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Guide: Amex Program Rules: Application Strategy, Card Limits and Difference Between...

Guide: American Express Application Restrictions & Difference Between Credit and Charge Cards American Express, much like the other major credit card issuers has it’s own...

Credit Card Churning & Getting a Mortgage: What to Expect Top...

Basics of getting a mortgage for the credit card churner. Which FICO is used, how inquiries affect a mortgage, letters of explanation, sourcing funds and more.

Is the Chase “5/24 Rule” Real? Let’s Look at the Evidence

A detailed look at the history of the Chase 5/24 rule and the data points behind it. Is 5/24 real, how to avoid getting denied and the best Chase application strategy going forward.

Cautionary Tale: New Churners War Story from Latest App-O-Rama

Chase 5/24 Rule Guide
A cautionary tale about the difficulties that one new credit card churner had getting approvals during a recent round of applications.

Possible Way Around Chase’s Churning Rules, Gift Card Reselling Tools, Great...

A collection of posts and deals from around the internet on topics such as: gift card churning tools, avoiding the new Chase churning rules & more.

300,000 Miles/Points from 4 Cards – My Latest Application Round Strategy...

A look at my latest round of credit card applications. In total I am going to receive 300,000 miles/point from just 4 cards! Find out my strategy and results.