What The Heck? USPS Refuses To Deliver Many Of My Amazon Packages

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USPS Refuses To Deliver My Packages

USPS Refuses To Deliver My Packages From Amazon

This is a first, for me at least.  After almost 15 years of living in our house we all of a sudden can’t get a large portion of our Amazon packages delivered. A few weeks back I started to get notices in my mailbox that I needed to go to the post office to pick up the bulk of my packages.  I was kind of dumbfounded.  I pay Amazon a fee for Amazon Prime which covers my packages being delivered to my house, not the USPS office near my house, but to my actual front door.  The USPS refuses to deliver my packages from Amazon, but why? What changed? And how could I fix this?

USPS Package Delivery Issues

Almost 15 years and I had never needed to go to the post office to pick up a package, not once.  Unless it was a delivery that needed a signature I didn’t see why this would even be a thing. But low and behold, a few weeks back Alexa alerted me to a delivery so I went to my front door. The weird thing was, nothing was there.  I went to the mailbox and there was a pink slip in there saying that I needed to drive 10 minutes away to pick it up because it was too heavy.  What the f$#k?

I stood there for a minute, completely dumbfounded.  I paid Amazon for a product, Amazon then paid USPS to deliver it, but yet I had to go complete the last 5 miles of the delivery? And the item was a case of Gatorade which is substantially cheaper on Amazon then here locally.  We are talking 20 pounds tops, not a massive and heavy object. It made no sense to me.  I ignored it and thought, send it back to Amazon then, I don’t have time for this.

But the next day there was another notice, and another one the day after that. That is when I went to Google for answers.  I was surprised to see that the USPS refuses to deliver packages for many reasons.  But I didn’t see anything about a new weight restriction for deliveries etc. though so I figured I would go to the post office and see what’s up.

USPS Refuses To Deliver My Packages

Picking Up My Packages

Ugh, the post office.  I avoid the place like I will get hepatitis by simply walking through the door.  The lines are long, they move at a sloth’s pace and everyone there is like a first time Spirit Airlines flyer.  How do I ship this, what envelope do I use, how do I fill it out?  EVERYTHING takes FOREVER!  That is why I print off labels at home and simply drop off my packages and walk out the door.

Not this time though, I got hit with that line, the long wait and Kohl’s cash customer service level of questions from the patrons in front of me. After 20 minutes I finally got up to the window and handed in my slips.  I inquired what was going on, were they refusing to deliver Amazon packages with a heavy sticker but he didn’t know anything.  I saw a few more people picking up Amazon boxes as well so I figured this must be some new procedure or something.  He rolled out my packages and I was on my way, 40 minutes lost out of my day to pick up 3 boxes.

Searching For A Solution

Obviously this needed to end ASAP.  I decided to go to the source and contact Amazon.  UPS and the Amazon delivery people had no issue delivering my packages so I just needed to get my stuff from them.  I reached out via chat but the person kicked me to someone higher up who called me right away.

After explaining my issue she took some time to see what she could figure out.  She said there was no way to designate that my stuff only be delivered by UPS or Amazon because of their shipping algorithm.  I found this to be strange since I wouldn’t think it would be impossible but I guess they probably didn’t want the additional cost.  She tried calling USPS but couldn’t get through. After that she filed a complaint with USPS on my behalf and reaffirmed that this should not be happening.

At least I learned that this wasn’t a new procedure with USPS or anything. Or if it was Amazon wasn’t aware of it.  I decided to file a complaint with the USPS myself as well but neither of our complaints produced a response, shocker I know.

USPS Refuses To Deliver My Packages

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

A few weeks later my subscribe and save orders were due to be delivered.  Wouldn’t you know, almost all of them were held at the post office instead of delivered.  Some items were updated on Amazon that I needed to pick them up, others were marked as delivered to my mailbox. No notices were left in my mailbox this time around either.  That second one is a problem because in Amazon’s system it shows that I received my product when I didn’t.  If I wasn’t paying attention I wouldn’t notice I was billed for it, never received it or be alerted that it was at the USPS depot.  This is unacceptable.

Once the boxes started building up, off to the post office I went.  After 30 minutes in line I got a supervisor who was running around trying to do 5 things at once, which means he accomplished basically nothing for anyone.  It took a while, but he finally brought out my 3 boxes in a cart. That is when I asked, so is the USPS not delivering anything with a heavy sticker on it now?  He said that they should be delivered but my carrier has a restriction from their doctor and they can’t lift heavy boxes.  Finally I had an answer.

I Still Find A Ton Of Issues With This Response

I am glad to finally figure out what is going on here but I am still less than pleased with the response USPS has to the issue.  One, why not inform the people on the route that heavy packages won’t be delivered for a while.  He was unable to tell me an approximate time frame for normal deliveries either.

Next, why wouldn’t they have someone else deliver the heavy packages, ride along, put the carrier on a different job that didn’t require heavy lifting etc.  In my old job if we had a driver with restrictions we sent someone with them to do the heavy lifting.  We didn’t ask the customer to come to the truck and grab their stuff.  That isn’t how things work.

If you can’t figure out a way to get help why not get them a dolly or two wheeler for packages etc.  I feel like there were a lot of potential solutions here but they went with the laziest option and said, hey guy you take care of this yourself.  It would be one thing if their was a quick pick up system, a locker I could grab them from or literally anything that didn’t cost me an hour every time I have an order.

Final Thoughts

Since the USPS refuses to deliver my packages from Amazon until restrictions are lifted I have canceled many of my “heavier” items.  I guess I will test it again in a few months and see if my postal carrier is off restrictions.  The lack of communication is frustrating but the solution is simply maddening. Having your customers take care of your issues is not how you do business but it isn’t all that surprising since it is the USPS. There were a lot of potential fixes they could have gone with but having me waste an hour of my time to complete their job is the one they decided to go with.

If you ever run into a similar issue hopefully you now know what will work and what won’t now.

Mark Ostermann
Mark Ostermann is a father, husband and miles/points fanatic. He left the corporate world after starting a family in order to be a stay at home dad. Mark is constantly looking at ways to save money and stay within budget while also taking awesome vacations with his family. When he isn't caring for his family or taking a weekend trip, Mark is working towards his goal of visiting every Major League Baseball ballpark.

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  1. Similar issue here. We order dog food from Amazon that comes in 40 pound bags. We constantly get “can’t deliver, box is full, over carrier weight limit, no notice at all.”. Try to reschedule delivery. Put in the comments “deliver to front door. Use driveway to get to flat property (we live on a hill) package weighs 40lbs, plan accordingly”. Come home to another note saying above carrier weight limit. They need to not accept packages that are above weight limits. I feel for people that are injured, I myself have a shoulder injury that restricts me some. But I don’t claim to be able to lift 60 lbs with that shoulder and take jobs requiring it. We have cancelled Amazon prime, and anything we try to order that says USPS delivery, we walk away from.

    To those saying “just drive to the store and get your own heavy things” not everyone drives or has the ability to do that.

    • Same issue here. I have had several packages with no weight issue not be delivered per my request to front door. What is wrong with this company?

      I currently have 3 packages, all got a pink slip, I requested re-delivery and I have waited for 5 days with no(!) Redelivery to my front door per my note to USPS in the note section. I have had 2 packages be returned to Amazon due to this issue. Now I have to take time off of work to go pick up 3 packages that USPS cannot figure out to deliver as requested. This company is horrible. I pay for the delivery to my door, it is unacceptable for them not to follow requested procedure.

  2. Amazon became really bad in delivery when they switched mostly from UPS, FedEx to USPS and their own delivery contract drivers. Both do a horrible job at delivering packages in a timely manner. I have experienced several orders that end up days later then indicated by Amazon. A few even have ended up in no man’s land somewhere in between leaving Amazon facility and USPS. One was delivered over a month later! I’m paying $139 for this bad service? I mean I could order from anywhere and get the same free delivery time frame? I pay a Prime membership to receive better service not worse.

    • Well I’m having the same issue and I think it’s wrong for Amazon to not do anything about this one they’re getting paid getting paid for what. We’re the customers they’re the ones that are supposed to be doing something to correct this matter. For it’s gotten way out of hand. Why is Amazon getting paid all this money for nothing when we’re not even getting what we need. I am disabled and every other day because I ordered from Amazon I am disabled they state or he states that he has tried to attempt delivery. Lies lies lies on the USPS guy. And another thing I don’t order nothing that’s heavy everything I have is little bitty things for in our town we cannot order groceries from Amazon because it won’t get delivered so what going on with this it’s like a thief in the night we’re getting ripped off. I believe I lost it should be done I believe someone has to do something about this because it’s been going on too long and I’m grateful that I read on this and I started looking into it. Because I’m not the only one that’s wrong it’s like the United States postal service is taking everyone for granted they don’t care and Amazon is as well because they don’t care to even know about the package doesn’t have been billed for many things that I have not even received and they do not believe me Amazon doesn’t believe me so they take it out on a double. I’m done with this I don’t know what to do anymore.
      I believe I might go back to Walmart and delivery for day care about their customers and they don’t let it slide and go by on and on and on and on and on like Amazon does not do anything about it. What is going to happen is that Amazon is going to lose all their customers and they’re going to go back to Walmart and see where they’re going to be sitting on. For the negligence of being the company they’re supposed to be in represent.

  3. This is maddening to read, given my recent situation– I was defrauded into a single family home (it was low-income housing advertised as super expensive, non-low-income housing, so the owners got a massive subsidy and I paid premium) in a city I moved to for grad school, that didn’t not just have a mailbox– it had a “community box.” And not just that. It was located a block away in the middle of an empty, abandoned lot. Not paved. Not maintained in any way. I’m severely disabled and it was completely ADA inaccessible. The realtor who defrauded me knew I was disabled– I told her explicitly, and she still intentionally didn’t notify me of this.

    So, I file the appropriate paperwork with USPS for front-door delivery. In fact, I offered to put up a mailbox on the curb in front of my house to just have REGULAR single-family-home mail delivery, despite my severe disabled status qualifying me for front-door delivery. Well, what did they do? They couldn’t NOT approve it given that would be an ADA violation. So they just refused to approve or decline the paperwork/request. It’s been 8 months, and I never got an answer. I ended up moving to a rural area outside of the hell-hole city I lived in where we have mailboxes outside our homes and the local service people (like waste removal) actually comply with disabled pick-up requests. The waste management people didn’t get my garbage when I moved in (I now have back-door/side of the house trash removal, courtesy of the city, and all it took was 1 note from my doctor) and the manager came back on the Friday evening (it’s Friday pickup) and apologized to me personally, took it away, and ensured it would never happen again.

    To think that USPS has the gall to insist their carrier can’t do their damn job and drop off regular sized boxes but demands disabled customers like myself trek onto unpaved, abandoned lots to break their legs because they don’t want to deliver to the curb in front of my house is absolutely maddening.

  4. The best solution is just stop using Amazon, that’s what I did after they said there was nothing they could do to prevent USPS shipments.
    In my case the USPS does not deliver to my area at all so everything needs a trip to the post office.

  5. I do not feel sorry for them, when you apply for the job you have to be able to carry 70lbs, why? If they don’t deliver my packages? They never ever deliver my packages to me, even when we had Covid they still made us pick them up! They are rude and disrespectful! My post office is in Ridgeley, WV. They made up pay the price for turning them into the USPS, they withheld our mail for over 3 months, we had to go to the P.O. Everyday for every piece of mail! I complained and they made our lives hell! I went to the top at USPS and no one ever returned a call! I will never buy from Amazon again, I use Wal-Mart subscription service and they deliver it to my door, even heavy packages and are paid a tenth of what USPS pays! Just change to Wal+mart, it’s so much cheaper than Amazon and you can get it the same day or the next!

  6. You’re heavy parcels is probably what have that poor
    Carrier an injury I feel bad for them just go to the store and purchase heavy items postal trucks don’t have lifters or Ramps on their vehicles or anyone to help them lift it ( heavy stickers say team lift) unless you want to wait for him or her when they deliver and help them carry it to your door

    • Why have weight limits on packages? If it is to heavy for the driver, then they should have never accepted it to begin with! My son works at UPS and he delivers oversized and heavy packages because he was hired to do so, just like USPS! If you can’t do the job then get someone who can, that simple!

  7. We are having a similar issue. Im in a rual area and post is delivered with personal vehicles. Its over 1hr round trip to my post office. Anything oversized should be sent ups. But it never is.

  8. I live and work on a rural Texas cattle ranch just south of the DFW metroplex. We mostly had no serious issues with Amazon packages delivered by USPS other than the fact that they have always left them outside of our electric gate entrance. USPS refuses to enter a private residence property (non commercial) which requires a gate code (unlike UPS or FedEx). We were told years ago that this was policy.

    Then in 2020 when the new Postmaster came onboard everything changed! To access our rural ranch you must drive 1/8 mile down a private road (one lane wide) off of the two lane county road. If you refuse to enter our property (won’t use the gate code) then to exit you must back up (in reverse gear) that same private road at least 1/16 mile (until you reach our front neighbor’s private driveway) in order to turn around and leave.

    USPS now says (per several USPS managers) it’s policy that carriers (Postal Employees) cannot “back up” on private rural roads in order to exit a location anymore. USPS subcontractors (non employees) can do this. USPS carriers ARE allowed to “back up” on private residential urban roads or commercial properties to exit locations – ONLY NOT on private residential rural roads! Basically if you’re a rural residential USPS customer they no longer care about you or your service. That’s because there are simply too few of us anymore (everyone has moved to the cities).

    As a result the only Amazon packages that will be delivered to our rural location anymore are those that can fit in our mailbox on the county road. All other packages (PS this means ANY packages not just those from Amazon) that cannot fit in the mailbox are now held for pickup at our local Post Office which is 10 miles away with horribly long waits even on good days.

    We’re huge buyers on Amazon. As long time Prime members I complained LOUDLY to Amazon and forced them to create an “escalation ticket” (ask an Amazon Team Lead to do this). Make sure the Team Lead documents your request in an email to you and includes the escalation ticket number for future reference. Amazon CAN flag your account for “preferred shippers” which in our case is anyone other than USPS.

    This means, once the escalation ticket is approved, that Amazon will ‘avoid’ shipping your items via USPS. This is not a guarantee and only applies to items shipped by Amazon, not those shipped by third party sellers. Yes, it applies to items sold by third party sellers but shipped by Amazon. Again, this change to your account is not a full time guarantee because sometimes the only shipper an Amazon location can use for certain items is USPS. However it will reduce the number of Amazon packages shipped to your location by USPS.

    For third party seller items we look for those where we can specify UPS or FedEx delivery or buy the item on another platform that can do this. For now we remain royally screwed by USPS. These USPS “new policies” clearly revolve around charging more and more for doing less and less (much less) if not absolutely as little as possible.

    PPS on our last pickup at the Post Office they couldn’t find all of our packages. The reason? Because there are now so many packages being held for customers to pickup at our local Post Office that they’ve been forced to call for trailers to temporarily store these excess packages in. This causes the Post Office staff to lose track of where individual packages are located on the Post Office grounds. LOL

    • I am having the same issue. Our delivery person uses her own vehicle. Apparently, after 16 years of her delivering to our side porch, she wants us to put a big container halfway up the driveway. Most times after we put a large plastic container where requested, the package was put on top of it. I got fed up and got rid of the container. Now she only delivers packages that fit in the mailbox. We have a steep driveway, but we endeavor to keep it driveable. Her vehicle has difficulty with brakes or something. Why is it my responsibility to do her job by going and getting my package because she doesn’t have the right equipment to do the job. Fed up and Frustrated

  9. Amazon has their own delivery service and are required to drop packages off at a door or in a convenient location. Since Amazon doesn’t not have a contract with USPS any longer they are not allowed to use mailboxes to drop off. Unless an agreement exists between a package carrier and the USPS, then the post office is acting in accordance with federal law. Otherwise postage is due for any item delivered to a mailbox. Amazon employees are told this explicitly during their training.

  10. I am struggling with this as well with an Amazon package. Mine was 36″ x 48″. I got a notice that it wouldn’t fit in my mailbox (no kidding). After 4 chats with Amazon and a week waiting for the two day delivery, Amazon said that “it must be lost. we will send you another with guaranteed 2 day delivery.” Before I could ask for another carrier, the chat person disconnected. Fast forward 2 days and it was shipped by USPS. It made it to my local post office then:

    6:30 AM “Package out for delivery”
    6:32 AM “Delivery Attempt Failed”

    When I was finally able to call someone from the post office the guy told me that the carrier was too busy and they would not deliver my package.

    What I found super infuriating was that there is no recourse and no way to complain. The USPS complaint form allows you to fill out 5 pages of info then on the final page throws an error. I found an email for the local post master. The email bounced.

    I work while the post office is open and don’t drive currently due to a medical condition. Why is it too much to ask that they deliver a package that they are paid to deliver? I lose an hour plus of work plus a round-trip Uber cost to pick up something that they should deliver.

    Is there any way at all to actually file a complaint or that the USPS gets held accountable for not doing their job?

  11. Every time I choose next day delivery and Amazon passes my package off to USPS, I never get my package the next day. Amazon says my package is out for delivery, Yet USPS says the opposite. Amazon drops off my package to USPS like 3am. That’s more than enough time to get my packages when Amazon said I should.USPS is a POS. What’s the point of having prime Next Day Delivery.

    • My next day often gets marked undeliverable. I think so they don’t miss Amazons requirement and get docked for it.

  12. I thought I was the only one having these issues, but turns out there are others. I had an issue w/ a heavy package not being delivered by the USPS. Amazon sent it via USPS and the post office refused to deliver it 3x. The funny thing is, they didn’t even attempt to deliver it. They literally slapped the piece of paper on my mailbox and wrote in pen “Item cannot fit in the mailbox”. No kidding it can’t, but they didn’t even attempt to deliver it. After a lot of back and forth w/ Amazon Logistics, I was told by a supervisor that Amazon has a contract w/ USPS and that USPS guarantees that they can and will deliver the product to the customers. This is only what I was told on the phone by Amazon. So it sounds like the USPS carriers got this dumped on them, although they are supposed to deliver packages from USPS anyways. They probably have more due to Amazon. Like another person posted above, I asked they do not deliver my packages w/ USPS, but they said they cannot guarantee that it doesn’t happen. Such is life.

    • Sorry to hear that Byron. Yeah they didn’t have room on the truck or want to take it so they just give you the notice to go pick it up instead of deliver it. Sad reality these days.

  13. I have had the same issue with USPS and not for heavy packages, as mine rarely are. I work from home, so get a lot of deliveries here. I also have a diabetic child, so we rely on packages being delivered and on time as many are medical supplies.

    • My husbands oxygen supplies and his inhalers are too heavy to be delivered? He struggles to get to the post office, and when I asked them if they could deliver they told me off and kept his supplies longer, and he suffered bad because of it! If we complain then they hold our mail from us! This is abusive behavior, where can we file a complaint? If anyone knows please let me know, I’m not filling out their huge complaint form just to have it not send! No wonder we use the phrase “going postal”

  14. This has been an issue for me, as well. The local USPS is apparently content to blatantly lie to avoid dealing with my deliveries, including claiming that packages are lost, claiming that my mailbox is too full to deliver something that would never go into a mail box, claiming that I personally requested for my mail to be held, or just outright not giving an excuse and just demanding I drive to pick my stuff up. My requests for assistance are just met with redelivery dates that are never met, or promises of callbacks which never come. I have zero faith in my local post office any more, and I suspect they’re lying to cover up their lack of resources due to the changes enacted by Postmaster DeJoy.

    Fortunately, it seems that Amazon’s policies have changed in the months since this article was written. I went to Amazon customer service, and have been assured (after my third item delivery failure) that the USPS would no longer be used for orders with my Prime account in the future. It remains to be seen if this adjustment will actually work, but for now, I’m at least satisfied that Amazon is trying to mitigate the issue.

    • That is good news Alex that Amazon is willing to do it now. Let us know if it was just words or if it actually happens so I can update the article as that being an option now 🙂

  15. One glaring issue that has hampered delivery problems if COVID. It has hit every company. Thanks to Congress post offices began to experience labor shortages. Carriers who didn’t take off were mandated to work up to 12 hours a day 6 days a week. This alone will lead to injuries! I will add that there are carriers who took advantage of free pay merely because they feared contracting Covid.

    I spent 21 years at the USPS, retiring in 2005. Before I started in 1984 I used to think, what a cushy job. It didn’t take long for my thinking to change.

    In a non-covid environment, a CCA or PTF or Overtime desired list employee would have delivered your packages.

    USPS management should have informed you of delays or non delivery, no excuse for their failures.

    The Postal Service wants to you understand a new form of leave that has been created for federal workers, including USPS employees, in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

    The new leave, emergency federal employee leave (EFEL), was established under the American Rescue Plan Act, a law that took effect March 11.

    The U.S. Office of Personnel Management, which is overseeing implementation of EFEL, finalized its guidance on the leave April 29.

    Under the American Rescue Plan Act, full-time federal employees are eligible to receive up to 600 hours of paid leave when they are unable to work (including telework) because of a qualifying COVID-19-related reason.

  16. Jesus!! You’re complaining because a letter carrier is unable to deliver Gatorade to your door. Ummm ordering cases of Gatorade online is the epitome of laziness. What if everyone on the mail route orders nonsense like this…like my grandfather used to say… are your legs broken?

    • Shannon – did you actually read it? I order them because it is the cheapest option by far. Should I pay more because the USPS can’t do the job they were paid for. As my grandfather used to say, reading comprehension is a lost art form 🙂

    • Missing the point. The service paid for was home shipping. The service received was moving the product from one warehouse to another (the USPS office). Where’s the value in that? In my case, the Amazon depot is literally closer than the post office — it would be both faster and cheaper for me to drive to the Amazon fulfillment center and pick my stuff up. USPS is the absolute worst.

  17. Wow and I thought I was the only one who had a delivery problem with Amazon. I’ve lived in Sevierville TN for 7 years, 6 years at my present address and been getting my packages that wont fit in the locked mail boxes delivered to my cabin with no problem until about a year ago. The USPS will deliver small packages but that’s it. I called and called my local office and they never answer the phone, ok I went there in person and asked why I can’t get my Amazon packages delivered, he shrugged his shoulders. This happened twice. Then I askes for the post master, he was on leave. Talked to the supervisor, he wrote down what I was saying, I’ll let you know asap. NOT…I also filed 2 complaints, nothing. He let it slip that this is happening because of employees complaining about brining packages to peoples homes. So its the union that stopped the deliveries to our door. Yes, really, this is what the supervisor said. I believe him. If enough postal carriers complain the union comes in and ends it via voting. Excuse me but delivering mail is what the USPS is suppose to do be it “rain or shine or dark of night” etc…If you can’t lift packages you have no business working there. The post office is a 30 mile round trip for me, I have a torn shoulder and can’t carry anything heavy including a cup of coffee (maybe I should get a job there). I explained this to them. I order what food I can from Amazon to make things a bit easier. Now its worse then ever and have no one to help and no health insurance to have surgery, but that’s my problem. Is this 2021? Is something so simple really happening when the world has major health pandemic, tens of thousands of people passing away alone, children hungry, people being thrown out of their home because they can’t buy food and pay rent along with a thousand other things. Come on USPS is this what your suppose to do, or is it?? Shame, shame shame on you. Thanks for listening. God bless America.

    • Sorry to hear! But you still have a sense of humor. And hopefully a long straw for that heavy coffee cup. Espresso beans are light & nonperishable if kept cool… STOK coffee “shots” are great and light too.

  18. I have the same issue with my mail carrier. She started complaining last fall about having to come up my driveway to the house. She stated she loses 15 min every day she has to deliver. So, I set my stopwatch and drove to my mailbox, got out and went to the back of my car like I was getting something,, then back to my house 2 minutes 34 seconds.
    Today while delivering my subscribe and save, she informed me that “because she had to make a special trip back to the post office for my items”. She also stated that when she has to do that, it costs the postal service $50. She said her supervisors informed her that I continue to receive more than a couple packages, I will have to get them at the post office. I called Amazon and they found that she had filed them in to be redirected to another address. Said at customers request which I NEVER requested. After telling me I had to order less because they aren’t equipped to handle orders like mine (2 large boxes, 3 medium boxes, and 2 small), this is what now shows on my delivery details
    “An address redirection agreement is in place between the customer and the carrier. Package will be forwarded to the requested address.” There was no agreement nor was a change in the address requested.

    • That is pure craziness. I would file a complaint with the Postmaster General that they changed this without your knowledge.

  19. Well that’s bad but listen to this: Whether the order is from Amazon or not, USPS will not deliver ANY mail at ALL downtown Ridgefield, Washington on the south side of Main Street. For no reason at all. And City Hall doesn’t care. Everyone has to pay $130/year for a PO Box. It is corrupt & none of the attorneys care either.

  20. If you really want to know all the reasons your article is in so many ways right and in so many more ways wrong why not get a Jonas a rural Carrier? If you have never done it you really have no clue. Most don’t last a week.

  21. In follow up to this, My Amazon delivery of a 12 pack of Evian 1.5 liter water was shipped upside down. The Evian box was placed upside down in a bigger brown box and shipped with the neck of the bottle on the bottom. All 12 bottles were crushed with the caps sunken into the body of bottle. They are drinkable from the bottle.

    Amazon did give an immediate refund. I appreciate this. Amazon is good but some workers for whatever contractor or merchant they use doesn’t realize it’s important to orientate the package a certain way.

    This is the last time I will order anything over 1 liter bottles from Amazon. Anything bigger can get crushed because the necks are longer. A 1 liter should be ok.

  22. Amazon here in Canada has the same issue with UPS and Fed Ex except the warehouse they send the packages back to is 30 kms away from downtown. Want to see some pissed off people. They uber to this warehouse. Only to be told its out for delivery again. Then they have the slip in their mailbox when they get home. Total BS. Just order to the Amazon locker if you can.

  23. USPS definitely has gone down the drain in the past few years.
    I asked them to hold my mail while I went on a 3 week trip, marked ‘I will pick up at post office’ once the hold is up. Came back, went to post office, they said my mail isn’t there. 2-3 days of searching, they tell me it’s been delivered to my mailbox. I definitely did not have 3 weeks of mail in my tiny apartment mailbox, so they did not deliver it. I go back and they say they don’t have it and continued to say they delivered it. They took my number and said they’ll contact the deliveryperson… got nothing out of it.
    This was 2 years ago and to this day I don’t know what happened to those 3 weeks of mail.

  24. The Post Office should reassign the mail man with a lifting restriction to a job that does NOT require lifting. Clearly, he cannot meet the job standards of his position and needs reassignment. The customer should not suffer.

  25. Some of these responses reflect our increasingly spoiled culture. No, your Prime agreement doesn’t guarantee that your package will arrive in a timely matter or exactly where you would like it to be placed. Amazon loses money on shipping Prime orders, even using their own contract delivery drivers. Prime members spend more than the average bear and are stickier (that’s meant to be figurative). As we found out during the Covid slowdowns, Amazon can and will make delivery/stocking decisions that aren’t convenient.
    If you think USPS is the worst, you don’t ship for a living. My small business sent over 6,000 packages last year, 90% of them through the Post Office. Everything did not go smoothly at the end of the year but during the height of the slowdowns, USPS was excellent. My local PO is the best in my state, not everyone is so lucky. As with any organization/business, there is variability across the country. Even a standardized business like McDonalds has varying levels of service. Around here the Amazon contract drivers seem to get paid by how fast they can toss a package out the window like they are delivering newspapers (ask your dad). I’ve had a UPS package returned to me with tire tracks on it and they refuse to pay for the damage. Fedex seems to do better but in Q4, all bets are off.

    • My thoughts exactly..spoiled culture. Maybe some of these people should put the blame on USPS higher ups rather than their carriers. Many offices are not equipped with proper equipment to handle these huge/heavy and often times off balanced packages! USPS use to mainly be based off letters/flats/magazines. Now, they want to be Fedex/UPS… but have not provided proper handling equipment to their workers. Resulting in injury, ect ect..not to mention…did you know that there are a good amount of rural usps workers that are not being compensated for delivering those amazon packages? Thanks to our wonderful union, and USPS. You know what’s a breath of fresh air? An older gentleman coming in, with yummy baked goods…more then happy to pick up his packages(no notice needed)..versus the spoiled”I paid for delivery to my front door”!! brats… Stop being selfish for once…oh I’d love them to walk in a carriers shoes for 70 miles

      • Used to work for a company that delivered heavy items daily so I have been in those shoes 😉 and those people paid for a service that our employees had to be physically fit to be able to do. If they weren’t physically fit (injured) we sent someone with to do it for them. You know what we didn’t do? Ask our customer to walk out to the truck or come to our office and tell them to pick it up. They paid for a service and we delivered it.

        As I said get the carriers a dolly for these 20 lbs packages if you need to. Never said it was the carriers fault said it was the USPS’ fault for not putting someone on the route that could physically handle the job or give them the proper equipment.

        • When you walk onto a job expecting that,(heavy packages) and that’s how you are compensated I agree. When your all of a sudden thrown in it, not compensated, no proper equipment, and they are expecting you to ‘carry’, way over a safe threshold, I think I’d prefer the pissed off customer, over my physical well-being elderly self. Sorry spoiled culture, click and buy from their couch and can’t even get up to grab their packages if they see you coming. Nobody wants to work for free. You want to be a do gooder, bravo for you.

          • I think this falls squarely on the USPS for sure. If the carrier can not physically perform the job they need to supplement them with the tools to do so or put them somewhere why they can perform the duties. Once they took on that Amazon contract they need to perform the work required. I hope they pull out from providing the service in the future since they can’t handle it but they will never walk away from the money.

        • Dolly? Does the dolly take the package the carrier is restricted from lifting out of the vehicle and load it on the dolly? How does the carrier lift the dolly if that is beyond his/her weight restriction? Have you seen a postal vehicle. Where does a second person fit in the vehicle. Theres a huge tray for mail. no place for a seat. Strap to roof? Stick to doing your baseball field visits and being a child the rest of your life.

          • Did I specify to get a dolly for my carrier? I meant for anyone that requires it to help deliver packages. If they are unable to physically perform the job then it shouldn’t be their job. Once the USPS agreed to take on the business it is up to them to figure out how to make it work. That is how the world works outside of a government job – something I know about that you seem to struggle with Nick.

      • Yes, agree 100%. Many USPS delivery drivers did not sign up to be Amazon’s delivery people and they have not received any more compensation to deliver your 6 big boxes in one day. They do not have vehicles that can hold all the crap people order from Amazon. The better idea is to get Amazon to deliver their own stuff through their delivery service. Call Amazon and get their delivery in your area, they are literally breaking the backs of the USPS employees.

  26. When Dejoy is kicked to the curb, Amazon won’t have problems with USPS any longer. The final USPS board member will be confirmed soon. So he(Dejoy) should be out in a couple of months.

    • Its not Dejoy instructing postal employees to not deliver. Its your local postal postmasters & managers. Not every office is bad just the ones ran by bad managers. Your the problem with society today. Jump on a bandwagon and place blame blindly. Ive worked in several offices and only the one In. Tempe/Apache in Az has managers that instruct carriers to NOT deliver packages. Speak of what you know so you dont look ignorant .

  27. Yes, the USPS service in general is getting worse. I recently ordered a large package from Amazon and received a pink notice that it could not be delivered because my “mailbox is full”. That package wouldn’t have fit in my mailbox by any stretch of the imagination. I put in a complaint with Amazon, who probably has more pull with the USPS than I do. Hopefully they’ll find another carrier if USPS isn’t going to do its job.

    • Most, if not all packages USPS gets from Amazon have “Carrier – Deliver If No Response” on the label. Carriers should deliver to the door if we can’t fit it in a mailbox. We are supposed to leave in a secure spot. But if it gets stolen/weather exposed after we leave it, Amazon is responsible because of that statement. Safety is a consideration though. If there is a dog in the yard, I’m not taking a chance of getting bit even if your dog is the nicest dog to you and your family. But animals tend to be a lesser occurrence at most addresses. Sounds like the carrier didn’t do their job.

    • I have had Amazon for a long time, I have ordered all kinds of things.In the past anything that I ordered was delivered either to my mailbox or to my house. Now for the last 8 months anything of any any size or weight ( over 5 lbs) isn’t being delivered. I have called Amazon , and twice I was told it would take 3 weeks and they would switch me to ups. Well, that didn’t happen. This last time, I ordered something and it didn’t arrive, once again on Amazon it stated that the mailboxes were full and the package would be delivered the next day.when I went to my mailbox, there was a slip stating I needed to go to the post office to get the package because it was to heavy ( 21 lbs). I called Amazon, and told the guy that I was supposed to be getting items from Amazon delivered by ups not the usps.He told me that was a lie. That Amazon has a contract with usps, and items bought directly are shipped by usps. Well, anyway the post office called me after I had filed the complaint and told me that since I’m a prime member and any package of any size that won’t fit in my mailbox will no longer be delivered to my home because of the shipping rate Amazon has with the Post Office.

  28. Mark,
    I believe it might be your current mail carrier/delivery person.
    We can tell the difference when our regular (wonderful) delivery person is on vacation.
    Some of the replacement people are clearly not as gracious or motivated.
    It is after all, and enormous entity. Any business has amazing employees, and some that will do as little as possible.

    • Our old guy was amazing. So much with all things service depends on the person that you have contact with for sure.

  29. My guess is that this is a new situation that will pull billions from the USPS as Amazon and others will be forced to look to Fedex and UPS for actual delivery where Prime vans aren’t available. I do like the comparision of the USPS to Kohls but I am concerned over the impact of @George’s Echo chamber that he is buying into on his he/him’s mental health. Covid effected everyone. It didn’t dispportionatliy impact the poor or black and brown people. In fact I’m a middle class average wage household who went through 2020 without a job for 6 months of that year and could not qualify for the stimulus payments, internet relief (free phone/internet) payment or a myriad of other programs. While lower income individuals bought big screen TV’s in from of me at Walmart I had to check my bank to see how much cash I had left to buy my family basic groceries. And guess what? yes I did order some food from Amazon. Our USPS carrier is awesome in our rural area but if they have rules she can’t break it matters little.

    • Unless your taxes for the previous year showed an income of over $75,000, then you qualified for all three of the stimulus payments ($1,600, then $600, and $1,400). Those payments were not dependent on anything at all. If you’re an American, you get those payments.

      • I’m an American who made zero in 2020. I got no stimulus checks, nor did my fiancé. There are all kinds of reasons that some Americans didn’t get any stimulus checks.

    • I’m in the Bronx, New York. For multiple periods last year, mail came one or two days a week, with all the stuff that had been in my daily Informed Delivery emails coming at once. I did understand last spring, but didn’t understand last fall. And, that’s the stuff that does show up. I have had a number of things in my informed Delivery emails never come. And, those with a tracking number…if you fill out the form to inquire about it when it never shows up (not that I think it will somehow appear because I filled out the form, but, there is a form online.) the only replies you get are an acknowledgement that you submitted the form, and a survey a week later asking you to rate the response they never provided. I mailed a Priority Mail package on April 27. It’s been moving around the USPS, with probably 15-20 scans so far, so, it isn’t lost, but it keeps moving around and never getting there.

  30. I think Mark has a legitimate complaint. At first I thought you were getting very heavy parcels. I think the USPS limit is 70 or 75lbs. But unfortunately the USPS, my employer, forgets that Service is part of our name. You may want to try contacting the Postmaster of your city, see if that helps.

  31. I hate the USPS more than I gate Citi. When I was a kid, we had an AMAZING carrier serving our house, but he retired years ago, and the guy doing it now SUCKS SO BAD.

    One time I was expecting a registered mail delivery to my house. I was home all day, but no knock at the door. Late in the afternoon, I go out to my mailbox and find one of those slips that says the carrier attempted delivery (which was bullshit – my study is literally feet from our front door). I call the post office and complain, and the supervisor I spoke to was the most lazy and incompetent person I’ve ever interacted with. He told me that carrier attempted to deliver the package, and I said that wasn’t true, I was home all day. He told me the carrier was right and I was wrong. Asked him if he was saying that I didn’t know who came to my house when I was home all day. He said yes. I was so pissed I could’ve punched a hole through the wall.

    • The post office is horrible. This is why (in my opinion) we need a smaller government, not a bigger government. The private sector is run better since they are actually motivated by a profit and can be fired.

    • I have had that happen where they are in a rush and don’t wanna come to the door so just put a no one home notice before. Sucks that you needed it that day.

  32. Now you know how we plebeians feel when we have to deal with those insane airline rules and constantly shifting “policies” imposed on us from on high.
    Living as I do in a rural area, I am also a heavy user of Amazon, but I wouldn’t use them to deliver bulk beverages I can buy for the same price at the Kroger just down the hill. I order online what I can’t get locally.

    • Not that I see a necessity to order that particular item, but I assume you’re suggestion to people who don’t drive, don’t have any decent supermarkets left after landlords jacked up rents and shoved them out, leaving inferior, overpriced, limited selection monopolists, and who can’t haul stuff home up the hill from another neighborhood is ‘eat crap’.

  33. We have a street address and a post office box. We do not get mail st the street address. IF I knew how Amazon was shipping, I would use the appropriate address. They use: USPS, FedEx, On track, Amazon delivery and UPS. I have guessed wrong, and have had packags returned to Amazon as undeliverable. Frequently Amazon’s order page will reject the PO box, even if it’s second line — and then they ship USPS or Sure post . I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with Amazon to no avail.

  34. Free shipping. Period

    I can’t understand how you expect carriers to deliver cases of water at the same price at the B&M stores.

    Seriously you guys need to understand the costs of shipping items to your door and understand free shipping is slapping a label on an item and hoping it gets there in one piece.

    • That’s not the responsibility of the consumer. Amazon and the carrier need to figure that out and increase prices if they have an issue. There’s no grey area here and in my opinion it’s pretty cut and dry.

    • That’s right. Mark, you knew what you were doing. You saw the price. Unless you don’t have basic common sense, you obviously knew that Amazon wasn’t offering full delivery in useable condition. It was obviously being offered in a where is, as is location and condition delivery option

  35. My oh my how the comments on this post have gone off the rails. Nonsense election conspiracy theories, uninformed griping about postal carrier benefits, and complaints that someone is “stuck” using the postal service because they are too lazy to travel to their supposedly preferred carriers. By and large, the postal service is great at what they do, and it’s pretty hilarious to act as though private carriers are so much better. Just two days ago, I got a package sent in February by overnight ups. Yes, it was finally located three months after it was sent. Seriously none of these carriers are perfect but I know it’s fun for the anti government types to spout nonsense about the Usps or make apples to oranges comparisons between Usps and fedex/ups. Well, I guess these posts are good clickbait and I guess I fell for it too.

    • They all have their issues for sure. Especially these days – things getting lost right and left and taking forever lol.

    • I guess if you’d spent 24 years mailing a small weekly community newspaper out to your subscribers and seeing the costs increase dramatically over the years while service decreased even more dramatically to the point where you lost multiple out of state subscribers, you might see it differently.

    • I’ve had multiple incidents where USPS refused to deliver a package with no explanation, and I was forced to walk half-way across town (I don’t have a car and traveling by bus or rental E-bike is extremely inconvenient for carrying larger packages) to pick up the package that should have been delivered.

      It’s not an anti-government situation here – if anything, better government oversight of USPS would help alleviate these issues. The problem is incompetence and laziness at the low end, apathy among middle level management and corruption among the higher-ups.

  36. Terrible news but I’m glad you at least discovered the problem. The USPS is an amazing service overall but unfortunately that system apparently doesn’t deal well with certain issues, particularly at present. We have the world’s best carrier at home so we lucked out but my heart really goes out to you having to deal with that mess. Hopefully the incoming Board of the USPS will choose a competent Postmaster General and crazy stuff like you’re experiencing will become more rare.

    • You’re misinformed if you think more unionist management of the USPS will change it. It’s sucked for 15 years. The current postmaster general has tried to make changes that bring the USPS into the 21st century. He’s been impeded by unionist thugs who intimidate and guarantee poor performance. It’s unfair to blame the postmaster general because postal workers throw mail in the street or in the trash or pretend to make deliveries when they don’t.

      • The postmaster is awful. The USPS has one job: delivering letters and packages and he’s trying to cut that down. We need a competent replacement for this guy who was unfortunately a political appointment rather than based on capability.

      • Jackson, unless I’m mistaken, the only things being put in the street by the USPS are their large-scale sorting and batching equipment, as per the directive of the Post-Master General (a directive he later reversed, after it came to light in the media). As for changes with an eye on the 21st century, how about removing the restriction on USPS that requires them to keep nearly 3 times the liquid capital on hand for their pension fund as any other public or private entity must legally maintain? It’s not quite fair to hector the USPS for falling short of its private competitors while also making sure they will be forever financially hamstrung in their attempts to compete.

  37. Get off your damm soap box George. Do you really think that the post office is driving 10 Miles to deliver one package. They are delivering multiple packages in any given area. I think you need to move to a socialist country where your way of thinking would fit in great! Don’t you think that the people who deliver these items need jobs too or are they disposable?

    • Mark enjoys a good rant now and again. They tend to be accurate, interesting, and informative so enjoy the change of pace.

    • We cover a lot of Amazon deals etc. so figured it would be good to show the other side of things too. Feel free to not read anything you don’t find of interest to you bo 😉

  38. Amazon locker – I refuse to use them if I pay for an annual fee which is to include postage. If I were to agree to use Amazon locker, Amazon should give me some kind of credit. Why should I make Amazon richer at my expense? USPS, correct it was meant for regular mail such as envelopes and small packages in order for them to survive they had to take on Amazon contracts. Amazon to a degree has saved them. Agreed, no need to have regular mail delivered by USPS – why not have 3 day delivery (M, W, F) that would suffice and be efficient but they are unionized and will not allow it! No one cares to receive mail on Saturdays, no one. Even if it is a bill, I prefer to wait for the regular week. IF you really want mail during the weekends I am a firm believer we should pay more for it. I am even okay with Amazon delivering M-F. Our country has been on 24/7 for the last 10 years COVID19 did bring a reality check, stop and see what monster WE ALL have created. We all have contributed to the 24/7 monster – whether that be buying in person at your local store, gas station, Walgreens pharmacy, restaurant, etc. We stopped respecting as “CLOSE TIME”. That is wrong. We need to slow down a little and agree that it is okay to not have access to material things 24/7. Really, what is necessity 24/7 besides urgent medical care? Everything else really can wait for the next business day.

    USPS, if it cannot keep its promise/bargain with Amazon then Amazon should terminate their contract. Otherwise, USPS fulfill your end of the bargain. It does not matter what was purchased (Gatorade, a TV, clothing, essentials, etc) the point is if USPS cannot fulfill the agreement someone else can and should. I was annoyed with the concept that USPS did not fulfill their deal. If their carrier is unable to do that job, that is understandable, move the carrier to another job which may mean a desk job until s/he gets better. I am surprised Amazon has not put their foot down with USPS to get the problem fixed because ultimately the one that is going to look bad is Amazon. If I were paying a membership fee I would except a refund of some kind. No membership, I agree with Mark, I would stop shopping with them and make sure others know of the issue and look elsewhere. Don’t judge others for choosing to use convenience that is being offered as a service. If you choose not to use it that’s fine but we should not frown on others for using it. When the pandemic hit most ran to online shopping and now see the value that whether you are poor/rich your TIME is valuable why should you waste it at the USPS line! I find that silly to waste your time which is irreplaceable. Once it is gone, it is gone can’t get it back. That’s priceless!

    • “No one cares to receive mail on Saturdays, no one.” Well, unless you’re waiting on that birthday gift, or your pet food, or life saving heart meds. Not all of the other 160 million addresses in the US have the same postal needs as you.

  39. Supposedly the USPS has a 91% approval rating, higher than any other government agency. Count me squarely in the 9%

    • We probably should distinguish between regular letter mail and packages/priority mail envelopes. Aside from the occasional stolen checks in greeting cards by postal carriers and dumping of mail in the trash by postal workers, probably everyone agrees the USPS does a really decent job at it. Informed delivery is very helpful because it allows the public to track down their missing mail more easily and the USPS can correct deficiencies if enough are identified at one location.

      It’s the package/priority mail envelope service that needs massive improvement. The USPS is optimized for letters instead of packages and envelopes. Most on here know it’s not a once in a lifetime thing. The USPS has a pattern of losing or misplacing packages. It has a pattern of outrageous delays even on priority mail and priority mail express. Most like postal carriers but recognize package delivery needs improvement. Most here probably would use fedex or UPS for packages if they had as many locations and accessibility as the USPS. FedEx and UPS have their own problems but at least they are incentivized to track down all lost packages.

      • Clearly you don’t ship for a living. I’ll put USPS up against Fedex or UPS anyday. Any organization can benefit from some improvement but USPS can’t be beat in my experience. Fedex and UPS won’t deliver to every address in the United States, much less a PO Box, FPO or APO address. The only reason Amazon switched to UPS is the sweetheart deal they got. Fedex told them what to do with their business!

  40. This is the sort of nonsense complaining that pollutes the internet. Just… unreal that someone would take the time to complain about this.

    Mark, you generally write decent articles… but this is just crazy.

    You are paying people to drive gatorade to your house.
    Just think about that.

    In 2020, rich Americans stayed inside, and paid poor Americans do their shopping for them.
    In 1/5 of the world, people don’t have access to clean drinking water.

    Of all the things to complain about – that a human doesn’t bring your heavy gatorade to your door.
    Man, I dunno, I think you need to look in the mirror and see if this is the stuff to spend energy complaining about.

    There is a reason I don’t give any money to Amazon. They promote this lazy culture of entitlement – and no one says a word when a blog entry is dedicated to someone not waiting on you like you’re accustomed to. Bonkers.

    No wonder the world shut down in 2020. Life is way way way too easy for the rich and powerful anymore.

    • This man is providing employment for many people by using his earnings to pay for convenience. He doesn’t want to carry a case of Gatorade. I don’t want to carry a case of Evian water or 6 gallons of Poland spring when I used to order fresh direct. That’s why I get it delivered. He has a legitimate complaint. He’s paid for something and hasn’t received what he paid for.

      Many jobs wouldn’t exist if upper middle class people didn’t spend their earnings on convenience. We don’t need tutors, personal trainers, landscapers to cut the grass, upholsters, painters, handymen, interior designers, florists, and etc. However, upper middle class people paying for convenience creates millions of higher paying jobs and puts food in people’s mouths. Even eating at a $40 per person restaurant can be considered a luxury. People eating in these restaurants keep waiters and waitresses employed and some with very good tips and keep restaurants open.

      I ask you George how you would feel if you paid for something and didn’t receive what you paid for. You’d be upset. This is not a one time fluke of minor inconvenience. This is now a pattern for his post office where union workers enrich themselves with fat pensions and benefits against the will of the public.

      • Don’t know what your smoking Jackson, but exactly how do union workers enrich themselves? Postal workers work under negotiated (and sometimes arbitrated) contracts we negotiate with our employer. Does the public get involved in all business’s contracts? Fat pensions? That would be nice, but after 20 years my pension will be about $1000 per month. Nothing to complain about, but not like I can stop reading Miles To Memories and just start paying cash for all those first class trips I’ll want to go on. Maybe it’s other unions you’re apparently intimately familiar with, I don’t know. And for your other comment, “steal, alter, or add ballots at any time.” You know there are Republican / Democrat / Independent postal workers at every station, right? You know at least that, right?

    • Oh Georgy boy, the irony is palpable. Your first paragraph was written just for you, by you, about you.

      I’m all for people not feeling entitled but this is far from the case here. You pay for a product or service and you expect them to fulfill their end of the deal. The terms changed and now you’re not only paying for a service you aren’t getting, you’re having to go out of your way to pick up packages that would have been all together avoided if you had correct information and therefore could make an alternative decision to buy during your next grocery trip.

      As informed, paying consumers we damn well should expect the terms to be honored. To think otherwise is itself a double standard because you aren’t getting free Prime membership because life’s been hard and you can’t afford it.

      • The problem is your carrier/the carriers are in the middle of this mess. USPS agreed to a contract with amazon after thousands of carriers were paid according to routes pre-amazon. Pre amazon usps rarely received any packages with any type of weight. Rarely if ever, the size that amazon ships through usps now. There are 60 year old carriers trying to carry 50lbs of dog food, and those cases of gatorade up to your door. Imagine, that’s Grandma. Would you allow your Grandparents to do that? Move that? Rural drives/walks are rough. Many are having to take early retirement because of it. Pre amazon(dumped on carriers) Letters were the priority, the backbone of USPS. USPS is the problem. USPS and the Unions letting them getting away with it, and everyone, EVERYONE suffers. They don’t even provide the proper equipment to handle these packages.

    • George if you can find a store where 12 20oz Gatorade for $6 let me know and I’ll go there. Not sure why you care so much but I hope you feel better now 😉

    • He is paying for a service. The delivery cost is included. And maybe he works long hours, need electrolytes. Water’s not so good in some places.

    • He is paying for a service. They offer delivery. The delivery cost is included. If they can’t deliver, then that needs to be up front on the click page. Otherwise it’s fraudulent advertising.

      And maybe he works long hours, need electrolytes. Water’s not so good in some places.

  41. Jackson’s comment about the problem resting with the Union is, as usual – let’s blame the workers – as we certainly couldn’t blame management, could we!
    Especially not Head Postmaster Louis Delay…

  42. Helpful
    Yes I have issues with my Post Office box. I am aware you cant request who delivers package.
    Thanks for writing

  43. The next time you have to pick up a package ask the supervisor what the delivery section of the employee handbook PO-603, section 3 subsection 33.331. They should be delivering packages to your door, I would contact your local Congress representative and file a congressional complaint. Give him the above information.

  44. The USPS is a disaster and has been for 15 years. It gets worse every year. The USPS was designed to carry regular mail. It is not optimized for package delivery. Less and less regular mail gets sent and this means they lose money because they don’t invest in efficiently transporting packages and the postal unions prevent any positive change. We don’t need Saturday mail delivery of letters. We’d be fine with 4 days of mail delivery. Then maybe the USPS can invest in transporting packages.

    I’m stuck using USPS because there is no UPS store or FedEx center where I live in NYC within walking distance. Walgreens accepts UPS packages which comes in handy if I have a label already for return. Never send anything of significant value with USPS. They have a history of losing envelopes and misplacing packages. One time we returned vitamins and it was stuck at a facility in upstate New York and it could not be located. One time I paid for a Priority mail express envelope to ship the coin deal in late 2019 I sold on eBay. They sent it to the wrong zip code and post office. Thankfully it was located but I paid for next day delivery guaranteed. Claims about mail in ballot fraud are accurate. It’s not just dumping ballots in the counting places at 4am or not matching signature and no voter ID. It’s also USPS employees picking up the ballot boxes placed through a city. They don’t actually put them through the mail system where it is scanned and recorded for informed delivery. They directly send it to ballot counting centers locally. They can steal, alter, or add ballots at any time. It’s madness.

    I hear you on the beverages. I recently get Evian delivered via prime. It’s actually cheaper for a 12 pack of 1 liter water than buying it in the store. It’s not worth it to carry water everyday when I can get a 2 week supply every two weeks to my building. If I had to pick it up, it defeats the purpose of having it shipped on prime. I hope you raise the issue with the postmaster for your area and Amazon. Amazon has leverage as they do a lot of business with The USPS. Admittedly, the Amazon business tends to be unprofitable for the USPS.

  45. Are you able to deliver to an Amazon Locker? They are great as they are automated and good options for homes that can be impacted by porch pirates.

  46. Try googling phone number of your postal station, and talk directly with the station manager, not supervisor. Tell mgr not delivering the packages is unacceptable. Make some noise ie. you will be talking to your congressman, or ask for his name and postmasters number to call the pm.

    • Post office phone numbers used to be listed, but they replaced them all with the 800, or whatever it is number years ago. Unless someone wrote something somewhere complaining about something, and had the number of your post office, and included it in their rant or post, you won’t be able to get it.

    • Nope – Amazon slaps that sticker on stuff I think and if they see it they just leave it behind right now.

    • Whatever it is, they could give their employees dollies & ramps to make the load easier, or hire more workers. Two people can carry a heavy item together. They have the money to do it because at Amazon, some of the CEOs make about $40 million per year. At UPS, over 5 CEOs make over $4.8 million per year each. It would cost them very little to have employees share the load.

  47. Throw the same nonsense right back at USPS. Call them or next time you stop by the counter tell them that you are disabled and your doctor restricts you from picking up heavy packages. Them not delivering your packages is disability discrimination. Report back what happens. Good luck.

    • I think you should file your ADA complaint directly with the USPIS for review. Notarized, or coarse, to expedite your complaint.


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