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AAdvantage & Dividend Miles Matching Failures & Last Day to Match...

Today is the last day to match your AAdvantage and Dividend Miles account. Find out how to fix it if you get an error when trying to match the accounts.

AAdvantage Phone Fees Now Waived on Many Lucrative Awards!

American Airlines announced that they are no longer going to be charging phone bookings fees on certain awards along with an increased to phone booking fees on other awards.

How to See Your US Airways Credit Card Bonus & How...

Unfortunately miles earned on the US Airways credit card don't post to your account on the statement date like with American Airlines. Find out how to see how many miles you have earned & how long they take to post to your account.

Should You Link Your AAdvantage & Dividend Miles Accounts Right Now?

American Airlines & US Airways are prompting members to link their accounts right now. There is no immediate benefit, so should you do it? Find out why I am going to wait.