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(Some Matches Posting) Time To Get Your Caesars Rewards Diamond On! Can You Taste That Free $100 Dinner Yet?

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Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond

Wyndham to Caesars Rewards Status Match

Last month I did a piece telling you to status match from Caesars Rewards (previously Total Rewards) to Wyndham status.  That is because Caesars status goes until January 31st each year so there is some overlap where you can double dip the status matching.  If you already had Diamond status with Caesars then you needed to wait till it to dropped off February 1st. Matching status from today on should get you Caesars status until January 31, 2021.

Update 2/10/22:

We are seeing reports in our Facebook Group that Caesars statuses are finally starting to be upgraded to Diamond from February 1st matches. Lots of others are not seeing it yet so they are likely being done in batches.

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Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond

Why Do The Wyndham to Caesars Rewards Status Match?

If you have Wyndham Diamond status or Platinum status it is worth matching back to Caesars Rewards for the following perks:

Diamond status is not as good as it used to be with the reduction in lounge privileges but there is still a ton of value as you can see.  And it can be had for free!

Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond

How To Match Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Rewards Diamond

Doing this is simple and should take all of 1 minute.

  1. Use the following link to perform the status match.

2. Then select I am a Wyndham Rewards Member Match My Status on the right side of the page.

Wyndham Diamond

3. Log into your Caesars Rewards account and enter your Wyndham rewards number.  You should get this message:

Wyndham Match

Once the status is matched you should have your Diamond Celebration dinner in your account within a few days (seven at the most). Although some people have reported that the free dinner still posts the same day.  It is better to be safe though so do this now than to wait till right before your next trip.


For members who qualified for Diamond and Seven Stars based on their 2020 Tier Score, the 2021 Celebration Dinner will be added only after you redeem the 2020 Celebration Dinner. The Celebration Dinner can take 7-10 business days to be added to account once the 2020 Celebration Dinner is redeemed.

But What If I Don’t Have Wyndham Status Right Now?

This is not currently available 2/10/22

What if you were asleep at the wheel last year or are new to Miles to Memories? Well I welcome you and don’t worry we can still get you that valuable Caesars Rewards status!  All we need to do is get you Wyndham Diamond status first, which is easier than you think, and then match that to Caesars Rewards.

You can status match from other hotel programs to Wyndham Diamond fairly easily. Here is a chart of all of the options:

Match Caesars Rewards to WyndhamMatch Caesars Rewards to Wyndham

Link to Status Match

The easiest status to get for most of us Hilton Honors Gold or Diamond status or the IHG Platinum status.  All of these come as a perk of a credit card:

Once you have secured one of the status levels listed above you can match it to Wyndham Diamond status.  You can then match your Wyndham Diamond status to Caesars Rewards Diamond status.

Caesars Status Match: Final Thoughts

This is one of the easier wins out there and it offers pretty good value if you travel to an area with a Caesars casino. I am partial to the New Orleans location. You may even get a comped room or two out of the deal.  I wouldn’t wait so that it is all set up the next time you need it. It can sometimes take a week for the dinner certificate to post to your account so do it now instead of waiting until you have a trip upcoming.  That will eliminate possible issues.

Disclosure: Miles to Memories has partnered with CardRatings for our coverage of credit card products. Miles to Memories and CardRatings may receive a commission from card issuers.

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Opinions, reviews, analyses & recommendations are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, endorsed or approved by any of these entities.
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. What differences between different implementations of status matching. While matching between Hyatt and MGM took something in the range of seconds at most, matching from Wyndham to Caesars may take around two weeks or longer. Requested matching from Wyndham Diamond to Caesars Diamond on Feb 1. Now we have Feb 15 (even in the US, I live in a different timezone) and account still shows Gold.
    So the phrase “within seven business days” seems to mean “maybe within two weeks or longer”. It takes time to prepare all the punch cards for processing?

    • Well, we’re close to three weeks now and Caesars Rewards status has still not updated. Luckily I haven’t planned any trip to Las Vegas for February or March. No knowledge when they will be done with processing their punch cards.

        • Same here! I have gone thru the matching system 3 times and the upgrade still has not posted. I am beginning to think that Caesars has stopped this program.

          • Finally, after three weeks I can report success (sorry am a bit late in actually reporting it). Not only did I go thru it several times as well but I also filled out some contact form on Caesars’ website. By doing so I got into contact with a member of their customer service team (Tara, in my case). It took a few days with e-mails going back and forth but finally it was worked out. Beside my Cassars account details she also asked for my Wyndham member number. She then reached out to Wyndham and finally my Caesars Rewards status was updated to Diamond.

          • Thanks for the update Ralfinho. I have heard of other success stories by contacting Caesars customer service. Weird that it is still lagging so much though.

    • Same Same. I’ve been waiting three weeks to hear back from Caesars Rewards. What if I just did it in person? Would they do it the same day?

      • Since I had success after filling out a contact form it might be possible that doing it in person could be successful, too. But don’t know for sure, of course.

  2. Darnit! I slept on this and lost my Caesars Diamond status. I have HH Gold and can use that to match to Wyndham but it looks like Wyndham has discontinued their status match as of mid-February! Any word on that window re-opening?

  3. I have Wyndham Diamond and therefore Caesars diamond from last year before covid. Now that Wyndham is no longer doing status matches, what should I be doing to preserve by Caesars diamond status? Is there a concern it’ll expire and since Wydham Diamond isn’t matching, I won’t get it anymore? Thanks!

    • Wyndham isn’t matching from any other hotel programs anymore but you should still be able to match from Caesars to Wyndham and vice versa which is all you need if you already have Caesars Diamond.

  4. Hello. I got Wyndham diamond from a credit card. I tried to match to ceasars diamond but they gave me platinum instead. Any thoughts?

    • Are you sure it is Wyndham Diamond? Most of the cards give Platinum, only the business card gives Diamond. But if you do have Wyndham Diamond and were only matched to Platinum I would try it again and if that doesn’t work reach out to Caesars directly via Twitter direct message etc. and see if they can help.

  5. Early this morning I wasn’t having any luck with this and was a little worried they had changed things up. Then later I saw on the mobile app that I was down to gold. I tried it again and it made it through to say I would be matched to diamond.

    Hopefully I will be getting my COVID-19 vaccination(s) soon. Then I will re-evaluate travel.

  6. Just got Diamond Status Match.
    Can I book rooms using 3rd party sites and still qualify for no resort fees.
    I notice Vegas rates on the Caesars booking site are significantly higher than the opaque

  7. Update – I applied for the match 2/2, still no change as of 2/12. I called and talked to customer service, she took my info down, and I was diamond two hours later. She said they send a feed over to Wyndham everyday to verify status.

  8. Applied for the status match on Feb 1st, received the message that my status will be updated in seven business days …still showing gold status on my Caesars rewards app? Not sure what to do?

  9. Can someone provide the email address I can contact to get an update on my match? I submitted 2/2 and still not showing diamond.

  10. I did the match to caesars on 2/2 and got the diamond confirmation right after saying it’ll be updated soon and still haven’t been processed so they must be really slow and I’ll be waiting after the people that got it done first thing on the 1st!

  11. i requested to match on 2/1 and there is still no update. Sent an message to Caesars customer service and they got back to me asking for my Wyndham account number. I am puzzled. do not they have it already as i requested online?

    • I status matched on 2/1 see below still haven’t gotten Diamond. Will give it one more day and will then call customer service

      • I have heard others in a similar boat. Many people that did it on 2/1 were upgraded on 2/6 (myself included) so I am not sure what the hold up is for others.

  12. 2/1/20 – applied for status match to diamond.

    2/3/20- called customer service for an update, was told either wait 7 business days or Tuesday and Thursday since those two days are the days they status match.

    2/5/20- emailed them in the morning for an update, no update yet.

    2/6/20- received an e-mail and a voicemail from customer service stating that I am now diamond! Hurray!

    For me, I waited 4 business days for diamond status match. Could’ve been longer but I’m happy it took 4 business days.

  13. I called and emailed their service team and was told that the status match is on a spreadsheet and is then sent to corporate to status match. Time frame was not given as they do not have the information.

    Total Service Central Team
    Caesars Entertainment

  14. I matched my status from Wyndham to Caesars in January, so I have Caesars Diamond through January 2021. Today, I called the VIP line at my local casino (Indiana) to verify the celebration dinner had been added to my account. I was told that it wasn’t listed in “my offers,” so there was nothing to redeem. Has anyone else experienced this? I did confirm that a restaurant at the local casino can be used to redeem the celebration dinner credit.

  15. I checked a few minutes ago and I am now Diamond. I did the match last year, so it’s another confirmation that you can do it two years in a row.

    Now it’s time to transfer some Wyndham points to Caesar Rewards credit. 10K Wyndham points (30K total transfers limit) goes further at Caesars properties (at off-peak) – especially with no resort fee and usually a comp night or two thrown in. I’ll transfer some now and some later (to keep the Caesar credits live with just 6 month inactivity policy).

    I’ll also be hitting the four year expiration of a fair amount of Wyndham points this year (42K in June) so this is a way to use some up.

    • Unfortunately Caesars is now one of the best Wyndham points redemptions these days. Cashed out 30K from my wife’s account last year and dined like royalty in Vegas 🙂

  16. Just and update… was just upgraded to Diamond Matched on Feb 1st and upgraded today Feb the.

    Thank You for this site.

  17. Thanks for the informative article. Last year, I matched HHonors Diamond –> Wyndham Diamond –> Total Rewards Diamond. However, this year 2020, I forgot to match my Caesars Diamond back to Wyndham Diamond and as such am currently Wyndham Blue & Total Rewards Gold. (Feb 4th, 2020)

    My question is, can I use my still HHonors Diamond status to rematch to Wyndham Diamond for this year and again to Total Rewards Diamond? Any answer would be greatly appreciated. Thank you & cheers!

    • You should be able to do the match again. I am not sure if Wyndham only allows matches every so often but I don’t think they limit it. I would give it a try for sure.

      • Just wanted to confirm that I was matched to Wyndham Diamond today from HHonors again, even though I missed the Jan 31st deadline to re-match my Caesars Diamond –> Wyndham Diamond as I had previously mentioned. Just submitting request to match to Caesars again. Thanks again for your help!

  18. Same 7 day notice, how long is the avergae wait time. Notice one person the match was done almost same day. Matched on Feb 1st and still nothing.

    I know I’m probably to rushed 🙂

    Thank you again for the step by step.

    • It took 3-4 business days last year but I am sure they are swamped with requests right now so I can’t say for sure.

  19. Oliver- that was fast. I’m still waiting on mine.

    Mark ostermann- are you still waiting for your diamond match?
    I matched it last year, does this mean I cannot be diamond again this year?

    Because of this loop hole, we would be forever diamond if we continue to cycle the match year after year?

  20. Did the status match back to Caesars yesterday 2/2 , got the 7 day notice but seems like others got it quickly. Are other taking time mine still says Gold.

  21. I matched Wyndham to Caesars mid-Jan 2020 while at CES and used the celebration dinner. Status hasn’t dropped off today. Did others drop from Diamond today? I am wondering if my status sticks if I’ll not be eligible for a celebration dinner later on in 2020

    • I know we discussed this in the Facebook group but I’ll post it here in case anyone else has the same issue. If you didn’t have status with Caesars last year and match in January then that will be good until 1/31 of the following year so unfortunately you used yours for this year already. If you had matched in December 2019 then you would have had until 1/31/20 to use it and then could have rematched again on 2/1/20 and got another $100 dinner and status until 1/31/21. They have a confusing timeline with the status overlap till the end of January the next year even though the status earn period starts on 1/1 each year.

  22. Kathy – The match gives you Diamond status. It does NOT give you 15,000 tier points. You have to get those through gambling play, etc.

  23. Kathy – The only 15,000 tier points reference I see on the benefits page is just showing that’s the normal requirement for Diamond. What do you see that is making you thing that’s a requirement for the Celebration dinner?

  24. I matched Wyndham to Caesars Diamond. Under “Benefits”, it looks like the $100 dinner is only if you have 15,000 tier credits. When I matched, it doesn’t show that I have that many credits so does that mean, no $100 dinner?

  25. I always was under the impression that CET does not allow tier matches in consecutive years. Anyone have any clarification on that?

  26. Did this need to be done on Feb. 1st. Just tried to do it and my Wyndham status has been reset to Blue. Tried to do the status match both ways but no luck. Am I screwed??

      • I had Wyndham DIamond status in January. I got matched from Caesars in November. I got Caesars Diamond from a match at Borgata. When I saw your first article I tried to rematch Wyndham and Caesars in January and it said I was already Diamond. On Feb. 2nd My Caesars status dropped to Gold so I went to Wyndham to match my Diamond status back to Caesars and my Wyndham was dropped to Blue. Maybe they both expired at the same time. Not sure but I am left with nothing.

        • My guess is you tried to match Wyndham to Caesars in January and you had to do it the other way – Caesars to Wyndham. Wyndham status resets 1/1 where Ceasars doesn’t reset till 2/1. That 30 day window is where you have to match them back and forth.

    • sounded that u need to now find a way to match wyndham status to diamond again; think some hotels elite status could match to wyndham’s

  27. Check your Caesars account now, matched this morning, got the 7 day message, but am now Diamond with Caesars again. Yippie

  28. Weirdly, my status at Wyndham continues to state that I am matched to Diamond and “In order to keep your DIAMOND level match, you need to stay 14 more qualifying night(s) by 01/09/2019.”

    But, I did the match with Caesars, and I got the “7 day” message.