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My Strange Offer From American Express and Sheraton Resorts

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Sheraton Vacations Package

Sheraton Vacations Package Offer From American Express

I received a very interesting Sheraton Vacations package offer in the snail mail today from  American Express.  It is an offer that has me very perplexed.  The Sheraton Vacations package offer seems to good to be true and I would love to hear from some of you if you have experience with a similar offer.

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Offer Details

The offer is for a 4 night stay at Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando.  I immediately assumed that this was yet another time share offer.  But the only terms I could find were that I had to pay for the offer with an America Express card and book the trip by October 31, 2019.  I read the offer front to back two times and I could not find anything about a timeshare presentation requirement.  Here are the full offer details:

  • 4 Nights at Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando in a one bedroom villa
  • A $100 gift certificate for dining at the Planet Hollywood Observatory
  • A total cost of $269 must be paid for with an American Express card
  • Must be paid for by September 26, 2018.
  • Travel must be completed by October 31, 2019

It still looks exactly like a timeshare offer to me.  I decided to give them a call and here is where I really started to get confused.  The phone pitch was exactly like a timeshare offer and when I specifically asked if there was a presentation I was told no, on two separate occasions.  So far so good, but when I said I would talk it over with my wife and call back I got the hard sell.  The agent said that I should just put her on hold and talk with my wife real quick.

If this is just a vacation package with no strings attached why do you care if I call back or not?  Why the hard sell?  The whole thing threw me off.  So I am hoping one of you have dealt with this before and can shed some light on it for me.


In my experience, if an offer seems to good to be true than it probably is.  This seems to good to be true but I can’t find anything in the fine print.  I feel like they are gonna yell GOTCHA when I show up or something haha.  If you have first hand experience with these Sheraton and American Express “vacation packages” let me know in the comments.  I would love to take advantage of it if it is what they say it is.

Disclosure: Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. This offer alone does not require you to attend a timeshare presentation. This is very important to notice and you should confirm that when you make your presentation.

    When you checked in, you will need to go to the timeshare office to sign some paper though. They will then talk you into going to a presentation and offer you bigger bonus. Remember, you can say no.

    Here is my personal experience: we checked in, went to the office, signed the paper and agreed to attend a presentation. However, later towards the end of our vacation, there was some time conflicts. I called the timeshare office trying to reschedule. Note: I was trying to reschedule not cancel. The lady on the phone threatened that she would charge my credit card $XXX if I missed the presentation. That pissed me off. I told her on the phone that I would no longer reschedule, but rather cancel. I also told her if she charge my credit card, I would file to Amex as fraud. She also told me I would no longer getting the Planet Hollywood GC as they promised. I said fine on the phone, but later I thought that was not right either because that was part of the Amex offer and was not tied to a presentation. So I went to the office and demanded the GC and they just gave it to me.

    So in conclusion, very nice property, very nice staff, spacious room, fun pool, easy commute to WDW. Just don’t sign up for a presentation unless you are really sure you can make it.

  2. Same letter but nothing to do with American Express and no time share fine print 5days 4 nights in a one bedroom villa at Sheraton Vistiana Village

    $299 and I have October 29,2019

    888 297 1337

  3. So I just got the offer too. But mine says I have till Aug 22 to purchase for the $199.00 2 bedroom Villa. We’re really thinking about it.

  4. So… I just signed up. They give you a 15 days cancellation period from purchase. Not sure of when I am going yet but will let you all know!

  5. We came back from Sheraton in late February. The resort itself is great. They upgraded us to a 2-bedroom. The timeshare hard sell lasted for almost 3 hours, but we still said no.

  6. I just received the same offer, $269.00 for a 5 day 4 night in a one bedroom villa at Sheraton Vistana Villages in Orlando, with a $100 Dining Gift Certificate at Planet Hollywood Observatory. I reached out to American Express to see if indeed this was a legit offer that was endorsed by them and the representative was able to locate the offer and told me that yes it was an offer through American Express. I am going to be there in June for a Volleyball Tournament so plan on booking through this offer. It might be a timeshare hard sell but in my previous experience with that if you are firm with your No you are not interested they will back off. I will send an update in June when we return to say whether it was a positive or negative experience. Appreciate all of the feedback I found here.

      • I received the same offer in 2017. I called Sheraton twice to confirm there is no timeshare presentation with this invitation. Got it also in writing via email and contacted AMEX to confirm this is legit. I was not able to book at my desired time(springbreak)within the timeframe offered but you can extend it another 6 months for $50 which I was happy to pay which I booked Christmas week. When you arrive at the Timeshare office (building 25), the agent confirm the reservation and said the room was not ready, we arrived at 2pm. Then he started to offer me to sit in a presentation and would give me $150 planet Hollywood, $100 visa gift card PLUS upgrade to a deluxe 1 bedroom. I said no, he then offered the same but with $200 planet Hollywood and $100 visa gift card. I said no, and then that went up to $200 visa gift card LOL. I still said no and that I’m not obligated to sit in a presentation. He then said he would send me a text when the room is ready. I got the text and said he had upgraded me to the deluxe anyways hoping that I would like it and want to sit in a presentation. When I came back to the office to get my room key, the lady that helped me still tried to get me to sit in a presentation and started to give me offers again. When I tried to ask about when I would receive my $100 planet Hollywood gift card, she said that I would have to get it the next day and gave me a speech about people booking vacations and having someone else stay at the property. I came back the next morning to get my gift card and of course, they tried to get me to sit in a presentation. I said no and the lady directed me to the FRONT of the property main lobby where I can pick up my gift card. I walked another 5 mins to the front of the property and was finally able to get the gift card. I honestly would do it again now knowing what to expect.

        • Great info – thanks Paul. I may have been tempted by the $200 and $200 offer but would have brought my kids with me and told them to be annoying 🙂

          • So I received another offer mid 2019 for the same package but price went to $299. I called and booked for New Years Week which promoted for me to pay the extra $25 per night. It ended up being $399 for 4 nights which isn’t bad compared to other hotels in the area for new years week with a 1 bedroom. Same speech after checking in but this time, they knew I paid the extra $100 for the peak holiday week and said that they will offer me $200 Planet hollywood gift card and $100 visa gift card to cover the extra $100 I paid plus upgrade me to the 1 bdrm deluxe. As usual, I said no. Next morning, same thing, tried to get me to sit in a presentation but I said no and actually found out that I didn’t have to walk to the front lobby for my gift card but I could just take the elevator in the same building to the 2nd or 3rd floor where all the presentation was taking place where there was a small desk with a lady that hands out gift cards. So much more easier than walking to the front lobby. This time, the offer wasn’t that great but I wouldn’t care anyways lol. I’m here to vacation with my family and the last thing I want to do is sit in a presentation. Hoping to get another offer in a year.

  7. My question is, how do you trigger an invite for one of these offers? I’m interested in the 5 day/4 night offer for Sheraton Vistana.

    • I think just being a member in the hotel programs etc. can lead to you being targeted. Sometimes just calling and asking for the offer works too.

  8. I received the 4 night/5 day for $199 @ Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando this week. Have been searching online to discern if a scam—I got taken once with a “buy magazines & get a free cruise” scam 30 years & am leery of TGTBTrue deals. From the comments, this sounds legit. Timeshare presentation required, but I can pretend to pay attention for an inexpensive stay & a $100 Planet Hollywood Gift card.

  9. Lydia and others – so now in Jan 2019, they say they are giving 15K points from the starwood preferred guest program. Is that marriott points? or something else that has little / no value? certainly not the old starwood points that would convert 3:1 into marriott points, right?

  10. Lydia, I just received this offer as well and am considering booking it. Just nervous because it states, in the details of participation on the back of the letter, that attendance of the preview and sales presentation is required to recheck this special offer….
    I am not sure that I feel like dealing with it. What are your thoughts?

  11. I received a similar offer for Sheraton Vistana Villages Orlando (including a letter and a brochure, 4 nights for $199). Earlier today I made a reservation through the phone number printed on the letter 800-831-5604. However, just now, when I tried to contact the 2 Sheraton hotels in Orlando directly, none of them found my reservation. I am concerned whether the 800 phone number is correct or whether the number is used by dishonest people cheating customers. Does anyone recognize this phone number?

    As for Westin Lagunamar Cancun, it’s a really nice resort. I went there twice through Costco Travel, and saw the required presentations selling Timeshare.

      • Thank you so much! I reached the hotel again just now. After they confirmed with their marketing department directly, they said that the reservation was real, and the phone number ending with 5604 was not a fraud one.

        • Thanks, Lydia. I received the same one. And thank you to this post (and everyone). I was concerned this is a scam. Shoot, now I wish I paid more attention to these. I guess I need to be ready to say no.

  12. Hi! I received the same offer as you Mark! I too was skeptical. The first thing I did was make sure this was not a time share scam. The American Express agent assured me it was not, she did say the resort does offer time share and she could let me know if any seminars will be going on during the time of my stay. I booked the deal and just preparing myself to just say no! If approached lol
    I hope you as well took the opportunity it seems like a nice time for a family.
    (Sorry if you stated in the thread that you did indeed decide to go, their was a lot going on so I didn’t read through them all!)
    I am booked to go in February, I can report back how it went!

    • Lauren no I didn’t end up taking the offer. I didn’t think it would work into our plans for the year since most of our travel was already booked for 2109. Let us know what you think of the property after you use it!

  13. I’ve received multiple offers for Maui. Pam, can you elaborate or anybody else if they’ve ever done it? I’ve always thought it was too good to be true too. Maybe I’ll jump on the next Maui offer. Thanks everyone!

    • Just make sure to read the terms closely but these are offers that people get. Some do not require a sales pitch.

    • I got the same one. Is it worth it? I’m afraid to have weird talks and presentations when we get there.

      Mark, did you find anyone who actually ever took the offer. I found another review, he did it, and never mentioned a presentation. And his was Hawaii

      • If it doesn’t say anything about a presentation etc. you should be fine. I would confirm when booking it but this seems to be a regular thing.

  14. I just got same offer but with different dates. Think I will do what another poster says & email questions about presentation, etc. So I can get everything in writing. Sounds like a good deal & nice property. Hopefully can upgrade to a 2BR unit.

  15. I received a very similar offer a few days ago, for that property, no Amex though, and the offer required sitting through a presentation. What stood out is that it was offering 15,000 points. It didn’t say Marriott anywhere, and made it sound like these are spg points still. So I assume this would be 45k Marriott points credited then. Might make a trip to Orlando with the family and do this.

    • I would assume Marriott points since they have no way to issue SPG anymore. But you could always call to confirm for sure.

      • Starwood sold their vacation ownership properties a few years ago to Interval Leisure Group. Approval for Marriott vacation club to purchase ILG was just approved by the shareholders. Who knows what kind of points these might be as they are being offered by ILG.

  16. Just completed a week long stay at the Vistana closer to Disney. Second stay there; very nice property and closer to the parks than some of the on-property resorts.
    The pitch to take a presentation will some when you pick up your parking pass. Don’t do it! Friendly until you try to walk out!

  17. We received the same exact offer a couple of days ago. I too said it seemed too good to be true but have done some research and think we are going to try it out for 6 year old’s birthday in April.

  18. I received a similar offer in Aug 2017. My total cost was $199. Also received a $30 food credit which lowered my cost to $169. Had to endure a 110 minute “presentation.” Still not a bad deal. I wish I could get a similar offer for a Hawaii property. Charles

    • Thanks for sharing Charles – I got a good one to Hawaii last year but couldn’t make it work in my schedule.

  19. My offer is Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort in Cancún. 5-day, 4-night in studio villa & $75 resort certificate. Price is $319

    • I received the same offer (for Westin Lagunamar) Interested if anyone has insight about this property / price.

      • I did a little research, online reviews say nice resort & great location. I’m trying to talk my wife into making it a trip without the kids.

      • The Westin Lagunamar is a very nice property in the hotel zone of Cancun. It’s built at the site of the former Sheraton Cancun, right in the heart of the action. Large shopping complex across the street. I personally don’t care for the Cancun party atmosphere and touristy vibe, but if that’s the vacation you like, then this property is worth looking at. Very large pool with swim up bar and several restaurants. All of the newer Starwood vacation ownership properties are very well done.

    • Hubby and I got this offer 2 years ago. We did the tour. It is a very nice property.

      We had such a good experience, we’re doing it again in Jan in Cabo.

  20. Yes this is the international drive location. Newest property with nice pools. Further from Disney by like 1 mile. I used to work at Vistana when it was Starwood vacation ownership, and I live 20 minutes away.

  21. There are two vistanas in Orlando. I have only stayed at the one closest to Disney World (8800 vistana dr I think). The other is on international dr. It is a nice property, but even on paid stays they give you welcome offers and daily phone calls inviting you to timeshare pitches. There are frequent stays for around $115 a night for a one bedroom or say $135 for a two bedrooms and some include $100 resort credits through AAA. Booking with the citi prestige can get you close to that rate with Marriott points and you get elite nights credit. It is probably a decent deal all told, just be firm on no to extra offers.

  22. I used to work at Vistana. Yes this is a non hooked offer. No rquired tour. Heavy hard sell though when you arrive. But just say no.

    • Thanks Ann – good to know. If you worked in the sales department would love to hear some of your stories!

  23. I received a very similar offer direct from Sheraton for the same property. The difference is mine was no AMEX requirement and $200 all in with the same gift card offer or I could have selected X number of Sheraton points.

    I responded via email to get all my questions answered and in writing; so I have an email that states no sales presentation required. I made the purchase and booking via phone and again confirmed no presentation and thus far everything has been smooth. I assume when I go to pick up the gift card they will try and lure me into a presentation with some additional offer, but I’m ready for it and also plan to leave the phone off hook.

    Same as you, with kids Orlando is always high on list. I did look at adding days and for the week I booked in April, additional nights were over $200/night. So we are taking the cheap nights to start the week and switching over to Dis on property for the remainder.

    FYI: In my offer, I could have upgraded to 2-bedroom for $260 total for the 4-nights.

      • Just got back from FLA and took advantage of this offer. Worked as advertised, no presentation required and I was upgraded to a two-bedroom at check-in. They did offer $175 cash rather than the $100 gift card if I would go through the pitch, but I declined.

    • SBM- could you email me if you still have the phone number for this offer? I had the same one I received last week and we were going to book and now I can’t find the darn piece of paper.

      • Jamie – The number I have is (888) 497-2260. There was an offer code on the mailing as well. Not sure if they can look up by name and address.

  24. This is what’s known as a non hooked offer. It’s a timeshare stay but without the required pitch. They will try and convert you upon arrival but there is no required timeshare pitch. A hooked offer required the 1-2 hour pitch

      • This is the best timeshare offer to get. Just stay firm and avoid the pitch for tours! Just make sure you are staying at Vistana Resorts or Vistana villages and not some no name hotel as that can happen. Both resorts are decent and right outside the Disney gates near Disney Springs.

      • Reading back over your post this is a decent offer. Non hooked at Vistana villages. Decent resort about 2 miles from Disney gates. 1 bedroom which means it has a kitchen and a living area with likely a fold out couch. Nice pool. So-so restaurants. Feel free to reach out with questions. I know this resort and area well.

  25. Unless you were plannings to go to Orlando already, why even bother? TripAdvisor however $135 per night on some days I tried at random, with the fourth night free and a $100 resort credit. So the Amex offer is only slightly better. If you had Orlando in your plans already, then go for it, but it’s not a very impressive deal.

    • With two small children Orlando is always on the list. I think 50% off (the low end) and a $100 dinner credit is a pretty good offer.


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