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Citi to Cut Off Prestige Applications on 8/18? A New Rumor...

A rumor has surfaced that Citi is taking their Prestige out of the market on 8/18? Will this be another refresh or is this once mighty card done for good?

My Last Prestige AA Redemption: 31K (or Less) TOTAL for 4...

American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX Cancellations
Today is the last day to book American Airlines flights at an awesome value with Citi Prestige. I snuck a truly amazing redemption in under the wire to take advantage of a brand new dirt cheap fare.

Citi Prestige Adds New Benefits & Better Bonus, But This is...

A higher bonus and a few new features are coming to the Citi Prestige, but the truth is this card is being heavily devalued (not enhanced) in a little less than a week.

My Decision to Keep or Cancel Citi Prestige & Current Retention...

How I made the decision whether to keep or cancel my Citi Prestige card and a look at the current Citi retention offers for their premium rewards card.

Citi Prestige Admiral’s Club Access Ending for New Cardholders: Should You...

Admiral's Club LAX Remote Terminal seating.
Soon Citi Prestige Admiral's Club Access will be over for new cardholders. Should you apply in the next few days before this benefit disappears forever?

With Rumors of Upcoming Changes, Is Now the Time to Get...

A discussion of Citi Prestige application considerations. Does it make sense to apply soon given rumors of upcoming changes to the bonus and possibly to the card benefits and features.

How Citi Makes It So Easy to Track the Prestige Airline...

The Citi Prestige is a really hot card right now for various reasons, but one of them is the $250 airline credit. Fortunately the company makes it so easy to track how much of the credit you have used. There really is no reason not to easily maximize it.