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White Sands, Stunning Views & Chiles: An Amazing Road Trip to...

White Sands National Monument, Albuquerque & El Paso Roadtrip
While some people prefer to just flyover, El Paso & Albuquerque have some amazing sights including one of the most unique areas in the entire country!

Natural Beauty & Alien Infested McDonalds!

Today brought us UFOs, stalagmites and I-10 through west Texas. The day once again started with a continental breakfast (no waffles today). We figure with a basic breakfast in our stomachs we can get by on two meals a day. It has worked so far. This is the first day we didn’t have to drive very far to arrive at our first destination. We were headed down the street to the International UFO Museum only eight or so blocks away.

Lobos, Aliens & Nuclear Bombs

Today started out bright and early with a free continental breakfast at the motel. (They even had a waffle maker!) We knew we had to hit the road, so we quickly packed up the room and got in the car to head for Albuquerque. We started the car and the engine made a noise that no one should ever hear when they are on a trip like this. My theory was that the gas we received the day before while leaving the Grand Canyon probably wasn’t “pure”, as it was the only station for many miles. We quickly got new gas and didn’t have any similar problems. We have vowed only to get gas at major brand stations to avoid this problem again.

A Chipped Tooth, The Grand Canyon & Gallup, New Mexico!

Some people probably would have taken it as a bad sign when a quarter of their molar chipped out of their mouth the night before embarking on such a trip as this. Fortunately, I am not one of them. Also on the fortunate side, is the fact that the root for said tooth was dead so I am in no pain. I do however have to deal with the problem eventually.