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REDBird Postmortem – Alternate Liquidation Methods, Closing REDbird, Serve or Bluebird,...

REDbird may have stopped allowing debit & gift card loads. Find out alternative liquidation methods, how to switch from REDbird to Serve or Bluebird, the loading process at Walmart and a lot of other useful information to help you forge a path forward.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Hyatt, My...

Testing out Amex Platinum roaside assitance after blowing a tire on our way to the Hyatt via Walmart on an attempt to load Kate. Why do these things happen right before early morning flights?

Meet Walmart’s New MoneyCenter Kiosk (KATE) – The News Isn’t Good...

Walmart is slowly replacing their old MoneyCenter Express kiosks with a new more limited version of the machine. This new machine is limited, but can it perform Bluebird or Serve reloads?

Are Visa Gift Cards No Longer Working at Walmart to Load...

Several reports have come in saying people are receiving errors when trying to load Visa gift cards to Bluebird or Serve at Walmart. Please share your experiences.

My Account Was Hacked, What Happened & Why You May Need...

My Walmart account was hacked. Find out why you need to check your account and what you should probably do to protect your credit card accounts from something similar.

Walmart Buck$ to Bluebird No Longer Doubling & Why It Matters

Savings Catcher problems.
Walmart's Savings Catcher program has been a very useful tool to save money, however one of its key selling points has died thus making it not as good of a deal.

Moneymaking Office Depot/Officemax Visa Gift Card Deal – Everything You Need...

Office Depot & Officemax are offering $10 off the purchase of 2 $50 Visa gift cards. Find out why this deal may make sense and how a surprise makes it much more profitable.

Walmart Buck$ Transfer to Bluebird Are Still Doubling – Act Fast!

Savings Catcher problems.
Savings Catcher is Walmart's automatic price matching tools for groceries. Since last year they have been running a 2X promotion when transferring to Bluebird. The promotion was supposed to end yesterday, but did it?