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Las Vegas Reopening Date Set & How It Will Look Completely Different

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When Will Las Vegas Reopen?
Las Vegas Strip!

When Will Las Vegas Reopen – New Date Set!

It seems like an eternity ago, but it has only been a little over two months since the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip (and all of Nevada) shuttered due to COVID-19. As you might expect these closures have had a catasrophic impact on the Nevada economy and everyone involved wants the casinos to open as quickly as possible. Thankfully, the Las Vegas Strip casinos now have a reopening date!

Let’s look at when Vegas will reopen plus what Sin City might look like when the doors open to many of the world’s largest casinos & hotels.

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Nevada Moving Into Phase 2

As part of an announcement on May 26, 2020 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak said the state would be moving into phase 2 of reopening on Friday May 29, 2020. In phase 2 gatherings of more than 50 people will still not be allowed, but many businesses such as bars and gyms will be able to open with 50% capacity and other limitations.

Among other facilities and businesses that will open in phase 2 are day and overnight spas, massage services and tattoo parlors. Swimming pools and even water parks will be able to open as well with capacity restrictions. This is good news for anyone wanting to splash around while visiting Vegas this Summer.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos to Reopen June 4, 2020

On May 26, 2020 Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak announced that Nevada casinos would be allowed to reopen on June 4, 2020 pending final regulations from the Nevada Gaming Control Board. “…we’re open for business on June 4th and welcoming our out of town guests,” Sisolak said in a phone call with media.

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Despite a go ahead to reopen, many of the famous Las Vegas Strip casinos won’t open on that date. While some of the Strip’s landmarks will reopen on June 4, 2020, companies like Caesars Entertainment and MGM Resorts have opted not to open all of their properties in the beginning. For example Caesars will start out with only Flamingo and Caesars Palace while MGM Resorts will open Bellagio, New York New York and MGM Grand in the beginning.

Many of the Las Vegas Strip casinos will reopen on June 4, 2020

When Can You Start Booking Las Vegas Hotels?

As mentioned some Las Vegas casinos won’t reopen with the rest of the Las Vegas Strip on June 4, 2020. For casinos that are opening, you can now book rooms for June 4, 2020 and beyond. This includes Treasure Island, Venetian, Cosmopolitan, Wynn/Encore, MGM Grand, New York New York, Bellagio and more.

Ceasars Entertainment is allowing bookings at all of their Vegas properties from June 4, 2020 as well, however they have announced only Flamingo and Caesars Palace will open on that date. I expect they’ll be moving some guests with reservations at their other properties into Caesars Palace of Flamingo depending on the property type booked.

When Will Las Vegas Reopen
Concert at the Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas. Events like this may be delayed long after Las Vegas reopens.

What Will Las Vegas Be Like When It Reopens?

We are starting to get a vision of what Las Vegas will look like when it reopens and it will definitely not be the same as before. Casinos are working on measures designed to comply with social distancing guidelines along with identifying sick individuals. Many of these measures have been implemented in Macau following its reopening and in regional casinos that are reopening now.

The Nevada Gaming Control board has released new requirements for Las Vegas Strip casinos before they reopen. They must submit health & safety plans 7 days before opening and many have already made those plans available to the public (see below). While these requirements will be new for both Vegas employees and guests, they will be enforced. “Gaming Control Board is going to be very aggressive on these properties, making sure guests are complying and following the new regulations,” said Sisolak.

Strict Occupancy Limits & More: New Steps Vegas Casinos Must Take to Reopen

Here are some of the changes we might see when Las Vegas reopens (keep in mind some practices may vary between casinos):

  • Temperature checks and health screenings for employees
  • Health screenings for arriving guests
  • Employees will be required to wear masks while guests will be strongly encouraged to wear masks
  • Crowds around the tables may not be permitted and seating positions may be eliminated
  • In many casinos every other machine will be turned off to force social distancing
  • Some restaurants like buffets and crowded areas like showrooms may not be open for some time

Keep in mind that Las Vegas casinos are complex operations with hotels, restaurants, casinos, spas and more all under the same roof. Expect every type of business on every level to implement new safety procedures when the Las Vegas Strip casinos reopen.

When Will Las Vegas Reopen
A look at how casino floors will change after COVID-19. Courtesy of MGM Resorts International.

Each Las Vegas Casino’s COVID-19 Health & Safety Policy

While each of the casinos will reopen with slightly different protocls for keeping guests safe, they will all comply with the rules and regulations set by the Governor and Nevada Gaming Control Board. Below you’ll find links to the health and safety plans for each of the major casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.

All of the casinos will have increased sanitizing procedures along with some form of screening, forced social distancing and the use of personal protection equipment. These changes will both help with guest safety and ensure the Vegas experience will be different than what you have come to expect.

Las Vegas Strip Casinos Health & Safety Plans

Here are the health and safety plans as released by the various Las Vegas Strip casinos:

While each of these Vegas Strip reopening plans is slightly different, they all have many of the same practices and procedures for keeping guests safe in the era of COVID-19.

When Will Las Vegas Reopen

Will Las Vegas Still Be Fun When It Reopens?

Will a Las Vegas full of temperature checks, face masks, closed buffets and social distancing still be fun? Las Vegas will no doubt be different than it was before, however the city has a way of adapting and mainting its relevance. I don’t expect the “What Happens Here” mentality to go away nor will the fun. It will just be a little different for awhile.

And expect that things will change quickly once the city reopens. Las Vegas will find out what is working and what isn’t and I slowly expect the “Vegas experience” to return over time. The Vegas we experience on June 4, 2020 when the Strip reopens will no doubt be different than the Vegas we’ll find later in the year. Either way, it’s good to know the Las Vegas Strip is reopening on June 4, 2020!

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When Will Las Vegas Reopen – Bottom Line

So when will Las Vegas reopen? Some casinos will re-open as soon as June 4, 2020, however properties will have significant capacity constraints plus other procedural changes due to COVID-19. The good news is Las Vegas is reopening following the catastrophic impact COVID-19 has had on the Vegas economy. Barring any huge changes, expect many of the Las Vegas Strip casinos to be open in just a few days. That is exciting!

Are you looking to visit Las Vegas after it reopens? Do you have any concerns about the new health and safety guidelines that are being implemented? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Shawn Coomer
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  1. Just got back from Vegas a couple of days ago
    and even with a mask on we still had a good time.
    Wearing a mask didn’t stop us from gambling.
    Wearing one while walking around the Linq was
    a little warm, but that didn’t stop us at all.
    It was just good to get away for 5 days.

  2. I’m retired and look forward to many more years of travel. My finances and health are very good, and I have lots of miles and points stashed away. I’m fine with waiting a bit longer until there is greater clarity on the whole issue. There is no big rush.

    I’ll continue to just chill at home, and watch how things go with the guinea pigs. It will be interesting.

  3. I think this social distancing is absolutely STUPID, wearing masks STUPID, wearing gloves STUPID. If you make this shit mandatory just to enter a casino, you can kiss my business goodbye. If I opt to wear mask and gloves that is my choice, I don’t feel that the government can keep pushing these things on us, you might as well be back in Hitlers era. I feel most people (I say MOST) have the common sense to stay home if they are sick, but you always have that ONE in a million who is different. If you think you can have people wearing masks and entering a casino, how will you know whether or not they are going to rob you. This social distancing etc., is getting so out of hand, just open things up and if you are concerned than wear a mask and gloves, we should have the option (NOT FORCED). If you are limit the number of people in the casino at tables or slots than you might as well stay closed. Who is going to make up the losses these casinos have lost the GOVERNMENT ha ha, and if you enforce these STUPID rules on them after opening, are you going to cover their losses. I just don’t see anything good coming from these guidelines, just open up full blast and let us get on with our lives and have fun. If you are going to get sick you are going to get sick no matter what. I’ll get off the soap box now, I VOTEA OPEN UP FULL BLAST AND LET US HAVE FUN AGAIN, LET US HAVE PAROLE

    • “This is America, I should have the right to kill thousands of people with an invisible virus if I want to!”
      This argument sounds very strange to me.

    • Wow, you sound like a sweetheart. I am proud of our freedoms and rights here in America but disgusted how people like you perceive them. Why don’t you care about other people ? Seems like many Americans have forgot where our hearts are.

    • Wow…. 2nd comment I read here and it went full Godwin. Lovely. (If you do not know what that means, google Godwin’s Law)

      I wouldn’t go to Vegas for at least the next year if I had to.

    • Wearing masks is to protect others, not to protest yourself. Enforcing wearing masks is nothing different from enforcing restaurants to serve safe foods, or enforcing drivers not to DUI.

  4. I’m tired of all the goodie two shoes people complaining about everything and anything. I give a rats ass what they think or do everybody has a right to do what the want. I have a reservation in LasVegas on June 7,2020 and I hope the casinos are open otherwise I have to change my plans for the 4th time. Look at the ratio of how many people have caught COVID19 and how many people live in that state, the percentages are low. If your going to go to LasVegas go and have a great time. Let the naysayers stay home with their masks and gloves huddled in their living room watching the news stations give you lie after lie about this Virus. I believe the numbers are exaggerated and alot of the deaths were actually reported as Covid19 but were something different. So lets all go to LasVegas and have a great time. Remember, Fear not, Want not.. It’s party time LasVegas style, Enjoy All.

    • You have quite a very simple way of seeing things.
      I will be in Vegas June 1st myself (if they really open on that day), however, masks and gloves (at least when on slot machine) I feel should be mandatory for EVERYONE.
      One thought for you regarding your non existing fear of getting infected or infecting anyone yourself…..the numbers you are referring to are those of Las Vegas/Nevada residents as you state yourself. Las Vegas, however, will see people coming from all over the country like New York and California. I don’t have to tell you how bad the situation is in those states.
      So, there is a very good chance that quite a few infected people (without symptoms) will be there, too.
      Anyway, Mr. or Mrs Simpleton, have fun but be safe and focus a little bit on where your hands have been and what parts of your body you are touching with your hands. 😉

  5. I’m an ex-smoker and I always said smokers have rights too,
    and I still feel the same way. If I sit next to a smoker
    I choose to sit there, and if I don’t like it I will move.

      • I had planned my husbands 60th birthday long before this all started. I have 15 people from Florida, Texas, Indiana and Utah on their way to Vegas on August 17th. I missed my 30th anniversary in Hawaii on March 31st. If the country doesn’t start opening soon we are all going to loose our minds. It has come to the point of death by virus or death by being shut in. We are like house plants, we need the sun.

  6. We have a Sibling/Family trip planned for November, things should be tried and true by then. We are just praying that people continue to do what they need to do to keep this virus from making the predicited comeback this fall.
    I am a VEGAS fan all the way, and feel just terrible for what this awful virus has done to our country and for that matter, the world.
    Our new normal will look very different moving forward, but people will always be looking for fun, and that is something that VEGAS will always bring…FUN!!!
    Stay Safe and Healthy Everyone!

  7. Carl-never will happen..Vegas with always be Vegas,gambling and all the fun stuff along with it.It’s a pipe dream buddy…relax,large percent has their limits when it comes to gambling.Vegas WILL OPEN..millions are not suckers…we are ppl that enjoy Vegas and all it has to offer.

    • The casinos will not reopen any time soon. The Capitalists are scared to death of exposure in terms of liability should any player or hotel guest become infected with the Covid19 virus while on their premises. I worked in Cages on the Strip for twenty-two years before retiring in 2019. The notion of cleaning chips is unknown and how do you keep cards and slot machines clean ? The virus is transmitted through second hand smoke. The casinos will be closed until this virus is virtually eliminated.

      • BS, a person will not be able to sue a business if they get covid-19. How are you going to prove where you got the virus from without a reasonable doubt? You can’t! The chips and cards don’t need to be disinfected. People need to learn to keep their hands clean and out of their eyes. People, the government and businesses are over thinking this. Try being like Sweden where people used common sense and THAT we know worked.

        • Fully agreed with Tom. We are adults and human being that know how to protect ourselves. We have been going into crowded grocery stores with our masks for over 2 months now and did not catch the virus. We wash our hands afterwards and don’t touch our faces. We need to live our life with one fun after week long working. Miss the good restaurant food.

    • Fully agreed with Tom. We are adults and human being that know how to protect ourselves. We have been going into crowded grocery stores with our masks for over 2 months now and did not catch the virus. We wash our hands afterwards and don’t touch our faces. We need to live our life with one fun after week long working. Miss the good restaurant food.

  8. My trip is still booked for the weekend of June 12th, God Willing, Vegas will be open. I don’t care if masks are required, Vegas is magic and fun and I intend on enjoying my weekend stay. I am in New England and cannot wait to get over to the West Coast for some much needed time off and fun… I for one, look forward to being in Vegas in June…

    • My wife and myself are going June 21st and can’t wait,
      we have cancelled 2 Vegas trips already this year and we hope
      3rd time is a charm. If we have to wear a mask, no problem !!!

  9. I am looking forward to coming back , however not with a forced mask. If people choose to wear one, good on them but they have been shown to not completely protect you so it should be optional if they want my business and the guys I go down with.

    • Yes, most masks are not that effective except for the N95 version if worn correctly. The mask requirement is actually to protect OTHER people in case you are an asymptomatic carrier or if your symptoms haven’t shown up yet. (It can take up to 14 days!) Even regular breathing can spread the virus so the mask you are wearing catches most of it on the inside surface.

    • John-you wont have a ‘choice’ of wearing a mask/face covering,you wont be able to enter,period. Think about others.

  10. I am hopeful that Vegas will open very soon and for those who visit, I am hopeful that everyone will be mindful to wear a mask and continue to distance as much as possible, while trying to enjoy oneself.

  11. I am really hoping things are starting to open before May 30th. My husband and I have reservations starting May 30 to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. We couldn’t afford to have a honeymoon, hell, we barely had a wedding. This was also the first time we are going to have time with just us (we have 3 kids). This couple time is very much needed and if it doesn’t happen now, it will likely be another 10 years due to child care. If the Bellagio is open, we will be there.

    • We are also booked to go this same time. I am hoping pools, restaurants, and bars will be open and ready by then. We keep going back and forth on if we should push out reservations back or not. I just really want everything to be open by then!

  12. Is it that important that you have to get your ass out there as soon as humanly possible to spend your stimulus dollars? If you are so eager to get to Vegas and dump a bunch of money then obviously you have not been affected by covid-19 like some people have. I think Vegas should just stay closed until more testing has been done and we actually have a better idea of what this virus looks like in our society once businesses have opened. I just don’t think Vegas is a necessity and I don’t think there should be any hurry in opening the casinos. Chill people! You can waste your money there in a few months after some testing has been done. Being around all those people and then bringing your virus back to the community that you live in including your close family is careless and irresponsible. Just relax and let things work itself out. You can go to Vegas once it’s all figured out.

    • I think if you want to hide like a scared puppy then do it. Who are you to lecture others just because they don’t hold the same fear that you do. This is still America or at least I think it is. So you do your cowering and let the rest of us live again.

      • I vacation in Lake Havasu by way of Las Vegas. I am going to collect a keepsake of my brother’s ashes and also to enjoy the lake and the desert that I love. I had a beautiful condo rented so I have to postpone it till early fall (it was to start June 10). I want to have a good time, not wear a mask and not be able to go to a restaurant or the beach. I’m hoping by then the hype from this so called “virus” is over and we can show that this will not defeat us.

    • Girl cut it out. I have had reservations for Vegas to celebrate my birthday PRIOR to this COVID outbreak no one is coming to spend stimulus money, people have planned their birthdays, weddings, divorce parties, etc. long before anyone heard of coronavirus. If Vegas is open come my reservation I am definatly going and at this point if I am required to wear a mask so be it. I have never been and it’s definatly a before I’m 30 bucket list thing. My birthday dress and heels are already here… even if the clubs are closed I hope to prance around the strip looking cute!

    • ya if not want to go then don’t but we vaction about 4 times a calendar year and we are health care workers and we been working lots and lots of hours at the hospital in Nh and cant wait to come in early june. If you don’t want to come then don’t but I am tired of just working my ass off for covid-19. and we need time away. I have not had time off since end of oct. Its time to open this economy. People just need to be smart about it not be stupid
      . You cant live in a shelter forever over covid-19!!!

    • I go out to Vegas at least 4 times a year, the last time being in January. I have reservations with my best friend to go out in mid July. For one thing I only ever take what I can afford to lose. I enjoy the atmosphere and I’m a people watcher. I love to play the slots even though I usually don’t win. I’m super excited to go and just get away even if things are going to be allot different I DONT CARE….. Its a fun place to be and hopefully I don’t have to wear a mask! I have asthma and still I’m not going to let this take me down! don’t get me wrong I have followed all the Covid-19 stay at home (house arrest) laws the state has implemented on us, but I’m ready for some fun now!

    • Bre-Well,Vegas is opening and will once again become successful…all of America will be.We got this,and a vaccine will come along soon. Vegas is a huge vacation destination…it will open,it will be ready,and millions cant wait to go. Vegas has this down…all precautions,just watch.

    • I want to enjoy normal life with my own money so who cares? I didn’t get stimulus money! Not all got the stimulus check, do you realize that?

  13. The corona is a good excuse not to go to Vegas. The past few years the machines have been set tighter than a boar’s ass in fly time. You put 20 after 20 in the machines and you are lucky to get a few small hits. It’s like they’re saying -“just give me your money you dumb asshole”. I’m sick of their greed. Also, they’ve put the screws to the comps. You’re lucky if your points will buy a taco.

  14. Whos going to serve the drinks? They’re already using machines to make them instead of bartenders, now what, we have to go fetch our own in the middle of a game?

  15. Suggestions for the casinos is to use aerosols in their heating/cooling systems to put disinfectants throughout their facilities.

  16. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD OPEN THE STRIP by the end of May!!. No masks, no gloves, spacing at table games, plexiglass between slot machines, touchless hand sanitizer everywhere, sanitizing wipes everywhere, temperature checks entering all buildings, more spacing of tables in restaurants, open up buffets but have staff serve you at the food stations.

    • Yes, plexiglass between games, open food places change how your served, more hand sanitizing stations, masks / gloves optional, temperature checks. People use your brain if your sick or not feeling well stay HOME don’t ruine it for every one else

    • Sharon yes that was my thought. There is always people serving and cutting the meats have more people just serve. Use the plexiglass/ sneeze guards and serve the food. No need to get rid of the buffets! Everything else is a work around now why not that too.

  17. What a croc,..more people have died of the common flu. This is just a scheme by left-wing TDS liberals in yet another desperate attempt to remove Trump.

    • More people will die from Covid-19 than the common flu and that is WITH pretty much everyone staying home the last 2 months. It would be a lot worse if not for that….not sure how anyone rational couldn’t see that.

      • They are jacking the numbers even Fauci admitted to that. They get 13,000 a person for Covid and if they put him on a vent it goes up to like 37,000 that’s dollars. That’s why the numbers are so high it’s all about the money. And do the research they have been working on this vaccine for many years for the COVID-19 Bill Gates even has a patent on the virus and the vaccine. Fauci was the one who reproduced the Spanish flu. They call it H1N1. They’ve also called the it swine flu. Why would anyone want to bring back and reproduce a virus that killed so many? That’s pretty evil to me.

    • As an independent, it boggles my mind how one dimensional peoples thinking can be when they are rationalizing support for their political ideology. On these boards you find posts that are conservative, and posts that are liberal. Some are well thought out and make valid points, others are so one dimensionally simplistic they should embarrass the person that wrote them, yours falls into the latter.

      First, the pandemic is world wide, businesses have been closed world wide by every political leader (including Trump, does that mean he is involved “the a scheme” to get Trump removed?). It makes absolutely zero sense that this is a scheme by the “left-wing” to remove Trump.

      Second, This virus will kill many more people than the common Flu, in spite of having shut everything down and invoked social distancing precautions. The number of fatalities (according to Doctors, scientists, mathematicians, and just about anyone with common-sense) would be exponentially higher if businesses were not closed.

      • Your reply definitely leans left then. People are still dying from the Spanish flu. The common flu still kills more on average. This is no different than H1N1, Swine flu or any of the many others without a vaccine. No different. How would you know this could still be about slowing Trump. China and all the leftwing nuts ignored this at first until it spread for awhile.

        • Stop it we have many dying of different causes geez you live in fear let others decide it’s called feeedom .people and economy have to get back to work.

        • Closing the casino’s was necessary in the beginning… Now it is time to reopen Las Vegas and let people start making their own decisions. I thought we lived in America where we were free… but evidently not and the government knows more then everyone else and we now live in a prison.
          I thought I could make my own decisions but I cant…. I never thought I would live long enough to see this mess. Millions of people out of work… and cant pay their rent or feed their families…… and this is better than the disease… I think not… the govt caused more of this than any virus..

          • Theresa, you hit the nail on the head. The media and big Pharma created all this to put fear in us. And it’s working. The next fight will be not being forced to get a vaccine. I never thought I would live to see either. Looks like we are living in a prison without bars.

          • You agree that losing was appropriate. You just disagree as to precisely when to reopen. So, because they won’t reopen EXACTLY when you think they should, you claim to be living in a prison and not in America. What has changed from a few weeks ago when you think it was ok to be closed?

            You know some people disagree that we should have ever been closed. They think we have been a prison the entire time. You disagree with them. So you can see how someone else might think waiting another couple weeks is reasonable, right? Why are they wrong and you r exactly right on when to reopen?

      • tell me, since this is soooo terrible, how did we survive cholera, Spanish flu, small pox, etc. without all these wonderful safety measures in place?

    • Give the left some credit. They got the entire world to fake a virus in the name of removing Trump. Small world you live in!

  18. Been to LV. Don’t need to go back. Don’t have any plans for this year to mingle in crowds, malls, cities. Will take a cross country scenic tour to see the natural wonders while avoiding as many bipeds as possible.

    Las Vegas IMHO will open in May sometime. But the experience will be a damper. The city and casinos are counting on the hardened gamblers, particularly from mask-friendly Asian countries. I don’t think you’ll be seeing the numbers of families venturing there this summer.

    Certainly the casinos/hotels, shows, theaters will be a interesting lab to see if clusters of COVID-19 infections erupt during all the revelry and frolicking. Enjoy the bright lights from behind your mask. I won’t.

    Oh, and those resort fees, well, expect to have a ‘medical fee’ added next time you visit. For the temperature check. It’s for your safety.

    • I will most definitely not visit Las Vegas. I will not allow a hotel/casino to measure my temperature or force me to wear a mask, or present me with a health questionnaire. Not happening!


  19. Another thing to consider is the morale of the dealers. SOME of the dealers at the lower end properties were likely making more on UI + $600. I could see dealers being unhappy and lowkey hustling for tips which does not mix well with people who are low on cash (and probably shouldnt be gambling to begin with).

  20. My partner and I are from upstate NY. We’ve had been visiting Las Vegas every year for nearly 15 years straight but most recently we haven’t been out to visit for 5 years. So several months ago We booked 10 day vacation starting June 5, 2020. YES, we want Vegas to re-open ASAP!! We don’t want our long awaited vacation plans to be interrupted. However, we live less than 2 hours north of NYC and have seen first hand the devastation that COVID19 has caused in the Northeast. Are we sick? No. Are we in an area with high infection rate? No. So for some that live in areas like we do it’s hard not to become impatient and worked up over the lockdowns. But most of us in my area Know someone or several people who have contracted the virus or even lost their lives from this virus. So YES I want Vegas to re-open and to re-open quickly but it needs to be done safely. So hopefully June 1st is a reasonable re-open date. It will work perfectly for our vacation and we will be there proudly supporting your LOCAL businesses and casinos. We will visit the strip too but will focus more on your local businesses as we believe they will need to most support once you re-open!! Good Luck Nevadans!! We can’t wait to see you XOXOXO

  21. Las Vegas native for 63 years. I agree with the comment above… never open the casinos again. The greed of the casinos has ruined my beloved hometown. When I was growing up we called LV “Sun City” not “Sin City”. We had a unique, friendly culture. There is so much more to do in this beautiful desert and mountains. Let Vegas just become the great retirement community it can be, without the casinos.

  22. I’m a smoker but I can go out side to smoke
    What I can’t stand is being by some one who reeks of alcohol now that stinks i don’t drink
    If there is no smoking there should be no drinking
    Then there would be no problems in the casino from a drunk. 95 percent of people who drink can’t handle liquor
    Next no perfume allowed some of thid stuff stinks no matter what you my think.

    • LOL I Have been overwhelmed by perfume in casinos as well as the smell of alcohol on people and although I hate it, it is not my business to make the rules forcing others to conform. When we start forcing our rules on others we no longer live by the 1st Amendment. We can leave the area of the offensive smells and distance ourselves from them. Social distancing will be an answer to some of the issues you face.

    • Yes, plexiglass between games, open food places change how your served, more hand sanitizing stations, masks / gloves optional, temperature checks. People use your brain if your sick or not feeling well stay HOME don’t ruine it for every one else

  23. just use COMMON sense. short term mask. wash hands stay home if sick. go have fun life is all risk. governors need not dictate how we live. also don’t gamble if you can’t handle losing. go for fun you just might win

  24. I have an upcoming trip to Vegas in June, and my question is will pools and ANY restaurants open if casinos open . Love weather, and pools, and eating is a must.

    • I don’t know if those decisions have been made yet. There WILL be aggressive social distancing measures in place. We know that, but exactly how they enforce that remains to be seen. I wouldn’t expect any of the crowded day club pools to be open, but as for the main areas my guess is they will enact some sort of measures. I guess a lot depends on how busy it is too.

  25. I just hope Vegas it’s the same again the last time I went to Vegas was March 7th this year last year was awesome I was getting numbers of girls left and right and supposedly the virus was here since November of last year I just can’t find it of social distance in Vegas that would be impossible especially a good amount of people going to be around the strip and the casinos I wander
    Hows that going to work out I just hope they don’t reinforce you come to the casino or the strip you have to wear a mask I will definitely disagree about that because that will be too much control and slavery that’s way out of the line Wereing a mask are you kidding me. I don’t agreed of that I’m still going to do typical of me I’m still down to do some day gaming no matter what I’m just being me nothing of me is going to change you can’t just live in fear for the rest of your life if you live in fear don’t come in Vegas bottle of line I’m not going to live in fear it’s not good for your health but I wonder how social distance is going to work out around the Vegas casino and the strip that will be very interesting

    • I doubt masks will be mandatory for guests, however expect all employees to be wearing them. Also, I would expect most guests will have them as well so you may be the exception.

      I think there is a line between living in fear and being prudent.

  26. I am hopeful that Vegas will reopen before it gets too hot. We like combining time by the pool with time gambling. May is a wonderful time of the year to be in Vegas. I understand if it doesn’t reopen in May. If that is the case we likely will delay a trip until October when we can have the same type of weather as May.

    • At this point the earliest would probably be mid to late May. To open May 1, 2020 the casinos would have to start ramping up now and I don’t see that happening. We also have the strictest of stay at home restrictions in place and the governor hasn’t indicated when those will be scaled back. I would expect the casinos to be opened in a Phase 2 which does seem to be at the very least a few weeks off.

      I agree the Summer weather here is brutal if you plan to be outdoors.

    • Booked for October hoping and praying that it’s all open and will be the true Vegas as this will be our first time . Special birthday so looking for trip of a lifetime .

    • I wouldn’t be surprised to see parking temporarily go away, but given how entrenched resort fees are in the industry I doubt those would be eliminated. But, if they are desperate to get people here, then perhaps they will. What people really should expect is for the casinos to leverage their loyalty programs to get people to Vegas. Look for good offers for comps, etc. to entice you to visit.

  27. I have been waiting for the casinos to open! I am on Hydroxychloroquine so I’m not worried one bit. Please don’t shut down the slot machines or I won’t come as I don’t play table games. The LV Review mentioned that the casinos may do this so I must say that would be an awful idea. Open May 1st as we are adults. Use the 5 minute test at the door then if you’re COVID-19 free you can play! Let’s do this now and quit punting this down the road. The you can have the table games and slots open. With a test and results not sure everyone needs to wear a mask and gloves right? Thanks!

    • Those quick tests don’t exist in a number great enough to even test front line workers let alone casino patrons. Hopefullly we get there with tests. At this point the first move to reopen must be made by the governor, so we will wait and see.

    • FYI : Hydroxychloroquine does not help with the virus, I suggest you get a new dr. President Trump is not a doctor and has been wrong more the once, so please listen to the professionals, not a business man who is only worried about his stock prices.

    • There are over 153000 slot machines in Vegas, and each casino depends on them for their income. So dont worry if the machines will be shut down. There may some separation and there may be more carousels rather than rows, as carousels dont allow for shoulder to shoulder players.

  28. Not one word has been mentioned by anyone in the media regarding the elimination once and for all of the damnable, filthy, and deadly tobacco smoke in the casino gaming areas. This hazard kills FAR MORE MANY people than a coronavirus, old or new. Almost 5 million people die a year from the effects of smoking. Billions of dollars are lost in treatment, sick leave, etc. Now would have been the perfect time to rush legislation through to quash this peril. So temperatures will be taken, masks will be compulsory, medical records essentially e supeaned, all manner of red tape hurled at us to get in a casino, and as soon as folks enter, they “light up” their
    horrid cancer sticks, spreading eye-stinging,
    throat-choking, acrid smelling tobacco smoke everywhere. What a farce all this concern for the public health really is.
    We never went after the most deadly and easiest hazard to eliminate in all of society!

    • Again, I agree. Many sportsbooks have moved to non smoking books. Caesars, however, have not budges on their policies. To sit and watch a day of races and 2-3 football games for many hours puts patrons at risk, not to mention the (in)consideration for their staff. Second hand smoke is dangerous . Caesars have instituted a cigar room so patrons can take advantage of that if they are so inclined. If indeed, casinos are truly interested in the health of their patrons and staff, this is a perfect time to institute non smoking. Again, many casinos in Vegas and almost all casinos in NJ are non smoking. Those with smoking need to get with the times and provide a healthy environment for patrons and staff.

      • then don’t go to a casino… I am a smoker and there are very few places I can go and light up…. The govt or whoever should make it an illegal drug…. they wont (because they make too much money off the tax).. So if you don’t want to be around smoke… don’t go anywhere you can smoke… It is that simple… stop complaining and make different choices… I have made mine you make yours

          • It is not an illegal drug…. you are getting the benefits of the high taxes we pay on them. You are right I do not care about selfish people like your self that want all the benefits you receive from all of us paying the taxes and fees and then having the nerve to say you cant smoke anywhere…. … You clearly are a person that doesn’t care about anyone but your self your needs your wants …. and there was no name calling in my response un like your shallow narrow minded response.

        • Agree with Theresa…Im a smoker,and enjoy playing machines,having a drink.They do have non smoking areas,where ppl should go…we smokers have rights too. Just saying…

      • if many casinos in Vegas are non-smoking, what’s the problem with having a few that allow smoking? If the market indicates it, they too will stop allowing smoking. But, if a casino wants to require every patron to constantly chain smoke no-filters, and keeping one lit in each hand at all times, that should be their business — and the market will quickly tell them if this is a good idea or not.

    • I agree, however casinos have tried non-smoking areas and business went down. Should smoking be eliminated in casinos for the health of the public and the workers? Yes! Will it happen? The casinos have fought for it not to happen, so it will be difficult to do.

      • The logistics of watching gamblers’ chips and saving their seats as they get up to go outside to smoke every 15 minutes will be too much. In addition, when people are outside smoking, they are not gambling, so I don’t see it happening anytime soon. If casinos open more and more non-smoking areas, maybe eventually, it will work, but my experience is that people who never smoke, smoke in Vegas. And, if a group of 10 has one smoker, that whole group will go somewhere to accommodate the smoker, so as long as any casino allows smoking, it will be a popular destination. I only smoke when I drink. and, generally, I only drink in Vegas. If I can’t smoke at the table, I don;t know that it is worth the flight — I can just go to the local Indian casino.

    • I hope they will implement no smoking policy. I would rather wear a mask at all times rather than smell smokes.. Yes I agree that this is perfect time to change it to no smoking all throughout the casino hotels.

  29. How are the casinos going to manage areas like Sport Books, poker rooms, crap tables, etc where people congregate in big numbers? Also the off strip clubs cannot operate. Just accept it that soft openingbus bad idea.

    • It’s going to be interesting to see. I know they will have policies for all of that when they open. My guess is expect less chairs at tables in sports books. On the floor look for less chairs and open tables spread out. We may not see poker rooms reopen right away. There will be a lot of changes, but the gaming companies have been facilitating their plans this entire time and many of them own Macau casinos where they have had to deal with these issues over the past couple of months.

    • I totally agree. Now is the time for Caesars to keep up with current health wellness practices. If indeed they truly care about their patrons and staff, smoking in the sportsbook should be eliminated, similar to the westgate, venetian, wynn, and borgata in nj. There is no reason for people to try and eat and watch hours of races and games while inhaling second hand smoke, which is probably as harmful as the covid19. It may even increase attendance in the caesars sports book.

  30. Hopefully, the casinos will be offering disposable gloves and non-touch sanitizer stations to visitors. As an aside, do you think current circumstances will cause Hyatt to reconsider its decision to move away from single-use toiletries? Could you ask them and let readers know?

    • Casinos already had the touch-free sanitizer dispensers. Gloves are a problem. They carry the germs, and should be changed after every touch of a possible germ-infected area. It is far safer to have no gloves, and practice regular hand washing and/or sanitizer use. Not to mention…the disposal issues we are having. I live in Vegas and work on the strip. We have a major problem here now where used gloves are being thrown all over the place. You see them on the ground on sidewalks and floors, everywhere. That inherently poses even bigger issues, combined with the carrying of germs, it would be better to just not have them.

  31. Hopefully, this pandemic will give all casinos the rationale to make their properties non-smoking in demonstrating their true care for patrons and staff. Inhaling smoke is now twenty times worse.

    • They will lose a lot of business if they go to non smoking because smoking and gambling go hand in hand. There are already non smoking areas in the casinos so why force smokers out the door?? Wear your mask and that will save you from 2nd hand smoke without depriving smokers of their entertainment.

      • I agree with you Virginia… go to a non smoker area of the casino or don’t gamble… there are enough of places that don’t allow smoking… please don’t take this away…

  32. “I don’t expect the “What Happens Here” mentality to go away nor will the fun.”
    I disagree. Social distancing and fun are polar opposites.

    • Do you not feel there is a way to have fun within the realm of social distancing? As in it might not be the same as before, but it’s still a unique and fun place to visit? Or will it all be ruined?

  33. You also need consider the ramp up time needed to bring back furloughed employees, rehire those that were laid off, restock food, educate everyone on new policies (e.g. sanitation processes), etc. In short, there’s a lot of work to do before the doors open. At the moment, they aren’t at the point of allowing pre-opening employees to congregate and get the process started. I think June 1 is aggressive.

    • Definitely. It seems the June 1 talk is for a very basic opening. The casinos are planning to call people back as soon as May 15 according to some reports. To get the entire city up and running will take time. Hopefully the demand will be there but I doubt it.

  34. Interesting article. Thank you.
    Also read some other good articles but they ALL talk about the casinos themselves but forget to mention 1 BIG thing…… What about the Bars, Night Clubs, Shows etc? People do NOT fly to Vegas JUST to gamble. If those Bars, Clubs, Pools, Shows etc don’t Open, people are NOT going. I was supposed to go in June and will not go until all bars and restaurants are open.

    • Some of the nightclub companies have permanently laid off employees. I expect venues like that to be slow to return. Same with showrooms. As demand increases and things open up more then hopefully things will get back to full strength.

  35. Open everything up, people takes risks everyday ,the drive to Vegas is more dangerous than virus, I would go if it all just opened virus was here on Nov anyway most people had it anyway, please just open it all up , and be responsible for yourself wash hands etc you will be fine

    • I can’t agree more! Please everyone check the CDC website, the NIH and each state website regarding the coronavirus. There are more deaths every year and thousands more hospitalizations from the flu. Don’t believe? Do the math yourself and don’t rely on what the media is spewing out as fact. I’ve read the research from the journals themselves and the conclusions from all the agencies. This is a simple tactic to restrict movement and control is the end game! It is very effective and it is working. Yes, COVID is real, but the continued testing demonstrates the mortality rate is far less than the flu–just calculate as the number of tests increase we see the group of people with antibodies increase substantially indicating an extremely low death and even hospitalization rate.
      Just go to VEGAS and always practice great hygiene, just like when you travel anywhere else! As a restaurant inspector early in my career I learned to be skeptical of gloves. They are worn all day and they touch everything! Not good!

  36. Well, since you asked what we all thought, here ya go with my opinion.

    If it wasn’t for all the regular middle class folks and lower economic strata needing casino jobs and all, I would be fine if all the casinos NEVER OPENED AGAIN. The whole gambling set-up there is to rip people off and take advantage of those many millions of people that have a gambling problem. I have known way too many people who have lost everything, or have impoverished themselves so badly they cannot support their families or turned to crime just to go to casinos and gamble everything away.

    Far as I am concerned, Vegas, Reno, Laughlin and other places there are solely in existence to take advantage of suckers and clean them out financially.

    Now, the nuclear bomb museums, concerts, Lake Mead, Tahoe, etc… There is a lot to do in Nevada that does not need to involve gambling. Gorgeous countryside, etc.

    But the casinos? If they could find work for those people that work in them (Cleaners, janitors, wat-staff, cooks, etc.) then that would be grater. Otherwise, turn them into homeless shelters or schools or something because Casinos are horrible places with nothing behind them but greed.

    • Carl-never will happen..Vegas with always be Vegas,gambling and all the fun stuff along with it.It’s a pipe dream buddy…relax,large percent has their limits when it comes to gambling.Vegas WILL OPEN..millions are not suckers…we are ppl that enjoy Vegas and all it has to offer.

  37. IMHO face masks will be a real problem. Not only does LV use facial recognition software to identify players (and prohibited persons) but it also really cuts into the experience. I mean if you can’t drink while gambling or, for some people, smoke (I don’t smoke) it losses a lot of appeal. I’m longtime Diamond Plus w Caesars (already requalified for 2021 based on my play through February) and won’t go back until restrictions are loosened beyond that.

    What I have read is dealers w masks and gloves but optional for players. Health check is fine.

    BTW new info shows much higher exposure/infection than documented (which was expected). 15-30% of US may have already been exposed. That is actually very good news since will both slow future spread and also greatly dilutes the stats on severe illness or death. Also some new meds are showing to be VERY effective and vaccine should be ready by early 2021. If I have to wait until 2021 when we are much more back to normal instead of this limited experience I’m prepared to do so and think it will be a much better time

    • From what I’ve read the facial recognition is less of a problem than one would expect. Macau has been operating with face masks and apparently facial recognition does not have an issue with it. I guess we’ll see in practice when things reopen.

    • All of this is Plan-demic and is a play by the deep state to turn the USA into a submissive NWO and take away out liberties and freedoms that this country is all about.


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