Up to $100 Off 1st Silvercar Rental & More: Full Details & Analysis

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silvercar 100 off

Silvercar Up To $100 Off Your First Rental

Silvercar has come onto the scene over the past year with a well liked product and aggressive promotions. Their fleet of Audi A4 vehicles is extremely attractive and their inclusion of GPS, satellite radio and a lack of ripoff toll and fuel policies makes them a very nice option. I hope to have a full review on the blog some time soon!

Starting around $59 per day, Silvercar’s value proposition will be attractive to some, considering what you receive. Most times I opt for the cheapest car available, but there are times when I want to drive something nicer and I almost never see a car in the luxury category as low priced as Silvercar.

silvercar 100 off

Thankfully you don’t have to pay $59 per day if you are looking to try Silvercar out. Today they announced two new promotions that are very similar to discounts I discussed back in October. Here are the details:

  • Offer 1: Save $75 off of your first rental of 2+ days for new customers. Use code JOLLY75. Expires 1/10/16.
  • Offer 2: Save 15% off of a rental for existing customrs. Use code JOLLY15. Expires 1/10/16.

The new customer offer can be combined with Silvercar’s $25 referral credit for new customers for a total of $100 off of a rental. To get $25 via PayPal after completing your first rental, simply with someone’s referral code. (My code is SCOOMER)


If you would like to view some of the real world costs of Silvercar, I covered an example in my previous post. I think $100 off a rental is a good value and may even be cheaper than the lowest category car at other companies. As always I advocate shopping around and finding the best quality/price combination for your needs, but I suspect with this new customer discount Silvercar will be competitive in most situations for most people.



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