Walmart Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Gift Cards

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Walmart Class Action Lawsuit

Walmart Hit with Class Action Lawsuit Over Gift Cards

Walmart has been hit with a class action lawsuit alleging that it sells gift cards that can be tampered with by third parties. The issue is that after customers pay for these cards, they end up with a gift card that has no value.

Some gift cards sold at Walmart have no packaging and are not secured with any other means. That allows individuals to remove the security tape covering the PIN number and record or take a picture of the PIN number. That’s one of the most popular ways for scammers to steal gift cards. The PIN can then be covered again and  looks similar to the original tape so that customers will purchase the cards and load them with money.

Once a customer loads the card, that person who has the number and the PIN, can use it to make purchases on In some cases, Walmart deactivates the card before the customer can use the card.

The lawsuit was filed in August 2018 by a woman in Missouri. She claims that she had purchased two gift cards for her niece and nephew last December, but by the time they received their gift cards and tried to use them the cards had already been used or deactivated.


You should always be careful when purchasing gift cards. They’re a popular gift option for the holidays, but also a favorite for scammers. You can read more here about how to protect yourself, or at least minimize the chances of being scammed.

If you think you might be part of the lawsuit against Walmart, then you can fill out the form here.


  1. I worked at a Loves truck stop and we sold the these gift card. We had to do scan the card add value to the card and you can only put money on the card with cash only. But if you dont do it Wright the card won’t retain the value. But the register will complete the transaction and print out a receipt saying everything is good. What the customer needs to do is call the number provided on the card and check and make sure that the value they placed on the card is really on the card.
    I myself will take the card I just payed for and put money on and move off to the side or if theres a place to sit down and call the phone number on the card and check the balance. If i put 50.00 on the card it should tell you the amount remaining on the card is $50.00 and 0 cents if it tells you the remaining amount is 0 then take the card to the same register you payed for your purchases and with the receipt and tell them that the money was wasnt on the card or cards.

  2. Wasn’t too happy that my Outlook Calendar informed me that I had GC coming by the USPS. I turned that off. Received my Target GC and all six envelopes announced there was a GC inside.

    Based on the theft at the local bulk center near STL and the mail thief numerous airports, the USPS does a lax job vexing new hires.

  3. I would love to see how they are going to prove that the lady never used the gift card from the time she bought it until it was depleted.

    • I had the same thing happened footage was pulled in my case of someone using it in self check out in a store 2 hour away an hour after I bought the card


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