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Looking to enjoy the benefits of airline elite status but without flying an excessive amount? Alaska Airlines offers the easiest airline elite status path.

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Every wonder what does elite status actually cost hotels? I share some thoughts I why I don't think it costs them all that much to provide.
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AA & Hyatt Gave Me Top Tier Status for Free. Don’t Be A Hater!

American Airlines and Hyatt have given the ultimate gift of top tier status to some members including me. That has made a lot of people upset, but they really shouldn't be. We play to win the game.

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Founderscard is rolling out an awesome new benefit for members that gives 3 months of Star Alliance and United Gold status plus the ability to earn it for even longer with some flying.
Southwest Rapid Rewards Performance Business Card

Southwest Status Match Offer: Get A-List Status Free, Fly & Extend Another Year!

Southwest is offering a great status match for flyers with elite status with a competing airline. Get the status for free or fly a few trips and earn it for another year!
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Recently two airlines opened up opportunities for me to gain elite status and upgrades without any cost. Over the past 5 years I have matched my elite status and taken advantage of many promotions to hold status with all three major alliances. Here is how I did it.