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Stop&Shop/Giant, Earn 10X Fuel Points When You Buy eBay & Foot...

Stop&Shop and Giant supermarkets have new gift card deal that starts today that can get you gas discounts. You can earn 10x Gas Rewards Points when you purchase any eBay or Foot Locker gift card.

MyGiftCardsPlus, 10% Discount on eBay Gift Cards

MyGiftCardsPlus has a promotion for eBay gift card that can get you a 10% discount. Teh discount will be awarded in the form of SwagBucks.

Buy eBay Gift Cards With eBay Bucks… Again

Discounted Gift Cards on Ebay: Babies"R"Us, Best Buy, Hotels.com
eBay Bucks can no longer be used to purchase eBay gift cards. The new rules kicked in January 1st. But for now at least, they do not seem to be enforced.

I Just Found $149.38 in Unused eBay Gift Cards & How...

Discounted Gift Cards on Ebay: Babies"R"Us, Best Buy, Hotels.com
How to check for unused eBay gift card balances. I recently found a huge chunk of money on a few of my cards!

Great Deals – eBay Gift Card Discount & Amazon Fire Phone...

$100 eBay gift cards for $95 and a great deal on the Amazon Fire Phone including 1 year of Amazon Prime.

Is Manufactured Spending a Hobby, SPG Amex Marketing Machine, Another eBay...

A collection of posts that caught my eye including the topics of the SPG Amex marketing machine, manufactured spending as a hobby & a new eBay gift card deal.

Holding Off on eBay Gift Card Deals – How to, Why...

A look at how eBay Bucks promotions make some marginal gift card deals profitable and why you may not want to immediately jump on some deals.