Latest Updates on the Hyatt & Hilton Diamond Status Matches

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Hilton & Hyatt Diamond Status Match Update

After Marriott announced they were acquiring Starwood, the hotel loyalty space went sort of crazy. First, Hyatt began matching just about everyone to their Diamond tier 🙁 and then Hilton followed suit with a Diamond status match of their own. I have been receiving a few questions about these matches, so I thought I would update everyone.

Hyatt Diamond Match Latest

status match hilton hyatt

In the beginning, Hyatt was matching elites from a variety of programs and levels. For example, I know people who were matched from IHG Platinum and even SPG Gold to Hyatt Diamond. It was a bonanza. Of course all good things must come to an end and it did. Sort of. Hyatt still has their Diamond match in tact, but it is much much stricter.

Here is a response that a reader received recently regarding eligibility for the match:

In order to qualify for Diamond Tier status, you would need to be Platinum with Starwood Platinum with at least 20 nights in the last 12 months.

This means that Hyatt isn’t matching anyone but Starwood Platinum members and they upped to stay requirement quite a lot. In the beginning they were only requiring one night, but now it seems to be 20 nights in the last 12 months. If you are a Starwood Platinum who fits that description, it seems you are still eligible, but everyone else is out of luck.

Hilton Diamond Match Latest

status match hilton hyatt

Hilton’s Diamond status isn’t nearly as generous as Hyatt’s but their match is still going strong. I know people are still successfully getting matched to Diamond status with top tier status in a variety of programs. In the past few days I have heard from people who were matched from SPG Platinum, Hyatt Diamond and even IHG Platinum. It is still possible.

How to Request a Match

I covered both of these matches when they first became available and you can find out how to request a match in those original posts.

Your Data Points?

Have you recently been matched to either Hyatt or Hilton Diamond status? Feel free to share your data points in the comments. Which program were you matched from? How long did it take? Thanks!

Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Successfully matched to Hilton Diamond based on my Hyatt Diamond status. The best part is I got Hyatt diamond based on my SPG gold

  2. Yesterday afternoon, 12/13, I sent Hyatt screenshots of my Hilton Diamond (that I got via my IHG Platinum) and my IHG Platinum and this morning I received an email that I have been upgraded to Hyatt Platinum until 2/17. So, it appears you can still get the status challenge without having SPG Platinum. Remember, Hyatt says their website will be down for accessing accounts from tomorrow, 12/15, through 12/18.

  3. Dear ***,
    I hope that this message finds you well. I would like to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I have reviewed the information that you sent into our office and based on the time that we received your information we have reconsidered our original decision. It is my pleasure to inform you that we have upgraded your account to Diamond until February 2017. You will begin to enjoy the many benefits of the Diamond status such as guaranteed availability 48 hours prior to arrival, four Diamond Suite upgrade awards, and 30% bonus points per stay among many other wonderful benefits. You may maintain this tier going forward by competing 25 eligible stays or 50 qualifying nights between January 1st and December . Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Best regards,
    Guest Relations Specialist

  4. Missed out on the Hyatt match by a day or two, which makes me sad, but thanks to this post I used IHG Spire to match to Hilton Diamond. I got the confirmation email in about 10 hours.

  5. I got in early enough on the Hyatt match that I got matched to Diamond based on my SPG Gold before they tightened up the rules. I parlayed that into Hilton Diamond status when that match offer came out a few days later.

  6. I sent tweet & dm before thanksgiving, around 11/21… waited a while for Hyatt reply for a screen shot of the SPG gold status; waited, then a rejection stating that they only match people with SPG platinum. I sent follow ups via DM & tweet politely voicing my frustration & unhappiness about Hyatt inconsistency & bias while asking for reconsideration. Got responses from different Rep. subsequently that all said no.

  7. I sent my request to Hyatt the first night you posted the deal with my SPG Gold and got Diamond the next day. Sent my Hyatt Diamond to Hilton (already had Hilton Gold) and got Hilton Diamond in about 4 days.

    • Wish mine were that easy as yours & some others’. Questions for you folks who got matched without SPG platinum of whether folks may have been a Hyatt platinum for some time with some stays in past yrs.? Mine is a recent platinum obtained from chase cc with only 1 stay booked with pts at Hyatt.

      • Haven’t had a Hyatt stay in several years and got Platinum about 6 months ago in a promo for taking a Frequent Flyer University. Am SPG Gold only due to my Amex Platinum card so don’t think previous history or SPG has anything to do with things. Mostly stay Hilton so easy to send in my Hilton stays for the Hyatt as requested. No Hilton requirement for stays to get Diamond. Think it was the luck of the draw plus getting the requests in early before they saw the huge numbers of people requesting status matches and have now increased the requirements.

  8. Got matched on the first day of both matches. SPG gold (from amex platinum card) to Hyatt diamond. Then, Hyatt diamond matched to Hilton diamond.

  9. […] Latest update on the Diamond Status matches by Hyatt and Hilton HHonors.  If you thought Hyatt’s handling of this was pathetic, these guys are not done yet! They are now, it appears, only matching SPG Platinums showing 20 nights or more…Or making it up as they go along. Over at the Hilton camp, they just awarded #156,789 Diamond status, good luck with them upgrades boys and girls and prepare for a mega dilution of the benefits. I smell a killing of the Silver status and and then an introduction of a mega status level; in other words, all new Diamonds…welcome to Gold […]

  10. Hyatt has been very inconsistency & biased. Mine is Hyatt platinum, SPG gold & Hilton diamond and despite my numerous requests & follow ups, they still insisted that their diamond can only be matched to current SPG platinum, no exception. Such a joke!

  11. … Why are all these people who clearly don’t even travel enough to earn mid-level status so obsessed with top-tier status ? So on their 3 nights a year away from home they can Brag about their fancy 4pm checkout perk ??? The only way status is going to benefit these ma-and-pa kettles is if they actually intend to EARN status with it – otherwise they just possibly burned a “one status challenge per lifetime” offer on 4 nights at Disney. Smh …

    • Bitter much? I think if people follow this blog, they are interested and do travel more than the average Joe. Just saying – for example, I had 45 segments on Delta this year, and sometimes, when traveling for business, I don’t have a choice in which hotel. It is therefore, very welcomed when I can get status for those times when I have no choice. Even it is for the four nights at Disney, what in the world does it matter to you? I would imagine, you don’t work at Hilton, Hyatt, SPG, etc, or you’d know that many people will redirect their business when they have status, which is why they offer such programs in the first place.

  12. Gold to Diamond for me and wife as well. Not that excited though as there really is no difference honestly in the benefits according to the Hilton site and from various Diamond members.

  13. I got matched to Hilton Diamond from IHG Platinum and Hyatt Platinum 2 days ago. I got the positive response in about 6 hours.
    Wish there was a way to get SPG to upgrade GOLD to Platinum and then use that to try for Hyatt Diamond. People who upgraded to Hyatt Diamond on the first day it was offered won the lottery.

  14. Sent Hyatt an email the 1st day this deal was available from my address asking for a match for my Wife w/ her Ihg Spire Ambassador credentials. A couple days later they matched “me” to Diamond. Sent Hilton a match request w/ my new Hyatt Diamond from my address and sent a match request for my Wife from her address w/ her IHG credentials. We were both matched to Hilton Diamond. Sent Hyatt a request for my Wife through her email address w/ her IHG credentials and she recently received Hyatt Platinum. Have 8 night stay @ Hilton Aruba in February (Club Carlson bogo) so Hilton Diamond is a big score. Was approved for Sapphire Preferred last Monday, so looking forward to accumulating Hyatt points for a 2016 / 2017 Holiday. Been accumulating Hilton points exclusively over the last 4 months so this status deal was timely.

  15. I tried matching Hilton diamond for Hyatt diamond but got denied. Requested why given how many recently were able to, still awaiting response.

  16. First matched my Hilton Gold to get Hyatt Diamond and then used Hyatt Diamond to get Hilton Diamond. Nice leap frog. Each one came thru within about 4 days but, started immediately as soon as each math was announced.

  17. Started out as a SPG Platinum, 11 stays and 20 nights so far this year.

    A couple weeks ago I groused to my wife about the Marriott/SPG merger and she asked me what I was going to do and I honestly had no idea. That night the Hyatt match was announced. I matched to Hyatt Diamond and when Hilton offered a match I was granted that as well. (Was a Gold)

    I am anticipating an uptick in travel and am filling my calendar with Hyatt stays.

  18. Sent proof of Hyatt Diamond a few weeks ago and have been a Gold Hilton member for a long time but will loose it if not matched by Feb. 2016. Any way to reach Hilton to see where I stand?

  19. Matched to Hilton Diamond by sending in my Hyatt Platinum. I then sent Hyatt a status match from my Hilton Diamond and am waiting to hear.

  20. Now that I have Hilton Diamond I would love to get Hyatt Diamond but I think they said that they would only match if I were SPG Platinum and I am only SPG Gold. It is worth a shot to try again. Hyatt Diamond would awesome.

  21. I use the Leapfrog strategy
    I start with, spg gold to get Hyatt plat

    Then Hilton diamond from IHG spire
    I’m on quest to get Hyatt diamond from Hilton diamond

  22. Matched to HHONORS DIAMOND

    Had a second request for my Hyatt Diamond credentials, stay information for 2015 and how many current HHonors points I had (for verification.)

    It took 8 days, but did get Diamond

  23. I just got matched to Hilton Diamond by showing my IHG Platinum. I am getting ready to forward over my husbands IHG Platinum info so we can get him matched to Hilton Diamond before this goes away. We are Hilton Diamond until March 2017. I am pleased. Hyatt wouldn’t match us based on IHG platinum.


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