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Ninja Tricks: Save 35%+ Off Toys at Target & Earn 5X...

Ninja Tricks: Macy's Stack Deals for 70% Off 
How to stack offers and get 35% off + 5X rewards and possible 4X airline miles with Target's one day only toy sale.

Ninja Tricks: Save Big Money & Earn Thousands of Miles for...

Ninja Tricks: Macy's Stack Deals for 70% Off 
How to stack today's increased portal payouts with coupons and many other offers to get extreme savings and earn thousands of miles.

Ninja Tricks: Quintuple Dipping Best Buy to Save Big $$$ (How-To...

Ninja Tricks: Macy's Stack Deals for 70% Off 
Save a ton of money at Best Buy by stacking their current sale with a number of available offers. How-to and a breakdown of the math.

Updates: Club Carlson Status Re-Match Success, Over 70% Off 1-800-Flowers Gift...

Updates on eBay gift card deals, saving over 70% off 1-800-Flowers gift cards and getting re-matched to Club Carlson Gold status.

Ninja Tricks: Why I Bought $1,600 in 1-800-Flowers Gift Cards for...

A look at how I leveraged a recent 1800 Flowers deal to save almost 70% on gift cards and how I plan to use them to bring my total cost close to zero.

How I Just Saved 27% On My Purchase By Paying with...

How paying for a product in a foreign currency can save a lot of money & a recent example where Russian Rubles saved my 27%.

AT&T Paid Me $1,500 in Profit to Switch: My Experience, Strategy...

How I recently switched to AT&T and received about $1,500 in profit after stacking numerous deals. That amounts to 11 months of free service.

Hacking Valentine’s Day? How I Saved Money & Why I Did...

How I saved money on Valentine's Day by taking advantage of circumstances and looking for opportunities.