The Secret Spirit Airlines Mastercard Offer, How to Get It & Why You Should Care

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spirit airlines mastercard secret offer

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Spirit Airlines Mastercard Secret Increased Offer

I am going to let you in on a secret. I am not 100% against flying Spirit Airlines, although I really hate to do it. A few years ago I flew them from LAS-OAK for dirt cheap, but enjoyed the $17 upgrade to the Big Front Seat. Last year I flew them again to Kansas City from Las Vegas, mainly because of the timing of the flight.

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As a savvy traveler, I don’t fall for the low fare pitch. I simply calculate the final fare including any bag fees and whether I feel I need a pre-assigned seat or not. Then I determine if that savings makes sense in the grand scheme of things. The savings really does need to make sense because flying on Spirit just isn’t very comfortable. The seat pitch is terrible and you don’t even get free water.

Finding The Increased Offer

spirit airlines mastercard secret offer

Ok so today I was searching for an upcoming trip and made it to the final confirmation screen for a booking. I’m not sure if I want to fly Spirit, but that isn’t the point of this post. On the final confirmation screen I saw an offer for the Spirit Mastercard. It normally comes with 15,000 miles after first purchase, but this offer throws in a $100 statement credit after $500 in spending during the first 3 months.

The Offer:

  • 15,000 miles after first purchase.
  • $100 statement credit after $500 in purchases during the first 3 months.
  • $59 annual fee waived the first year.

This offer isn’t new, however it doesn’t get written about a lot. I think the last time someone mentioned it was Doctor of Credit back in December of last year. Anyway, the Spirit Mastercard is issued by Bank of America and may make a lot of sense for a lot of people. Why? Lets take a look.

The Award Chart Is Cheap

spirit airlines mastercard secret offer
Free Spirit Award Chart.

As you can see, the Spirit chart is actually pretty decent if you can find off-peak availability and in order to get off-peak awards you need the cobranded Mastercard. It really is a decent incentive for people to get the card, especially if you are in a city that Spirit serves with a lot of flights.

One other reason to have this card is to keep your miles active. A lot of people were able to get miles from recent promotions, however Spirit miles expire after only 3 months. Having the card and making a purchase qualifies as activity to keep the miles from expiring.

Who Is This For

This isn’t for everyone, but with a decent award chart Spirit’s loyalty program actually does have SOME value for SOME people. In fact, the Free Spirit loyalty program almost requires the co-branded card, since you won’t be able to redeem at low levels and your miles will likely expire without it.

How to Get the Offer

spirit airlines mastercard secret offer
The increased offer shows on the final checkout screen.

If you are considering this card, just sign into your Free Spirit account and search for a flight on Go through the entire booking process and you should see the ad for the card just below the “Total Due” on the final checkout page. (Yes you have to click through their hotel, car & other sales pitches.)

A few other things to consider when applying for this. This card is issued by Bank of America. In the past they have been known to merge credit inquiries done in the same day. With that said, they have recently tightened up their policies when it comes to multiple apps, so keep that in mind.


If you are looking for even more information about Free Spirit and the Spirit Mastercard, Doctor of Credit’s write up from December is well worth the read. I keep flirting with the idea of getting a Spirit Mastercard, however as any long time reader of the site knows Bank of America hates me!

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Just checked my air miles statement and its O!! No notice given – so, be sure to check and read the expiration date if you don’t plan to use your free miles anytime soon. I’m cancelling my card today!!

  2. Can you use the card the same day you are approved? I want to get around the passenger usage fee they charge online, that is not charged at the airport?

    Second question would be can I sign up online, instead of over the phone, but not actually purchase the ticket and yet still get the card information?

  3. thanks for the post. worked for me… i forgot to screenshot the offer page while applying though for backup in case they bait and switch :((
    Now just have to complete the spend and hope i get the $100..

  4. Their ads and their commercials are pretty off the hook. Delta’s pop culture social media video was really awesome too.

  5. Another blogger has pushed the Spirit credit card and even provided a chart of when the off-peak awards is available. So in a few weeks, one can fly to Vegas from KC for 2500 miles or from Chicago for twice the mileage.

    Now what got me still on the fence on trying for the card, is that Spirit doesn’t have gates at the local airport. Either I have to take a bus or Amtrak to KC or Chicago. I want to save money; but my last Megabus usage included a 5-6 hour delay in Memphis.

  6. I couldn’t agree more and said it better myself than you did with your comment about the “level of ignorance (richly mixed with arrogance) people in our hobby display toward this hidden gem. I thought our bunch was supposed to be more open-minded, but, hell, no!” Although, now that I think of it, maybe it’s better that way? More availability for us.

    Often people will scoff at the clientele on Spirit Airlines. This is what infuriates me the most when people talk about the airline. Traveling is supposed to make you more open and accepting of all people no? If all they can afford is Spirit versus no air traveling at all I’m glad to see they are taking advantage of Spirit. Have a little patience when you see these people and instead of being upset realize they might not travel every week like you do.

    I’m just very surprised at the vast majority against the airline in the miles and points hobby. I get it somewhat. It’s not for everyone. You have to be flexible with your schedule (especially to take advantage of off-peak awards), willing to fly with seats that don’t recline and have very little pitch (or paying the $ to upgrade to the big front seat), understand the added fees you may incur, and understand they have no interline partners and delays/cancellations are likely going to take longer to solve than with other airlines. Furthermore, if you have to deal with their customer service you’ll need plenty of patience. Spirit works for me because I’m a leisure traveler who is self employed and is ok with no frills.

    People always scoff when I’m telling them I’m traveling via Spirit. Yes I have miles with United, American, British Airways, Delta, etc., etc., but what other program let’s me fly one way from Chicago to New York (just for example purposes) for 2,500 miles off peak? This means only $1,250 of spend on the Spirit Credit Card. That can be manufactured for a little over $8 on the average. Even a distance based award on AA via BA cost 7,500 miles. Spirit combined with these other points programs is a great insurance policy. I’d highly recommend people to consider the airline and see if it fits their travel style. I think many would be surprised.

    • Now I really want to try Spirit just to see what people are talking about. I thought it was same as Southwest. Is it that much worse? I mean SW is actually pretty solid. Especially their customer service.


  7. As someone who was the first to dissect the Free Spirit program in my groundbreaking 4-part series (LOL), I am honestly stunned by the level of ignorance (richly mixed with arrogance) people in our hobby display toward this hidden gem. I thought our bunch was supposed to be more open-minded, but, hell, no! Sure, Spirit will only work if you live in certain hubs, and, of course, availability may suck too, but seriously, name another airline where you can virtually upgrade an award ticket to a first class seat (minus food and booze) for $40-70? Anyone?

    But, the real question is, I guess, is if getting this card would impede your ability to churn Alaska. Because that’s more important, of course.

    Oh, and the offer doesn’t work for me, but then I already have the card, maybe this is why.


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