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New Amex Offers, Save 20% at Many Hilton Hotels plus $100...

Check your American Express credit cards for some new Amex Offers that were released today. There's three offers that will save you up to 20% at Hilton hotels and another that will get you $100 off rentals at Silvercar.

Silvercar Amex Offer: $100 Off Your Next $350 Audi Rental

There is a new Amex Offer for Silvercar. Ride in style driving a nice Audi on your next car rental for a reasonable price with this offer.

Silvercar Now Lets You “Super Size It”

A new option from Silvercar!

Silvercar Starts the Gift Giving Early!

Silvercar code that is good for all of 2018 - works for current users!

Audi A4 for $35/Day plus $25 Credit at Silvercar for New...

SilvercarĀ has a great new promotion forĀ first time renters for the month of August. It can get you a luxury rental for $35 a day or less.

Offer Extended! Get $25 + $39 per day luxury rentals at...

Silvercar has extended their best ever new customer promotion. Through November you can now book for $39 per night plus get $25 as a new customer.

Get $25 + $39 per day luxury rentals at Silvercar for...

Save big with this new Silvercar New Customer Promotion. Get $25 for signing up with a referral plus $39 per day luxury Audi rentals on your first booking.

30% Off Silvercar, 22% Off Awards to Hawaii, Free $10 Sam’s...

A roundup of great deals including 30% off Silvercar, free $10 from Sam's Club, 22% of Hawaii awards & more.