delivery fees and not the actual cost of anything, to issues with deliveries, the problems are widespread.

I have used Postmates a few times over the years with mixed results. With that said, I hadn’t needed to talk to customer service until recently and when I did it turned out to be terrible.

Contacting Postmates Customer Service

The first issue arose when I was visiting Arizona a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I ordered a Cobb Salad and some other food from a local restaurant since we figured it was easier than dining in with the baby. When the food arrived, there was no salad dressing. 🙁

Hoping to get this resolved, I quickly emailed Postmates (no chat option exists as far as I know) and it took them about 10 minutes to respond. They said there was no way to get what I ordered, but they gave me a $5 refund. I had a $14 salad with no dressing, but I got $5 back. I responded that I didn’t want a refund, but wanted my dressing. My subsequent emails simply were ignored. As in they never responded.

Fast forward to a few days ago and I had a delivery credit to use so I decided to give Postmates another try. This time I ordered some Mexican food. To me salsa is as important to the Mexican food experience as anything else, so I asked for a specific type and quantity of salsa this restaurant provides in three different places on the order. Of course the order arrived and there wasn’t any.

Once again I contacted Postmates and asked for my stuff to be brought, but this time they simply said they have “no hand in the preparation” and thus weren’t responsible. They said I could place another order and wait for it, but how would I just order salsa? If I ordered more food because my current food was cold, then I would have to pay for it. Crazy.

Challenging the Credit Card Charge?

While I am not sure if my situation warrants this, challenging the credit card charge is a tool at your disposal if Postmates fails to deliver on what you order. In most cases they are charging you for a very specific order and if they fail to deliver that order correctly and/or fail to fix it, then I feel it is absolutely right to dispute the charge or at least the part of the charge that pertains to the mistake.

If you decide to dispute the charge make sure to keep your emails with customer service as evidence that you tried to resolve this issue with the merchant. The bank may want to see the emails if Postmates fights you and they probably will.


Considering the often absurd delivery charges Postmates levies on customers, their customer service simply is unacceptable. From the lack of a live chat, to no real resolution, I think I am done with this company since they simply aren’t reliable in any way.

Have you had an issue with Postmates? How do you feel about disputing a charge when an order is missing items or is incorrect? Are there other similar services which have been better? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. first let me say shame on me!!! because as the saying goes “fool me once shame on you fool me every third or fourth time…” Why do I keep using this garbage service?!?! This last experience was the straw that broke the camels back. I’m done! Deleted the app I will order straight through the restaurant websites or pick up the darn food myself! Ordered three shakes from Häagen-Dazs as a splurge with my kids on family movie night, the driver brought them in a translucent white bag, without opening it you could see that the cups were completely sideways despite the cardboard cup holder at the bottom. I asked her what I was supposed to do with completely spilled her shakes and she shrugged her shoulders and said I don’t know. They gave them to me like that… I said why would you accept shakes that nobody can drink that are poured over into the bottom of the bag and accept that a customer would receive them if you noticed them that way at the store. Again she replied with a shrug of the shoulders and said I don’t know. I said did you ask them to make new ones, she shrugged her shoulders again. I said are you going to tell me anything valuable I’m not accepting these. She said I guess you have to go back to the store and see what happened or call them. Here which I answered, absolutely not, I ordered delivery for the convenience of having it brought to me not having to get dressed up to go out and pick up food. I paid for the delivery and now you want me to go in person. She responded I guess I’ll have to go and ask them to make new ones. I said they close in 15 minutes how realistic is that? I am not accepting this delivery. She took them and said I’m so sorry for you and drove off. I disputed it with Postmates and with PayPal which was my method of payment. Since Postmates did not respond except for some automated message. PayPal refunded the money. I subsequently got an email from Postmates that they were not charging me and I was being refunded. Which I appreciated, Only to find a couple of days later when I tried to use my Postmates app that for the same amount of the order which was refunded to me, I was being penalized and could not use the app to place an order or order a ride until I paid that exact amount… I have gone back-and-forth with them several times and they keep telling me we confirm that you have been refunded but you need to pay the amount in order to lift the hold and use the app. Back-and-forth same message over and over again. I don’t know if it’s a language barrier because the messages are sent to someplace where they are outsourced and they can only copy and paste or what the problem is. But I will never be using this service again they are thieves it is garbage I can’t believe that a business like this with so many complaints is allowed to constantly steal money from customers because that’s what this essentially is. I’ve had orders that have come completely wrong, with no resolution after trying to communicate with post mates, i’ve had things come without sauces and they throw up their hands stating they have nothing to do with the preparation, then you call the restaurant and they are much more accommodating willing to resend the order at no additional charge or send whatever sauces might’ve been missing, but Postmates no help, no customer service just time consuming pointless communication and Thievery

  2. I am not even a member, never downloaded the app. Yet I get a charge on my credit card from CALIFONIA resturant…. I live in Ohio! Currently going back and fourth with them and had to cancel my card.

  3. Worst company ever. They charged me a yearly fee with no authorization. They give NO phone number. NO email. NO way to get through. In my opinion, this is fraud. Uber is the same, the parent company.

    I gave up on Uber and Postmates. I used Lyft and Grubhub with never an issue.

  4. My last order was Postmates app on 2/13/2021.

    I was thoroughly disappointed with the entire experience. I have submitted my complaints through email and through the app right when it happened.

    I am not sure who exactly is at fault (restaurant or driver). The food that we received was completely unsafe and unacceptable to eat. The dishes were definitely eaten by someone who handled the food. The way that this situation was “resolved” was that I got a refund for ONE dish (the one that I took pictures of that was obviously tampered with) instead of a refund for the full meal. I obviously did not want to eat any of the other dishes because of how unsafe and unsanitary a tampered dish makes the whole meal.

    Because Postmates did not handle my situation with appropriate care and understanding, I disputed the entire charge with my credit card company. This in turn, resulted in my account being suspended.

    From all these comments I can see this is how Postmates runs its platform. I was willing to use Postmates again after a 3 month hiatus, but am reminded that my account is still suspended.

    I suggested that they forward this entire complaint to a supervisor or management. The solution to this problem back in February should have been a no brainer for a service industry platform.

  5. I have never been more frustrated by a service than by postmates. It makes me angry just thinking about it so I’ll keep it short rather than listing the numerous issues we’ve had as unlimited members. Our biggest issue is when they confirm an order and cancel it over an hour later. We’ve had this happen more than 5 times in two months and a couple were because the restaurant wasn’t even open! Other times were because there was no one online to deliver it. We’ve had three orders canceled like this in one (admittedly desperate and on vacation) night! Most recently I placed an order that came out to about $30. When it arrived the main part of the meal was prepared incorrectly and contained something I can not eat. They offered me a $10 credit and so I paid $20 for a side dish essentially. I am emailing back and forth about at least a refund on our unlimited membership so we can start using another service but that’s only $50 and doesn’t repay the several nights we’ve ended up going to bed hungry because our order was canceled after over an hour wait.

  6. Postmates’s cancellation policy is highly deceptive and frankly should be the basis for a class action lawsuit. I ordered a meal from them last week that came to approximately $55. Once I saw that the final total would be approximately $104 with fees (yep, that’s right), I immediately cancelled. Like, I cancelled exactly three minutes later, as shown from the time stamps on the two emails that I received from them–the first one confirming my order, and the second one cancelling it. However, Postmates charged my credit card approximately $75–the cost of the meal plus a cancellation fee–even though there was no food made, no food lost, no man power spent on the order at all. They basically stole my money, and I’m sure they’re doing this on a regular basis to customers. This business practice is unconscionable, and I also think its app is deceptive and should be the basis of a consumer protection class action lawsuit. The cancelation tab is prominently displayed on the screen after you order (good thing), but it deceives you into thinking it’s as simple as hitting that cancel tab and doesn’t provide you with any information on that screen or a follow-up screen alerting you that, although you can cancel easily, you will not receive your money back and will also be charged an additional cancelling fee. It’s outrageous, and I really think they should be sued. I emailed them and got a pro forma response that they send to everyone letting them know their cancellation policy. I sent another email and am waiting to hear back, but based on all of the terrible customer service reviews that I’ve read, I don’t anticipate them agreeing to a refund. They are an awful business, and I really wish people would stop using them.

    • Unfortunately, I had a similar situation except the company cancelled my order immediately after with no reasoning and charged me anyway the next day! Literally within seconds I would say they cancelled and have given the same response that they cannot refund me because it has been more than 48 hours. I tweeted and contacted their support chat but there is no customer service! It’s all based on automated responses!

  7. Currently going back and forth with their joke ass version of “customer support” regarding my Postmates Unlimited membership. In Oct 2020, we moved to an area where Postmates isn’t available (rural), and since I was and am WFH, I cancelled my Unlimited membership. I’ve been charged faithfully each month for my membership despite my cancellation. Further, in my back and forth emails of redacted bank statements with Transaction IDs and Reference Numbers, they still “can’t locate the charges”. How convenient. I use a national bank, we’re not talking Podunk Savings and Loan here. Their customer service/support (as well as DoorDash) is amateur, at best. For a company who was acquired by Uber, which sits comfortably in Silicon Valley, I’m concerned about their tech…they can take payments, yet not trace them?! I can’t understand why a company that size doesn’t have the infrastructure needed for sufficient customer support; it’s befuddling and frustrating. Who’s the Ringmaster? I’ve had other issues in the past with food deliveries; the drivers/couriers were always polite, but damn it’s hard to find good help anymore. I realize most of the mishaps and mistakes fall on the food establishments themselves (which apparently also can’t find good help), and Postmates is literally the messenger. I know they aren’t responsible for a lack of salsa, condiments, extra cheese, or no onion. I’m not defending them by any means, and that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Unfortunately, dishonest and sh!tty people are everywhere (looking at you too Instacart), and will take advantage of others if they can. That’s the risk we take when patronizing any business; it’s a shame when businesses take that trust for granted, and it will catch up to them. I’ve placed a stop payment with my bank, Postmates can eat any charges they receive from a kicked back payment (pun intended). Sure, the amount I’ve been charged isn’t going to break me, but not everyone can say that right now, and over time that can add up. It’s the principle.

  8. I ordered a birthday cake for my daughter from a bakery and paid for it on the bakery’s website. I live in another state and the bakery doesn’t deliver so I ordered a Postmates to pick it up and take it to her apartment. I got a text from the Postmate saying they could not pick up the cake because the bakery’s credit card machine was down so they couldn’t pay for the cake. I texted them back that the cake was paid for and they only needed to pick it up. They ignored me. I told my daughter to just drive over and pick up the cake herself, but when she got to the bakery they told her it had been picked up. But she never received it, nothing was ever delivered to her. I opened a support ticket on the Postmates website but just got an automated reply and they did nothing. I called the customer service number, and after keeping me on hold for 2 hours they refused to refund me and told me I should take it up with the bakery. I told them the bakery didn’t do anything wrong. But they just kept telling me they couldn’t do anything about it. Be advised that if your delivery person steals your food the company doesn’t care and won’t do anything about it. It’s a terrible company that I won’t do business with again.

  9. Postmates has the audacity to charge me for canceling an order I placed for my kids at 4:11pm while I was at work and I was forced to cancel at 6:15 because the order still had not been delivered and the app still showed the order as “taking longer than expected” I mean come on you really think I was going to wait indefinitely to see if it ever showed up while my kid’s are fucking starving. I e emailed postmates to dispute with zero success I was charged the full delivery amount $29 that’s so messed up. I was charged for keeping my kids starving for 2 hours way to go Postmates

  10. What post mates gets away with is out of this world.. drivers so disrespectful what if the food is for an elderly person placed by a family member to make sure they eat.. they don’t care.. and the big company does little to absolutely nothing to fix issue or fire these dirt bag drivers who handles food terribly if they don’t steal it that is. They get away away it and get paid with a free meal for them n their friends. Big business bereau needs to hear you guys and shut these low lives down and get them together. Door dash is the total opposite rhey handle their issues immediately and it is so easy to talk to someone either through chat or phone. And you are refunded automatically post mates had me on phone for hours to be hung up on total disgrace


  12. Really bad customer service. I was over charged for an order by $20 and submitted a dispute twice, to hear three days later that my dispute was submitted late and I can’t get refund for the money they stole. Disputing with credit card and never using them again.

  13. My girlfriend ordered a McDonalds chicken sandwich. We got a notification that the driver with our order was close…and the driver just kept on going. As in, past our building, past the next major streets and into the sunset. When I called to tell him he was headed the wrong way, the driver said, and I quote, “so?”

    …Who steals a chicken sandwich?

    Postmates refused to refund the order after a whole back-and-forth with their customer service. My girlfriend is disputing the charge with her bank. Because, you know, collecting for a service that wasn’t rendered is called fraud.

    And hey, we were planning to lay off the fast food anyway. Thanks for making it easy to quit you, Postmates!

  14. My order of $47.12 was cancelled, but my card was still charged. I got an email saying a credit would be applied to my next order, but it never was. They gave me a $5 credit that was never applied to any order. I submitted 2 complains which went unanswered for over a month. Then I got two useless emails. One saying “check your credit page” and the other saying “You had a $5 credit but it’s expired. Sorry about that.” I will never use Postmates again. How are they allowed to stay in business and what genius thought it was a good idea to have no live customer support phone number?

  15. I’ve used Postmates multiple times a week for several years. Tonight, I ordered food, they confirmed my order. They told me the name of the driver who would pick it up. Then the delivery time got moved back, then moved back again, then moved back again. Then I got a message saying my order has been canceled because there were no drivers in the area. When I called to complain they told me they had sent “multiple drivers” to pick up my food but they ALL suddenly had emergencies and had to leave. Which is obviously a lie. I will never use their business again and I encourage anyone reading this not to use it either.

  16. Sad to see how recent these comments are!

    I’ve ordered from Postmates twice (once through app, once through Google platform). The first time was fine, though I never double checked my bank statement to see how much I was charged, so I say that tentatively.

    The second time, I noticed I was charged about $8 more than the total! Not only that, my order not delivered (I went downstairs and there was no one in sight). And I couldn’t contact the driver. The driver texted my number, but when I tried to text back, it wouldn’t deliver the message. I also called and got some weird automated number. Perhaps they were trying to contact me through the app or something, but that’s awful since I can’t easily give them instructions about where to meet me. Horrible execution of services. I’m not testing it anymore; I will swear off Postmates as an option for delivering food.

    • UPDATE: I feel it’s only fair to update that I did get a refund (minus driver tip of about $5). I was skeptical, as some others said they didn’t get a refund.

      While I’m happy about the refund, regardless, I’m not testing my luck with Postmates anymore.

  17. On dec 6st i placed an order on postmates for 2 coffees from dunkin at 12pm to try & get some enerhy to do some cleaning. 1st order said it arrived, never did. Second again says it arrived, nwver did i go outside again look up by my landlords door nothing, as I’m walking back down to my apartment i see a dunkin bag in the street, tilted on its side. Their were my 2 coffees, about completely empty, sideways spilling onto the street next to a dirty baby diaper! I complain thwy give me “postmate credit” not a refund. So i reordered again for the 3rd time after on hold for an hour with twch support it gets delivered to my door and coffees aren’t even exactly how i ordered them. I called to complain again it is now 515pm over 5 hours to get coffee delivered to me not like a p.o.s..they promise refund and only gave postmate credit. Then rhey said i used my postmate credit when i never used postmates ever again. After i demand i get a phone call back via email I get ignored. I qas on hold on phone for over 2 hours and i got hung up on. Tjen again for over an hour snd once i told lady i an having big problems with postmates, click, hung up on again. Then on dec 18th u get email saying i will be refunded to my card. Then on dec 20 i get email saying i qill get an amount in postmates credit instesd but thise credits never showed up they refuse to answer me snd gake action for their horriblw horrible horrible services they should not be allowed to be business any longer!!!

  18. If you make a postmates order and they refuse to refund even if its their mistake just report them to the US fraud agency. With enough legal complaints they will get called out.

  19. Just spent 45 minutes on hold to dispute a charge for a food order that was canceled by me and not delivered. “Sorry sir, there is nothing we can do.” Bullshit! You charged 95 dollars for a service you did not provide, that is stealing. Immediately called my credit card co. (that had told me previously that I had to work with the vendor first) They gave me a temporary credit while they tried to resolve the issue – good luck!

  20. I am a Postmates Fleet driver of 3 years. Lately there have been quite a few problems

    The gps does not work in MPLS, MN
    I have to go into the delivery notes and manually type them into my GPS
    Its annoying for us drivers too. My buddy has the same issue especially when you have to correct the restaurant when the order is WAY off. How do you fuck up a chipotle order? And it reflects on the delivery drivers tips. So stupid

    Ill also go to high demand areas during lunch and dinner rush and not get a single order. Hate it! Waste of time!

  21. Yooooo, they cancelled my ordered after I had to wait 20 mins for, and then decide not to refund my money that I spent. $24 was the amount. I’m actually pissed off of bc I’m used to using Uber, but I wanted from a restaurant only Postmates had. And the rest is history.

  22. They overcharged me by $15. Sounds like I’ll never get it back. I can’t believe there’s no phone number. I will dispute it with my bank.

  23. This company is by far the Crappiest Delivery service and food delivery option on the planet. The fact that Uber wants to give this company 2.5 billion in stock is preposterous. See this company was started Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, and Sam Street They have the shittiest coders on the planet. CASE IN POINT!!!!!!!!! I ordered STEAK FAJITAS, I recieved some form of Quesidilla. Not what I ordered!!!!!!!! Now I feel bad for not tipping the driver because it was not their fault. It is the coders of this company that MESS UP EVERY ORDER because they can’t associate the right food with the right code associate with the order and this was confirmed by speaking with the on duty manager of the resturaunt from which I ordered and I yelled her out even though it was not her fault. These morons should not recieve a dime in this deal. They got lucky somehow, but they need to refund every single person they SCREWED out of money, and I am not talking about just the food cost, I am talking about the service charge and delivery charge. They only offer the credit for the food but still charge you for the service and delivery. This is technically a crime, its wire fraud and they need to be brought up on charges and the buyout cancelled. They need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law immediately. If you are interested in this, then please seel legal help for a CLASS ACTION SUIT. I have many complaints against them and have never recieved full refunds. Its their programming thats causing this and not necessarily the drivers fault. The drivers take the hit and ultimately don’t recieve proper tip because they are blamed for the morons who code this. PLEASE, EVERYONE LINK UP AND FILE A CLASS ACTION CLAIM TO STOP THESE MORONS FROM GETTING PAID FOR SHITTY SERVICE IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TIME is running out to stop money hungry thieves from getting paid and moving on to start another shitty service we will ultimately get screwed on. I will respond in a couple days with a willing laywer who will take on this case.

    • I’m in. Bastards JUST stiffed me out of 70 dollars. The driver came down my road, I literally watched as he drove slowly past, 100% saw me, and proceeded to then pull away and never return. My app then updated to “food delivered” customer support didn’t answer for 4 HOURS. And gave me 10 dollars claiming the food indeed was delivered. Told them I have video evidence on security camera of the entire event taking place. Never got an answer back. This kind of thing happens often in NYC. Then a kid sitting at a computer in California has the balls to tell me that the food was definitely delivered. I’ve been duped by them over 10 times minimum. 100 sushi platter for a valentines day dinner with my girl last year. Shows up female driver hands me a plastic bag with a pile of loose rice and fish at the bottom and the platter it came on standing on its edge. She said yes I’m sorry the roads were bumpy, ENJOY! And then ran off. I got a 5 dollar refund. Enough is enough of this shady company and their lack of care for employees and customers

  24. I placed an order for a family meal that totalled $40, not including the driver tip. We recieved the wrong main entree and I was issued a credit of $3.51 that is less than 10% of the cost of my undesirable mea. I Postmates for a reconsideration for at least half the amount but was denied. I was also basically told via email that if do no not use the credit issued in 30 days, I lose it. So technically Pstmates resolution is virtually not refund or even a credit if I don’t ont uses. Why would I be that quick to use them again if this is how they handle their customer service? That is a consumer issue for and I will be deleting my postmates account and uninstalling the app to use another competitor. I’m also planning to share share my unsatisfied experience with family and friends

  25. i ordered from my local Indian place, it came out to a total nearly 25 dollars. The delivery driver called me stating that the restaurant gave out my order. I contacted postmates through the app, and there was a 72 hour waiting period before they could get back to me. They emailed earlier than the 72 hours but stated in the email that they could not help me. And are refusing to refund me. Never again.

  26. As I wait to see if my first and now my last postmates food order to get delivered already 30 minutes late, I am ready to cancel my membership as soon as I (hopefully) get the food. It is supposed to be in the Free Trial period. The driver texted me that the restaurant was not open and no one answered the phone. I called the restaurant and they have the order ready to pick up at the agreed upon time. Now postmates message says there is a problem at the restaurant. Since I have spoken to the restaurant, I know this is a lie. The problem is postmates. And yes, I have spent the waiting time trying to contact a non existent customer service. Wish I had checked this site before I tried them.

    • Issue with Postmates: recomend never using Postmates..


                      Now that I have a real person to talk too, I can express my displeasure with your service. I place my order at 6:17pm I received an email back that postmates and the restaurant got my order. I was watching the app and it said there was a delay in the order. I waited about an hour and still had the same message on the App. I called the restaurant and they said they never received an order from Postmates. At 8:30 there was a driver a signed to pick up the order. When he got to the restaurant it was closing. First of all it should never take 2 hours to get the order to the restaurant. Second the way Postmates handles their customer service is ridicules. It should not take 12 hours for a response on an order you placed the day before. I would expect Postmates to give me a full credit and a credit on the cancellation fee sense it was Postmates fault that the order was never placed. I will be deleting your app and using your competitor’s in the future..

      Regards Matt Atkins 

  27. I reached out to customer service because I placed an order and then immediately cancelled it. They said there would be a $2.99 cancellation fee and while that sucked I decided it was okay. Today while reviewing my credit card bill I noticed they charged me the $2.99 fee ON TOP OF the cost of goods that were not delivered (because of said cancellation). When I reached out to postmates they said because it was longer than two days ago they couldn’t refund but admitted to their mistake.
    I will be disputing through my credit card company who actually cares about their customers.

  28. This is why I wish customers could contact the driver at least for 30 minutes after a delivery. While some drivers would not be willing to help, I take pride in my work as a Postmates driver and if you were missing some salsa or needed a fork I would be more than happy to help you out, to ensure that I have customers that are willing to order again and keep me busy. The way the privacy model works it is good for protection from stalkers but it is terrible when we want to provide quality services as an independent contractor.

    • It’s nice that you are offering quality with you service. Unfortunately, Postmates could care less about the customer! They do nothing to make up for missing items and hungry people as long as they didn’t charge you for it. “Suck it up, Buttercup,” is their attitude. DoorDash takes care of issues with greatest apologies and puts their money where their mouth is! Postmates could care less if customers order again.

      • Same thing I am trying to figure out. $50 worth of food and they said we are sorry that you didn’t get your order however we can’t process a refund??? Are you kissing me? So I said well I will just file a police report on your driver bc I have a name a picture and dispute every charge ever as I never noticed that I have had an issue with every order and they gave Partial refunds to your Postmates account but I want it returned to my card be they are straight up criminals

  29. I ordered with them twice this past weekend. First order came quick and while half of one item was incorrect, it still tasted great so I didn’t care. The second time was so screwed up that well, long story short, I basically ended up with a $22.00 box of 5 snickers ice cream bars in the end.

    It was hard getting someone on the phone and the entire time the guy just said “mmhmm” over me before crediting 5.00 to my account that I absolutely will not use because they aren’t to be trusted. That’s why once these transactions post, I’ll have no hesitation over calling my bank to initiate a chargeback. They make UberEATS seem like a 5 star deliver service (when they’re more like a 2).

  30. postmates customer service is never helpful when a restaurant overcharges me.
    Sometimes the subtotal is double what it was supposed to be, and even if you email proof, they don’t care. You can’t chargeback the restaurant directly so what other recourse than to chargeback postmates?

  31. Postmates customer service is non-existent. My teenage daughter placed a food order late at night on 5/28/19 and the Postmates delivery driver (older sounding man) arrived about 12:30am and called my teenage daughter’s cell phone to lure her out to his car to pick up her food order. She refused to come out due to safety concerns, so the Postmates courier left with her food. We contacted customer service through the app and they said sometimes there are parking issues or weather issues; neither was the case. We live in sunny SoCal, the weather was clear and there’s plenty of parking in my driveway and on the street in my suburban neighborhood. When Postmates failed to resolve the issue, we contacted our bank to dispute the charge for non-delivery of the food order. Postmates provided a GPS timestamp indicating the driver showed up at our address, so the ~$30 charge was upheld. This is not sufficient because we know the driver showed up; he just didn’t deliver the food. My son paid for the food with his card, so Postmates effectively stole $30 from my son and my daughter never received her food order, and there’s no recourse with the restaurant. They clearly don’t vet their drivers. I think a class action lawsuit is in order.

    • I’m so sorry they said this to you!!!

      I live in a safe neighborhood, had all the lights on outside, lovely evening —I’m perplexed. My driver let me now she was there, and I had to go out to get the order from the driveway, too. (Reading your post raises an eyebrow; I wonder if they set that as an ok standard for drivers?)

      Unfortunately, the app only processed one item, my daughters; the rest of the order was missing after 40 hungry minutes waiting. They charged my card $46.02, stating that would fall off within three days, and the actual padded charge of $13.52 would be withdrawn within 24 hours. In other words, I’m out $59.54 until that happens, and I didn’t even get my own meal!

      Customer service is a joke. I asked for a credit or a refund to make it up to me. Apparently, I was expecting something that doesn’t exist with Postmates —good service is not in their policy guidelines!

      • I have been driving with Postmates since September 19. Last fall it was easier for us to give great service. Made sure everything was in order and always hand off at the door(I’m a woman). Since covid, Postmates lowered the base delivery fee to $2 and often keeps the tips up to a month. Sometimes I have waited at a drive through for 45 at Popeye’s or BK and then wonder if I will get more than $2. I have begun to move on with Doordash because Postmates is shifting us too. Too many restaurants staff scream their frustrations with Postmates at me when I have no control, No driver helpline either.

  32. Have been using Postmates the last couple of years… and they always seem to get something wrong or miss some condiment or utensils. I only report when things are drastically bad, like over an hour late, completely wrong order, etc. I always tip the driver, because that’s what you do.

    So, when my order today was an hour and a half late… and the only thing I reported was that my French fries were soggy mush and inedible… it was a $70 order and I only reported the $4 fries.

    Postmates responded back that they looked at my account history and saw that I had reported things in the past… so they weren’t going to refund for the fries.


    When did it become acceptable customer service to say; “oh in the 4 years you’ve used our service you reported 3 problems out of hundreds of deliveries… so, we have decided to start ignoring you.” ???

    I’m flabbergasted because I literally do not report ALL of the times they mess up because I don’t want to seem like I’m a complainer.

    Won’t be using them anymore… that’s just unheard of terrible customer service!

  33. I’m so glad I’m not the only one. I will NEVER use Postmates again. Not only are the drivers careless (ours picked up whatever bag for delivery without checking with the restaurant) probably because they aren’t paid or treated well, but the customer service is difficult to reach. We had to GOOGLE the number since it’s not on the app. I’ve now been on hold for nearly an hour to resolve our issue, although someone has contacted me through Twitter and Facebook (mostly because I was trolling them) and gave me a refund plus a $5 credit. I don’t want a credit. I want someone to answer the freaking phone.

    • I reached out to Twitter, too. No refund for me. Email contact is a joke! I was far more livid after multiple replies from them than before. I’ll never use Postmates again at this point —even if they offer a credit or refund. It’s too late!

      • Update: They replied to my diligent negative tweets and DID issue me a refund, not a credit, which would have been unacceptable since I’ll NEVER use them, again.

  34. Well, they still suck. They must screw up the menus online because three times in a row now I have chosen something on the menu and have gotten a completely different order with no full refund or new item brought to me. Today I ordered a sandwich with a side macaroni salad. Macaroni salad is fine. Don’t like macaroni. Instead of these items I just got a small sized portion of regular degular macaroni. Gross, and no full refund.

  35. Be warned this company does not care about service or train their couriers how to respond to delivery issues.

    We ordered from Zankou for a department lunch (15 people) on Postmates. When the food was delivered, there was only two bags so my coworker who went to meet the driver questioned him on the completeness of the order. The driver was defensive and said, YES he absolutely checked the order and then became angry when questioned if he was sure. When my coworker came back to the conference room with 2 bags, we were shocked to find more than half of our order not included. POSTMATES does not have a service number and you must email them with issues for an order AND an explanation for each order item. REALLY, Postmates? You messed up and order, let me spend 20 minutes filling our your forms. We contact Zankou and to their credit(shout out to Zankou), they were immediately attentive and started on the missing order which WE ran over to pickup since it’s now been 2 hours with people waiting the conference room. Postmates customer service provided us a $5.22 credit (yes, you read that correctly) which was a cucumber salad and a $10 credit. Our order was nearly $200 and they charged us $25 service fee. REALLY? What service did you actually provide? The 2 1/2 wait or making us DRIVE to get our own food?

    On principal and because I can not support a business that treats customer service like a favor to be withheld, I cancelled my annual subscription and I will definitely look to other delivery services.

  36. If there’s anyone, like me, that has been denied a refund by postmates and wishes to get their refund please contact me at
    For the record I’m not an attorney or anyone trying to offer anything. I’m just another person postmates thinks they took.
    I was a courier and a customer, keyword WAS. I refuse to deliver for a company that refuses refunds in situations that are legitimate reasons to give a refund. Postmates took my $100 and refuses to give a refund for cold food, no utinsils to eat pasta and salad, no salad dressing for salad, 2hr delivery wait (kids were asleep when I finally got my order). We quite literally could not eat the food. I was in a motel in the Disneyland area. Motels dont offer utinsils.
    I’m not sure what can be done here but I know the more people that wont accept their money being taken the better chance we will have to get our money back. Email me at

  37. I ordered pizza with Postmates two days ago (again, fell for the ‘100 dollar credit’, gave my phone number, correct address and even special instructions for the call box, when I received the message that the driver was downstairs, i literally FLEW down the stairs (this was on a cold, rainy afternoon in CA), and stood there, watching my neighbor, who was hanging open door signs for his apartment (this is relevant, wait..) after 10 minutes of waiting outside, in the cold, my neighbor, who was coming in and out of his apt., asked if I was waiting for a pizza, to which I replied YES, he said someone called him on his cell to ask if he had ordered (his cell was posted on the gate of the apartments, cause he was hosting an open house), he offered to call back the driver to deliver the pizza, (he HAD his number, since the driver called him), driver said he would come back with the order, I stood there, wet and cold, for another 15 minutes…nothing. Rang my neighbor to borrow his phone, so I could call driver myself and ask if and when he was coming, driver proceeded to yell at me, said he would NOT deliver my pizzas, and called me crazy, stating I did not answer my phone, and that is why he called my neighbor’s number on the gate..)(lies, I had my phone with me all the time, and they had my number, since they sent me the message that he was downstairs), so I messages postmates customer service, since I had not received my order, they said I would be charged, cause driver got it, and waited 5 minutes outside (another lie), so I would be charged FULL price for it, even when I didn’t get it, I of course emailed them again, threatening with the chargeback (so what, the driver gets MY food, and the company MY money? I don’t think so!) they stated they will refund my money, and give me a credit for 10.00 for my next order (yeah, right!) and then the lady proceeded to tell me “even when their records show the driver called FOUR times” (another lie, told him I too, have “records” and my phone had NO calls from them! so basically, this company and their employees attempt to SCAM people, insult them, and expect our businesses?? it’s is a HORRIBLE service, and I honestly would never give them mine.

    • I ordered food through Postmates which came out to close to $50 I go to pick up my order and the merchant proceeds to tell me they never received an order but yet I’m looking at an email that says my order has been confirmed and was ready for pickup.. I get there the employees were very rude and didn’t apologize or anything they just kept yelling out the window we don’t have any online now I’m pissed I didn’t get any food and the money was taken from my account.. I attempted to try and contact Postmates “Customer Service” what a joke this service sucks and I will NEVER use them again.. I will get my money back I will blast them on any and every social media platform

  38. I’d heard that Postmates weren’t paid well. So, I always tip 15% as standard or more if the service is great. The problem is that the couriers vary wildly. Some are fantastic and clearly make every attempt to get your order right. Some are terrible. One guy decided to take my order from across town for a burger, fries, and shake and then bicycle over. Hot food was cold, cold shake was melted. Nothing I could do about it. When you get someone terrible, there’s literally nothing you can do. When I had an issue with a Caviar delivery, they fixed the issue. I get that these couriers are a middleman between you and the restaurant, but it’s not like the restaurant will do anything if you contact them and say that they forgot an item. So it’s up to the delivery service to make sure they’re delivering what you asked them to and to make it easy to resolve the issue regardless where the failure is.

  39. This is the restuarant fault. The app had problems of accurately following someone. Stop blaming the driver you asshole get up and go get your fucking food your godamn self.

    • Why should someone go get their food themselves when they paid for delivery. Shouldnt the postmate person check the order and make sure it is there duh,. You must work for postmates, what a lame horrible company it is. I don’t know how they stay in business

  40. To the point that many here are saying “it was the restaurant’s fault for messing up the order, not the fault of Postmates”, I can say with full confidence that Postmates behaves as Shawn describes even when the delivery stage is to blame for a messed up experience, and not the restaurant. Last night I ordered some pasta through Postmates as I was home alone working late and had allowed my wife to borrow my car (as hers is being repaired), and my food arrived stone cold and in my opinion totally inedible. The reason for this is because the delivery person drove across town in the opposite direction for several miles (I watched her on the in-app map), and I reached out to her several times asking why she was driving away from my location – she assured me that she had accepted the order but was yet to pick it up, which I thought was strange as the app literally said “out for delivery”, and I told her I’m concerned my food will arrive cold. She texted back 90 seconds before she arrived at my house saying “I just felt the bag and it is piping hot, so no need to worry”, so I figured that it should be okay, and went outside to accept it. She literally handed me the bag out of her window without fully stopping her vehicle, and drove off before I could notice the delivery was stone cold (as I had feared). By this point, the delivery person had already marked the delivery as accepted in the app, so I couldn’t cancel it either. I literally stood there in disbelief as this happened, I kind of laughed and also cursed at the same time. The pasta was so cold that the entire dish had coagulated into a brick. It was about 40 degrees F outside, and that was about the temperature of my food. “Piping hot” 90 seconds ago? She straight up lied! Seriously, had I been told the truth by the delivery person, I would have taken the chance to cancel the order while I had the chance. I can only assume that the driver was somehow trying to double or triple dip with her deliveries, and either I’m the one who got the shaft, or all of those deliveries did. I notified Postmates about the nature of the delivery, thinking they would do something about it, as it’s clearly are botched delivery, and they offered me a 20% refund. Wait, what?! I emailed them several times, and each time I got a response from a new person – they don’t have their customer support people track the conversations they reply to with the same customer support person who started the resolution, so each time a response is sent by me, a customer support specialist is looking it over for the first time every time – it’s like the “50 First Dates” of customer support. The point is, if a food delivery arrives and the food is even remotely inedible, the onus is on the delivery service to rectify the situation fully. Postmates has a standard of issuing the delivery fee back, but they don’t take responsibility for whatever the order costs beyond that EVEN WHEN the order gets ruined due to a crappy delivery. Beware, they don’t stand by their customer. They are a big corporate machine who would prefer to take your money than create loyalty and trust. They seriously suck, and I ALWAYS tip my Postmates drivers, because it is meant to be a service of convenience and so tipping is vital. Last night is the first time I have never tipped, and it was deserving. That delivery person went out of her way to mislead when she could have been honest. Postmates have lost me as a customer for sure. So to everyone who thinks Shawn’s complaint is unfounded due to the restaurant being at fault, I get what you’re saying, but Postmates don’t stand by the experience even when they are clearly to blame. Adios, Postmates.

    • Even if you had canceled the order, they still would have charged you the money and not refunded it regardless of your cold food. That’s their policy!

  41. Has anyone else had a problem not with the customer service aspect, but with recharging orders? A close associate ordered something twice and the next day there was a charge for $30 for something she hadn’t ordered. While looking through the emails, they only discovered their two original charges. Does anyone have any advice on how to get the money back?

  42. Yes Postmates is a really bad joke. I am a driver. Thing are wrong through their whole operation. They allow customers to order items which aren’t on the menu. The addresses of restaurants are wrong, or the kitchen is closed, different hours, or it is no longer operating. There are spelling errors on the menus, not to mention prices are wrong, Postmates advertising lower prices than the current price. I’ve been told by some restaurants they don’t want to work with Postmates anymore, yet months later they are still on the Site. There are articles online about that issue. No one to call if a driver needs help. Oh yeah, they don’t even update the insurance or registration info for their drivers. THIS COMPANY IS ROTTEN !!!!

  43. There is a lawsuit Google posmates cash payment.
    I tried Uber eats and was better. By next year Amazon eats will be in the mix and Postmates will be gone. If you Google Postmates CEO customer response you can see how the fish stinks from the head down
    Never again after 9 orders.Giving me $5 on $50 order is such a joke.

  44. Sorry you experienced this. I worked for postmates for a brief period along with my room mate. It was a horrible experience for me due to all the cancellations and issues with payment. Then throw in their terrible path navigator and zero support for deliveries on our end as well, it made me quit fast.

    PM has a notes section where you can add notes for the driver to see. I recommend leaving notes on there for the driver to review because some are in such a hurry that if there are no notes they won’t bother to have the courtesy to text/call you to ask if you want dressing. In my opinion your driver should have had enough sense to notice there was no dressing and contacted you to ask if you wanted any. That is what I would have done anyway.

    I fully understand why you quit them and I would recommend people to use ubeteats or something else.

  45. I just had a really bad experience with Postmates. After waiting for an hour for my food, I couldn’t get ahold of the driver. Don’t even waste your time downloadkng this app!!

  46. I just reported them to the FTC. They fraudulently update my order total by substantial $ after I’ve already received the items. So you end up getting incorrect order and on top of that they update and charge you more. And then to add insult to injury they ignore your emails and you have to create a Twitter account to contact them further. And, then in Twitter they smugly argue with you despite evidence and refuse to make things right!

    Tell me what company would possible cause that much problems for their customers? Probably one that’s either making money fraudulently or one whose going outta business soon and no longer cares.

    Either way, One order is all it took me to say goodbye and open a claim. Some of you people here are enabling these type of behavior when you either continue to order from them after the first mistake has been made, or when you fail to file a claim to get your money back. What that tells postmates is that you are ok being treated however way they see fit.

    • Hi Ari,

      With them its not uncommon to see authorizations greatly in excess of the actual order amount. Invariably that authorization drops off and the actual charge appears. BUT , there can be many other problems with them !!!!!! Their customer service -if it can really be called that – is an absolute nightmare!

  47. I’m done with Postmates. I had the same issue where, in separate instances, part of my order didn’t arrive. I submitted a notice via the app immediately and both times they told me there was nothing they could and would credit me the cost.
    I’ve ordered from their competitors and caviar and door dash actually sent the driver back to pick up the missing items. That is the level of service I expect from a food delivery company. They have a reputation for treating their drives as bad as they treat their customers. So done!

  48. Hi there, I’m actually one of the couriers for Postmates. Now back when I started working for them a few years back, they had not only customer service support, but also job support for us. However in recent times, it looks to be like they no longer have either. However, I personally go out of my way to make sure that not only is the customer getting what they ordered right from the start, but that the food is piping hot as well when I deliver it. If there’s anything wrong, I’ll personally go out of my way to make sure that everything is corrected. I work out of San Francisco, and that’s where I made sure the customers are also happy with the service. Personally I don’t know what’s gong on with the internal workings of Postmates, but I’d love to find out.

  49. i sense a business opportunity disruption in the force…

    To a neighborhood near you… NINJA-MATE. so fast and accurate, its deadly.

    better watch your back poopmate.

  50. Don’t worry guys. They’re starting to out source their customer service department to other countries and are slowly shutting it down here in the States. Things should improve


  51. Postmates is very popular at the upscale BBQ I work at. Most of the time, togo orders are handled by either a Togo employee during peak hours, and bartenders at all other times. There are a few things that happen on the restaurant’s side that might explain frustrations with postmates.

    Sometimes the volume of Postmates is so high that the calls clog the system for regular call-in orders. Postmates outsource the operators (as of about a year ago if I remember) and often there is a language barrier which might cause confusion to the person taking the order. The operators have a series of scripted responses including “This call is being recorded” as soon as you pick up the phone.

    Orders are sent out to the driver closest to the restaurant, so on a busy Saturday night 5 or 6 Postmates can be seen congregated by the end of the bar, holding their Postmates branded insulation bags and arriving as soon as the order was placed, even though the quoted wait time might be 25 or 30 minutes on weekends. This, along with our regular togo customers who usually arrive around the quoted time, creates tension and causes us to be very busy.

    We have a number of protocols including double checks and showing the customer each togo box before sending the items off. This helps us reduce mistakes, but also adds time to how the order is produced. So a 12 plate order on Sunday before Game of Thrones might actually take 30 minutes to assemble boxes with garnishes and sauces, label all boxes, get the boxes double checked, and lastly show the items to the customer.

    Lastly, unless you become friends with the regular Postmate drivers, Postmate orders do not tip, because the tip goes to the driver. No matter the restaurant, tremendous work is done by the people who actually assemble orders, whether it is a Togo employee or a bartender, who obviously has to juggle making drinks for the restaraunt and entertaining bar patrons. As soon as the order is taken, we know it’s a guaranteed no tip for our efforts. So, a person really has to take pride in their job to do it right, even when they know they won’t be rewarded for it, even if it is technically their job. Remember most employees at a wait staff restaurant earn a minimal base pay and work for tips entirely.

    Menus on Postmates are often incorrect or past versions. When restaurants contact the corporate office, Postmates says that we can pay an annual fee (I believe 300 is the basic) to become a Postmates Partner. These partnerships allow the restaurant to upload correct menus and some POS systems load the orders automatically and have a call in system in place for drivers. Our restaurant gets so much togo business, we did not feel the need to pay money to get more. So, we pay the price by having an old menu and dealing with frustrated operators that work long hours and drivers that arrive way early because they prefer the call notification available for premium memberships.

    I hope this offers a new perspective on the middleman known as Postmates. It is useful for many reasons when you can’t leave your house, but the system flaws are obvious for customers, drivers, and restaurants alike.

      • I was a new employee and I had a good review until the other nite. I had a terrible drunk customer who accused me of having someone in my car dropping them off, I went home to use the bathroom. I thought I was going to have to call the police. SCREW POSTMATES.

    • Not all drivers do it, but the restaurants that I know take pride and make sure all my food is correct, silverware and sauces are included etc. When I get good tips from them I kickback to the folks who prepare my order. They save me tons of time at the pickup by having everything all ready to go without me scrambling for drink carriers, sauces, ketchup packets etc, and I appreciate that so share my tips with them. There is no rule for this but those restauarants that know me also look out for me and my stuff is usually ready before other drivers.

  52. I am a part time driver for Postmaster for now and if it says that the order needs sauce of some sort I always tell the restaurant and they put it in the order.

  53. I’m a postmates driver in DC… There is a lot of construction going on in some areas. When you order items that need to be delivered in a congested construction area… PLEASE come out to get your items. Sometimes parking is unavailable and the parking authority are ruthless… and one more thing…. TIP YOUR DRIVERS!!!!

  54. I use postmates often – to feed my daughter when I’m working late – and love the service. I like that I can see when the delivery is near so I can be on the phone when she answers the door. We’ve had lots of issues with orders being canceled and sometimes wrong orders or missing items. One time the driver went back and got the correct items. Postmates credited my account for cost of the food so I tipped it to the driver. I always tip and recently realized that even though I’m tipping 20% on a $13.00 order that’s hardly worth 30 minutes time for the driver. I now just add on by amount and not percentage. I love Postmates even though the process doesn’t always work great.

  55. I have worked for Postmates and 99% of the time I get a tip. I always get tipped because I text my customers if I have issues or questions, I read their special instructions, and I open the bags and check the order. I also bring everything the restaurant will give me for free: napkins, silverware, ketchup, plates, mints etc. I also talk to my customers when I hand them their food. I routinely get a 10 to 30 dollar tip at least once a shift. I can easily make 100 dollars with 10 dinner deliveries in maybe 4 to 6 hours. The problem postmates has is the same problem all employers have, crappy employees (or in their case crappy independent contractors).

  56. If you think their customer service is bad, their support for their drivers is even worse – in many cases, non-existent. Having driven for them for about 9 months now, their changes to the platform consistently take away features that help us drivers, which (go figure) decreases the quality of the services we provide – it has become increasingly evident to me that they don’t care about this fact.

  57. I’d keep my cool over something like that and give them a one-time exception (I’m pretty sure that you will get the dressing next time you order a cobb salad).

    In regards to the high delivery fees, it’s a premium service so you should put aside some cash for it. Where else can you get McDonald’s to your front door or get an order thru a restaurant out of range?

    I’ve dealt with their customer service, and they are definitely more accommodating than the norm.

    • Glad you have had different experiences with their customer service and I am sure the experience largely depends on the area/driver you get. I did have two issues and both times their response wasn’t up to par. I also agree that it is a premium service and they charge for it. Even more reason they should get it right or fix it. Thanks for your comment!

      • Oh I totally agree! There’s lots that Postmates can do to make the situation better! But until they do that, their fleet is left with this mess, and the typical result is far from customer friendly.

      • I get where you’re coming from since the missing ingredients make-or-break your orders. I guess I view Postmates as such a luxury to have that I generally overlook these mistakes.

        Don’t give up on Postmates. They do a great job of getting quality delivery people and customer service reps.

  58. The problem is that Postmates is JUST a delivery service.
    Your problems are valid, but it’s kinda like yelling at the Post Office when part of your Amazon order is missing.

    You can contact the restaurant directly and see what your options are. And 99% of the time, the issue IS the restaurant. Postmates just picks up the bag and hands it to you. They also, usually, ensure cutlery, napkins and straws are included as you need… But if anything is left out it’s a struggle.

    In Los Angeles, a Postemates driver may earn $4.10 for your delivery. That’s it. On top of that, most people forget that a huge portion of these guys’ income comes from your tips. In order to make rent, pay your car bill, keep your phone and lights on, you have to do deliveries non-stop for 10-14 hours a day. Maybe breaking for lunch or something between lunch and dinner rushes.

    Now throw in your forgotten item. Your delivery guy is already on his way to another delivery (or whatever). Postmates isn’t paying another delivery guy $4.10 for salad dressing or salsa. If I delivered it to you, and it was forgotten… that is literally time and money off of my day because I now have to go back and get your salad dressing.

    So, as a driver, that leaves me with 2 choices: Ignore the missed item and move on. Or go back and get it, not get paid for the delivery, (chances are) not get a tip for the delivery, AND miss out on 1-2 more deliveries to make up for a mistake that was more than likely made in preparation.

    It sucks – BUT your best option is to work it out with the restaurant. Postmates doesn’t pay people to make up for these mistakes. I wouldn’t deliver dressing to your door for free if it was someone else’s delivery’s mistake… and, as messed up as it sounds, I also don’t get paid if I or the restaurant messed up the order.

    If we got paid better, or more than 30% of the customers we actually service without issues left any sort of a tip, I could see taking a hit for the team… But in Los Angeles, there’s no time for it.

    • Hi Fronda. I definitely understand your point and don’t know a solution. It is always frustrating to hear that drivers aren’t being paid a decent wage. My only issue with Postmates claiming to just be a delivery service comes when they are fully integrated with a business. For example for these restaurants they have the full menu online and I ordered just like with Grubhub, Eat24 or any other service. I understand the driver is just picking up and delivering, but from the customer perspective the order should be correct. This issue is obviously on how Postmates communicates their role. Thanks for the insight. It is truly appreciated.

      • Oh I totally agree! There’s lots that Postmates can do to make the situation better! But until they do that, their fleet is left with this mess, and the typical result is far from customer friendly.

  59. 2 family members both do deliveries for Postmates. They are both very dedicated to doing a good, conscientious job. They have been frustrated by the fact it’s very hard for drivers to get any kind of help anymore from the company. Also I have an issue personally .. almost all customers do not tip the drivers. Ppl tip pizza carriers but not these guys. Why? The company doesn’t tip ppl… and sometimes a driver will spend over 40 min. doing someone’s grocery shopping. If a Postmate does a good job.. a tip would be so nice !

      • Yes drivers do see the tips through the app. Both cash tips and tips on the app are appreciated. At least I do 🙂 thanks to the awesome tippers. It’s crazy how often we fill up or cats with gas. I’m at the gas station every two days and I have a 4 cylinder Ford fusion.

    • I too drive for postmates. I like to keep good communication with the customers. I haven’t had any complaints or negative feedback since I’ve been delivering since April 2017. I appreciate all tips I get. I too am a tipper. But thanks to my boyfriend I don’t expect tips. Cuz apparently I chose this job. But it’s not like we get hourly. So tips would be nice. I love being able to deliver things to people that aren’t able to get it themselves. And I always do it with a smile. Not all drivers are unreliable. The postmates site communication. Sucks. It should have a chat feature. For customers and drivers.

    • The frustrating part is the app actually nags you to rate and tip your driver. You cannot place another order until you do.

      Which means the people not tipping either never use Postmates again, or are actively choosing a $0 tip. And, as you said, for someone working that hard for your food, it’s a bit disappointing.

      Heck, I once had a super-specific, vegan Taco Bell order. Spent the time to make sure it was accurate. Even had to have them make it again because one product had meat in it. The customer called me repeatedly to ensure that I understood the order and that it was accurate. She even promised a decent tip for all the trouble. Of course, there was none to be found – and all that work for $4.10.

      Sometimes the lack of help we get from Postmates combined with the way a majority of the customer base treats us is soul-crushingly terrible. It’s the reason I’ll never use the service or work for them again.

  60. I ordered something from them once. One hour later, when we were all starving, we received a cancellation notice saying that they could not locate any drivers to pick up our order. #DeletePostmates

    • Sometimes customers order from restaurants that are packed or have extremely horrible parking situations. And being a postmates courier myself, I never feel like the 4 dollar base pay is worth the hassle. Especially since the customer doesn’t put that fact into their head and later factor it into the tip. Usually very little to no tip. Sometimes I do cancel the order if those circumstances arise. But most of the time, the customers ordering don’t think of that. They just figure postmates does this, so do it. I’m not saying this is what happened with your order, but there are issues that drivers have that the customers are aloof to.

  61. You can file a chargeback but they have every right to ban you from their service. It seems like their service has value to you so id caution you to be aware this could be a potential permanent break-up

    • I also experienced terrible customer service more than once and finally decided to dispute the charge with my bank. because of that, Postmates froze my account it was a good thing because I was spending entirely way too much money with them. I get by just fine without them and have not missed their service at all.

      • Postmarks is the worst. They have the worst customers also. I had a terrible experience with a drunk man here in Studio City California. I was doing deliveries and went near where I live to use the restroom. I was told by the customer I went to drop someone off on his time. Four dollars please. Door Dash needs to go out of business.

  62. They are a delivery service, like Seamless. They delivered the item on schedule. It’s the restaurants you ordered from that messed up the orders. I think the issue is that you perceive them as “a mix between Uber and Grubhub”, which you translate as them being responsible for both the food being right and the delivery being on time. They are indicating it’s only the second part they are responsible for. As far as the restaurants and the food they deliver, it’s right there in the Terms of Service section 5.1 that those are third parties whose products they are not responsible for. Would you expect UberEats to fix issues with the food they deliver?

    In fact, they go further and indicate they are just a service connecting you to willing delivery drivers, but they do seem to take responsibility if any issues arise with the delivery bit.

    • You are correct in what they are asserting their role as, but the truth is far from that. They have the restaurant’s full menu integrated onto their site. Basically they want customers to think they are a fully integrated service, but when things go wrong they seem to hide behind the “we are just couriers” line. And yes, when I had a minor issue with Uber Eats they corrected the problem. I don’t expect them to be responsible for the quality of the food, but they should ensure everything that was ordered is in the bag.

    • For real. It is not postmates fault the restaurant messed up the order. You don’t want your driver going through your stuff with unwashed hands to check everything either. If it is really important, like the salsa, text your driver before they pick up the order.

      • The real issue is that Postmates has restaurant menus on their site without gaining permission from the restaurants themselves. The restaurant has no control over what the customer is ordering through Postmates. For example – if you search Fuddruckers on Postmates – you will see a burger called “The Tex Mex”. This is not a burger Fuddruckers even offers. So when the driver drops off a burger that Fuddruckers doesn’t even offer – how did the restaurant “mess it up”?

        If the burger is wrong, cold, etc. – the restaurant has no control over what was ordered or how long it took to get delivered. Postmates conveniently gets to say that they are just the delivery service?

        Avoid this service – at least from non-partnered restaurants!

    • Jig, that’s true enough, often times the restaurants do blow it. It’s just a simple fact. That said, there are actual problems with Postmates . The reality is this: Postmates provides no real time customer service for persons placing orders. Cancellations -as just one example- when necessary can become an absolute nightmare even when using the very system Postmates provides. Its as though Postmates has done everything possible to make direct customer contact with them IMPOSSIBLE. I really could site example after example of real world happenings but I am just getting madder by the second. Sorry.


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  • MtM recommended tool to track & organize credit cards
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  • Full Travel Freely overview

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