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Our visit to the Australia Zoo in early 2008 came at a time not long after Steve Irwin was killed. Since I was a fan of Irwin, visiting was an exciting thing for me. The zoo turned out to be large and impressive and their collection of Australian animals was second to none!

An Amazing Nighttime Experience

During our time in Northern Queensland we visited one of my favorite places of the whole trip. The turtle hatchery at Mon Repos is a protected piece of beach where sea turtles lay their eggs by the thousands. We were blessed enough to watch some of these eggs hatch and the baby turtles make their way into the ocean for the first time!

More BLAH On The Sunshine Coast!

Days 309-311 Saturday-Monday February 23-25, 2008 - Alex Headlands, Sunshine Coast, Australia Unfortunately, I have another post where there is not much to report on. Australia’s...