Free Points & Profit! Popular Visa Gift Card Deal Returns!

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Safeway Visa Gift Card Deal – Free Money!

Happy Sunday from New Orleans! We had a great meetup yesterday in NOLA and now we have a great Visa gift card offer to share.

The Offers

Save Money On Your Grocery Bills With These 5 Amazing Cards

Loading the Offer

This offer is good at stores that use the JustForU loyalty program. This includes Safeway, Vons, Albertson’s and other affiliated stores. Keep in mind this coupon is limit 1 per household and must be loaded to your Just4U account before purchase. To load the offer simply login to your account and look under the “Special Offers” section of your Coupons or click the links above.


Each of these cards comes with a purchase fee, but the discount more than wipes that out making this profitable. Use a credit card that earns bonus points at grocery stores to earn more. I’m not sure if these coupons will work with $500 variable load cards to help you up your spend, however similar coupons in the past have worked.

Bottom Line

While this coupon is limited to only once per account, you come out ahead after discount. Use your favorite card that earns bonus points at a grocery store and you are #winning.

Need suggestions for liquidating the Visa gift cards? We have you covered. 

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  1. That’s a lot of work to make less than $10. Plus, the Visa cards that you buy don’t give you any additional earnings rewards when you use them, so that’s an opportunity cost of at least $4.

    • I only do these when it makes sense. I actually use it for organic spending at Costco and a few other places that are easy to drain. I also don’t go out of my way to buy these unless I’m already going there. Using a grocery category card (Dividend and IT cards Q1) nets 5%. Factoring in the opportunity cost of 2% cashback card you’re looking at a net of 4.5% cashback using these Visa gift cards. In many instances I’ve bought them at Safeway and used them in the same trip at Costco. Every easy dollar matters when you’re looking to save money.

  2. I’ve never heard of the variable cards triggering this discount in the past. Were you buying two $500s to get $15?


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