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(Final Days) Best Chase Sapphire Reserve Welcome Offer Since Launch Is...

There is a new, increased Chase Sapphire Reserve 80,000 point offer that just launched. The best offer we have seen in half a decade!

End of Month Checklist: Credits, Spending Offers and Fuel Points

Two American Express Authorized User Benefits You Shouldn't Overlook
I give you a list of everything you need to accomplish NOW with the end of month checklist. We are talking statement credits, spending offers & more

Talk About Bad Timing, Amex Drops Airline From Incidental Credit List

Amex Platinum Benefits Guide: Maximize Value
In a surprising move, Amex removes Frontier Airlines from airline incidentals list as an airline selection option.

Turkey Day Takes 2022 – What I’m Thankful For This Year

I'm grateful for much this Thanksgiving. Here are the credit card trends and angles I'm most thankful for this year.

My Recent Barclays Application Went As Expected, Reasons For My Denial

I share the reasons for my Barclays AAdvantage Aviator Business Mastercard denial. Barclaycard is the one nut I just can't crack

If You Recently Signed Up For An Amex Card Be Prepared...

Question: Do Amex Employee Cards Earn the Same As Normal Cards?
I had some surprising American Express card activation issues that left our accounts a complete mess and may end up costing me points.

Racking Up 280K In Points & $700 In Cash On My...

Credit Cards I Want to Get in 2022 – Planning Our Next Applications
I wanted to share my 4th quarter application results and my plans over the next few months. Share yours in the comments!

My Plan For Maxing Out 3 Freedom Cards This Quarter For...

I share with you my Chase Freedom 4th quarter plans and how I intend to rack up 22,500 Ultimate Rewards points.