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The 100K Card Card Offer No One Seems To Be Talking...

The British Airways Visa 100,000 Avios offer is a lot better than people are giving it credit for and it has flown completely under the radar.

Monthly Report: Paying For College With Travel Hacking Skills

Here is my monthly update on paying for college with credit card rewards. Remember to check back at the beginning of each month for my updated progress.

Flaming Hot Takes – The Best and Worst Looking Cards Right...

Credit card rewards are fun in many ways, so we rarely focus on credit card designs. What are the best and worst looking cards currently?

End of Month Checklist: Credits, Spending Offers and Fuel Points

Two American Express Authorized User Benefits You Shouldn't Overlook
I give you a list of everything you need to accomplish NOW with the end of month checklist. We are talking statement credits, spending offers & more

How Long Does The Sapphire Reserve Annual Fee Take To Post...

The Sapphire Reserve annual fee after upgrade takes forever to post but that comes with some interesting perks if you play it right.

Amex Has Lost Cabin Pressure, I Have 7 No Lifetime Language...

Two American Express Authorized User Benefits You Shouldn't Overlook
Amex has lost their dang mind! I currently have 7, yes you heard that right, 7 no lifetime language offers right now. Pure madness!

Rumor: Chase Is Revamping The Sapphire Preferred & Reserve With New...

There is a rumor swirling that Chase is revamping the Sapphire Preferred and Reserve cards. I share the details and my thoughts on each card.

Amex Platinum Jacks Up The Fee & Is Now The World’s...

With the Amex Platinum annual fee increase announced what are the new benefits that you will get for it and what are they worth? Not much!