Toys ‘R Us Gift Card WARNING, Current Discounts & My Recent TRU Buying Experience

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Toys 'R Us Gift Card Last Day Warning!

Toys ‘R Us Gift Card Last Day Warning!

Toys ‘R Us is in the middle of liquidating all of its assets and closing down its 800+ U.S. stores. While there has been news of possible buyers, nothing has been finalized and the company in its current form is going away one way or the other. What this means is that Toys ‘R Us gift cards are soon going away as well.

We cover a lot of gift card deals on this site and in the past have written about 10-15% off deals on Toys ‘R Us gift cards. While those deals were often good for resale or to buy merchandise at a discounted price, after today you will LOSE! That is right, today is the LAST DAY to use your Toys ‘R Us gift cards. Tomorrow they will be worthless.

My Toys ‘R Us Buying Experience

Over the past week I have redeemed over $1K in Toys ‘R Us gift cards without any issues. Yesterday I redeemed the last of my gift cards and was SO GLAD to be rid of them. I am sad to see Toys ‘R Us going away but would be even sadder if I was stuck with worthless gift cards.

Right now most stores are advertising up to 40% as part of their liquidation. Truthfully most popular toys are 10-15% off with Legos still only 5% off. While you probably won’t score a great deal considering some of the toys they carry can be found for significantly less elsewhere, something is better than nothing.

Did you burn all of your Toys ‘R Us gift cards? What did you buy? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. They may not be not totally worthless. A holder becomes an unsecured creditors of the estate and may or may not get some recovery. Also, they may become a collector’s item and sell for above face value in time. But don’t hold your breath.


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