Why Me Being Upset About Hyatt’s Elite Fast Track Would Be Hypocritical

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Hyatt Zilara Cancun

World of Hyatt Fast Track Hate

Yesterday Hyatt announced a huge promotion for holders of their co-branded Chase credit card. Basically, cardholders can now earn top-tier Globalist status with just 20 nights stayed between now and the end of the year.

World of Hyatt Is Troubled

On one hand this confirms what we have suspected ever since the new World of Hyatt program launched. Hyatt is losing elites. The new program does reward some members a bit more than before, but the vast majority of members lost benefits and have status that is now harder to achieve. Now, Hyatt wants to swell their numbers so they are offering this deal.

While one can debate whether or not this is a good move for Hyatt, it is a great deal if you can make the 20 nights. Globalist status comes with a ton of fantastic benefits including: no resort fees, free parking on award stays, early check-in, 4pm checkout, free upgrades including suites when available, free lounge access and/or breakfast and more.

The Elite Burn

As a top-tier Hyatt member who has earned status the hard way, I was initially a bit upset with this promotion. Much like their Hyatt Diamond gift awhile back, this rubbed me the wrong way since people are getting what I had to sacrifice to get. Of course my anger only lasted a few seconds until a little perspective kicked in.

You see, I don’t always “earn” what I have in the miles/points game. For example, I used my Hyatt status to match to Hilton’s top tier Diamond status. Then, I used it to re-match again. I was given over two years of top-tier Hilton status for NOTHING. I have enjoyed that status quite a bit and will be taking advantage of it in China next month. How could I be mad on one hand and then take freebies on the other?

In my storied miles/points career I have made out like a bandit when taking advantage of elite status promos. I have at one time held elite status with every single major hotel chain. When it comes to airlines, I have used fast tracks and matches to hold status across all 3 alliances. Heck, when I rent a car I have top tier status with 3 major chains. All gained through matches and fast tracks.

Yes, I made a decision at some point that Hyatt top-tier status was the one I would really go out of my way for. You could argue that wasn’t a good decision based on recent deals and their overall lack of a footprint, but I’m okay with it. In the end this hobby has given me treasures when it comes to elite status, so I cannot in good conscience “hate” on those who take advantage of this deal. I’ll see you in the Club Lounge.

What are your thoughts? Should Hyatt Globalist members be upset?

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  1. Tim,
    How can you reverse match to Explorist? I am in the same situation like you with MLife gold. (About to expire on 9/30 as well. I hope i can reverse and match from WOH again to extend that?)

    Appreciate the insight!

  2. Not sure I can agree. IF a company chooses to treat new customers better than their loyal existing ones I generally don’t bother with them. It’s like your insurance renewal quote being more than a new customers!
    I also find that if a lot of business disappears from a good companies books, they’ll notice and contact me to discuss why…

  3. Good article. Before WOH…I was able to get platinum status through the Hyatt CC. I then used that Hyatt Plat to match for MLife Gold status. Then when WOH replaced the old Hyatt system, I was able to reverse match my MLife Gold to WOH Explorist.

    Since I am an Explorist till 2019, I wish they would have reduce it to 10 nights will give you Globalist till 2019.

    I currently have 18 nights this year, will have another 13 more nights before the end of the year.

  4. Great thoughts. There was a lot of consternation today about this move among WoH elites who qualified the regular way. Glad to hear a more rational perspective than “it’s not fair”.

  5. shawn, this fast track to the globalist, as u know, doesn’t come with the suite upgrades & free night cert.; so if u or any folks who did do 25 stays earlier this yr should be better off, right?

  6. I commend you on this perspective. But, I want to question all those who actually keep on saying that Globalist under WOH actually lost anything. The last time I checked, all Diamonds from last year who qualified under the 25 stay program were grandfathered into the 2017 year as a Globalist until Feb 28,2018. So Hyatt complaints are actually folks who didn’t try to qualify this year because of the high bar of 60 nights. But all those folks got the suite upgrades and the free night for being a Globalist. No one lost anything. Hyatt sees that all these folks that didn’t try for 60 nights are lost revenue. They are giving those people a chance to qualify under the 20 nights in 120 days which in my opinion is not easy either considering the limited footprint. I feel we never lost those Diamonds from last year and only people who want Hyatt Globalist status actually will requalify. Bravo to Hyatt for giving those people a chance. I just hit my 60th night last week with Hyatt and got my Hyatt Concierge, so I’m a happy camper. Glad to see so many people want Hyatt.

  7. Good opinion piece. I can never imagine getting status on nights only. Maybe base on spend in hotel credit cards, but based on paid nights? Some of us just don’t have that many days off in a year. It’s nice to know maybe just maybe ordinary guys like me can get a shot at top elite status too.

    Btw, if I have the Hyatt card, can I also get status by spending 50,000 points (=$50k base spent in a year)? This mean if I have a high spend volume (e.g., reseller) I can have a shot getting status too?

  8. I think it’s a great deal. But it’s still work for people. For 60 nights you have to average 5 nights a month for 12 months. Fast track still requires you to average 5 nights a month for 4 months. But to me, someone who earns the hard way, it’s far less offensive than an outright status match that allows others to get there for no effort. That being said, I had thought this was my last year of Gobalist as I had already started to diversify. I’ve already registered and will do the sprint. 10 nights already booked for September alone. Globalist has been very rewarding as I’ve gotten suite upgrades multiple times. I hope this doesn’t ultimately dilute the benefits.


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