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A Big Amex Serve Softcard Change Coming & How to Avoid...

Changes Coming to Softcard Serve in 2016 Don't you just hate when someone talks about a good product that has gone away? I have a...

Softcard Is Shutting Down – What Happens to “SoftServe”?

Softcard Referral
Softcard has announced that they will be shutting down completely in the near future. Will account data be transferred to Google Wallet and what does this mean for the Softcard version of Serve?

Make Even More Money! Two New Promotions from Softcard (ISIS).

Softcard Referral
Make up to $150 with the Softcard Referral promotion & another $150 with their new Tap 5 Pay 10 promotion! FInd out all of the promotion terms and details.

New Discover It Bonus, New Deals, Boat Rides & A Massive...

Discover It Amazon.
A new lucrative Discover It bonus offer, a scalable Softcard (ISIS) deal, other gift card promos, the Dubai Ferry & our huge giveaway!

How to Load $500 Per Day to Amex Serve from a...

Serve load limits. Softcard version.
A look at Amex Serve load limits and how to load $500 per day using a debit or credit card if you have the Softcard version.

How To Switch From Bluebird To Serve

Stop giving up free spending. Convert your Bluebird to Serve & take advantage of online credit card loads. Sign up through Softcard & get even higher load limits. Here is how.