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Carnival Cruise Status Match Free Cruise Who doesn't love to go on a cruise? Okay fine there are definitely people who don't, but most of the criticism I hear of cruises and cruise ships just...

Frontier Airlines Launches New Status Match Promotion

Frontier Airlines and have partnered to launch a new status match promotion for eligible hotel and airline loyalty members in both North and South America.

United Level Up Status Match Challenge, Get Premier Status Through Jan. 2023

For a limited time, you can level up your status in the MileagePlus program, if you have status with another airline.
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Wondering how to get rental car elite status? What if we told you that you could get it for multiple programs, all for free?
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A Reward More Programs Should Offer: When Your Airline Miles Roll Over

This is a perk I wish more loyalty programs would offer: when you hit one level of status but not the next, your airline miles roll over.
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If you want SkyTeam elite status, don't pursue it through Delta Medallion status. Instead, look at Flying Blue as a simpler path.

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Our question of the week for this week is about hotel loyalty. We look at how to get hotel upgrades via status & how to increase our odds.
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I qualified for Hilton Diamond status via status match & the shortcut I previously outlined. So, how'd it go? Was it worth it? Her's a look.