Turkish Airlines 30 Million Miles Giveaway

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Turkish Airlines 30 Million Miles Giveaway

Turkish Airlines 30 Million Miles Giveaway

Turkish Airlines is celebrating its 30th anniversary by giving away 30 million miles. Let’s look at the details on how to enter.

The Offer

Enter the sweepstakes and become one of the 30 people who can win 100,000 Miles every month. You need to be a Miles&Smiles member in order to participate. Winners will be announced on the first week of the following month.

You just enter your Miles&Smiles number and your last name and need to answer a question about Turkish Airlines.

Promotion Page

Key Terms

  • Register for a Miles&Smiles account if you don’t have one. It is free to become a Miles&Smiles member.
  • Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles will give 100,000 Miles to 30 people every month from the outset of the competition through December.
  • Users can enter the site (www.30yearsofsmiles.com) after confirming that they are Miles&Smiles members and they will be able to participate in the lottery by answering the questions asked.
  • Participation is free of charge and no purchase is required. Each participant can enter the lottery once a day. You have to be a member of Miles&Smiles to join the competition.
  • From the first month of the competition through december, the winners will be announced on the first day “week” of the next month through the site (www.30yearsofsmiles.com). Notification will be sent to the email addresses of the winners. If the winner does not respond to Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles within 1 week, the award will be transferred. Winners will also be contacted by Turkish Airlines Miles&Smiles or its representatives, so all participants must agree to provide the required up-to-date personal information.
  • The 30 winners will be selected and 100,000 Miles will be distributed each month from March to December.


It’s free miles and it costs nothing to enter. Definitely worth a minute of your time. And let us know if you do get lucky and win some miles!


  1. I tried signing up for Miles&Smiles. The form refused to allow inputting a password. Anybody have this problem? Or know what I can try? (I tried two different browsers)


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