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Trying To Breath In Space!

I woke up this morning, took one breath, and realized that my head cold had progressed quite a bit overnight. Sleeping outside probably didn't help. My nose was stuffed, my chest congested and I was sore from head to toe. In addition, I kept waking up all night and didn't get any quality sleep. I knew that the frantic pace of going up to the Kennedy Space Center and then driving four hours north to Savannah, Georgia wasn't going to work. We decided to keep a slow pace today and see where it takes us.

Out Of Orlando and Into Space!

Today we woke up ready to leave Orlando behind. After thirteen days we were eager to get back onto the road. Our first destination of the day was the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. Yes, this is the wonderful place where the space shuttles launch into space. I knew that KSC housed the International Space Museum, but I didn't know the extensive experience to be had there. It was almost like visiting another theme park.