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Class Action lawsuit Filed Over Walgreens Data Breach

A class cation lawsuit accuses Walgreens of failing to protect customers’ sensitive personal information. The lawsuit that comes after a data breach, says Walgreens waited too long to inform customers.

Gift Card Deals at Safeway, Meijer and Walgreen’s

There's a few gift card deals going on right now. Meijer has a deal on Visa and Happy gift cards, Safeway and affiliated stores have a Mastercard deal and Walgreens a Vanilla Visa deal.

Buy $20-$30 In Gift Cards Get A $10 Bonus At Walgreens

There is a nice deal at Walgreens kicking off today that can net you up to a 33% discount on 6 different brands.

33% Off Brinker Gift Cards at Walgreens

Walgreens has a gift card promotion that could get you a discount of up to 33% off Brinker gift cards. The discount comes in the form of a Walgreens Gift Card.

Save $10 off $50+ at Walgreens with Visa Checkout!

Save up to 20% on your purchases with this new Walgreens Visa Checkout offer!