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Wynn Las Vegas Cancels Reservations & Accuses Fraud Over Free Night Promotion

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Wynn Las Vegas Canceled Free Nights

Wynn Las Vegas Canceled Free Nights

The other night I covered a free night comp offer that was publicly available on the Wynn website for all people. The site was giving people comped rooms and resort fees for stays through August. Since this was open to everyone and was publicly on their site, we assumed it was a promo or at the very worst a mistake.

Yesterday when I logged into my Wynn account I noticed something strange. The hotel had gone ahead and added a charge for each of my nights. It went from saying COMP for everything to this.


Wynn Las Vegas Cancels Reservations & Makes Accusations of Fraud

That was disappointing, but I figured it was a sign that Wynn had noticed THEIR mistake and fixed it. I believe if they make a mistake they can reach out apologize and let customers know their options. I’m not upset with Wynn for promptly fixing their mistake, but I’m upset with what came after. Late last night I received the following email:

Dear Shawn Coomer,


It has come to our attention that an unauthorized offer purporting to give complimentary rooms at Wynn Las Vegas was recently posted on unsanctioned websites. Those posts were in violation of the applicable terms of the offer, which clearly prohibits the offer from being transferred to another person, or reposted or published on a third party website. Unfortunately, it appears that you booked a reservation under this offer without knowing it was unauthorized. You likely noticed at the time of booking that these were paid room nights and a deposit was required for the reservation at the time of booking.


We know this is likely a deep disappointment and we apologize for the confusion the unauthorized posting of this fraudulent offer may have caused. The reservation(s) you booked under this offer will be automatically cancelled, and any deposit paid will be refunded to the form of payment used to book your reservation. Please allow 7–10 business days for processing from your financial institution before a refund may be reflected in your account.


In the future, please know that the most reliable place for legitimate offers is our website,


Wynn Las Vegas

And that’s when I got pissed. Let me back up. Look at the words above. Instead of just admitting their mistake, Wynn tries to blame those people who shared the deal. Let me be clear about something.

  • This deal did not require a special link or code
  • It was available on the Wynn website
  • I was able to book by logging into my account tied to me
  • No offer was transferred to anyone else

More Lies & Accusations

Again I assert Wynn has the right to cancel these reservations based on their mistake and I have no problem with them doing it. But the fact that they try to make it look like something other than an IT error on their end is pretty sad in my opinion. They also try to tell the customers they should have known that the room wasn’t free by saying, “You likely noticed at the time of booking that these were paid room nights and a deposit was required for the reservation at the time of booking.”. That’s not true. Here is what my screen showed when I booked.

More Wynn Las Vegas Nonsense

And let me pull this out of the email. “We know this is likely a deep disappointment and we apologize for the confusion the unauthorized posting of this fraudulent offer may have caused.” The use of the word fraudulent is designed to both scare and intimidate guests. And it’s a lie in my opinion.

Wynn screwed up and they are trying to pass the blame. What happened is no different than me sharing a deal where Wynn is offering X rate. Keep this in mind for future deals. Wynn seems to be asserting any time any rate on their website is shared with people on another website it is fraud. I can’t tell you about a great rate they have publicly available on their website because in their view it somehow violates the terms. Shameful.

One More Thing

And then there is this. “In the future, please know that the most reliable place for legitimate offers is our website,” I’m pretty sure that’s the EXACT site where I booked this offer. Wait let me confirm. Yes, it is. The link we shared was to the public site without any offer codes, etc. We just linked directly to their site. Did anyone read this before sending it out?

Update: Wynn Las Vegas has responded. Find the full details here.

Wynn Las Vegas Canceled Free Nights – Bottom Line

Again, Wynn is within their right to cancel these reservations and I won’t argue otherwise. The fact that they try to blame their own customers by in my opinion misrepresenting facts instead of apologizing and moving on is disgusting. The fact that they go on to try to assert some sort of fraud was committed is well………surprising given their reputation of excellent customer service.

So should Wynn be forced to give free rooms because of their mistake? No. Should they own up to it and stop trying to accuse others of some sort of fraud? Yes they should. It’s a bad look at a time when Wynn and other Vegas casinos are struggling mightily to fill their hotel rooms.

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Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer
Shawn Coomer earns and burns millions of miles/points per year circling the globe with his family. An expert at accumulating travel rewards, he founded Miles to Memories to help others achieve their travel goals for pennies on the dollar. Shawn also runs a million dollar reselling business, knows Vegas better than most and loves to spend his time at the 12 Disney parks across the world.

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  1. Not surprised to see this. I had a 4 night stay booked thru the Wynn Slots app. I need to move it now due to COVID-19. They responded to my original email saying they would honor my 4 night reservation (because they have recently reduced it to only allow 2 night reservations) only to turn around and email me again and say that they would not move my reservation for me. That forces me to cancel and reschedule it myself on the app which will now only allow me to book 2 nights. In the middle of everything going on, how can they be that ignorant of good customer service?

  2. Well said and I agree with everything you mentioned. Moreover, during a “mistake” rate that hotels end up cancelling, I’ve seen many hotels offer some sort of discount code you can use on your next stay, to at least salvage some of the lost customers. So instead of getting nothing out of this, they could at least entice a few customers to come back, especially given the situation hotels are in. But wow, they have too much pride to even do that.

  3. Well, I’m sure glad we used our Amex Platinum card to book a room at the Delano in August vs the Wynn! They’re practically paying us to stay there!

  4. The fact that Wynn’s already re-opening their buffets to a maskless deplorable crowd was already enough for me to avoid Vegas through 2021.

    • An individual going out of her way to make a sociopathic comment unrelated to the article. Who is deplorable here?

  5. […] Not a surprise that these were cancelled, but I also don’t think it was unreasonable to think that a hotel was offering free nights given the current crisis. Vegas hotels sometimes offer these types of freebies during regular times as well. Some of what Wynn states is incorrect such as it being clear that this was a paid room night. In any case these have been cancelled and I would just move onto the next deal. Hat tip to MtM […]

      • How funny when a reader only reads a title, not the post and jumps straight to making assumptions and nonsense comments that has nothing to do with the post. Receiving a room COMP offered on the hotels website is far from gaming anything and actually makes sense the hotel wanted to encourage people to come to Las Vegas to gamble away their money after the COVID reopening. Casino COMP players free rooms & meals all of the time post gambling given the shut down situation it makes perfect sense to COMP a player pre-gambling.

          • Yes great advice but honestly could you please point out which part you consider is “gaming the system” I’m curious to hear your interpretation because I just don’t see any gaming what’s so ever. I would agree MS is a form of gaming but booking a free room that’s offered on the hotels website which they offered? Where is the game im baffled. I was given a free casino room on my bday is that also considered gaming to accept it?

  6. How nice would it have been for them to admit their mistake, apologize, inform that they can’t honor such error and maybe toss some sort of virtual Wynn gift card or credit your way as a means of saying we’re sorry we can’t honor but don’t want you to walk away with a sour taste in your mouth over an IT error.

    There are many ways to handle such situations without pissing off your customers and without giving away the house.

    Shame on Wynn

  7. “..Unauthorized offer purporting to give complimentary rooms at Wynn Las Vegas was recently posted on unsanctioned websites.”

    Wait… So the offer was “unauthorized” AND shared on “unsanctioned websites”. It’s awfully coincidental for both to be true….

  8. No great loss. I have stayed at the Wynn (along with the majority of strip and downtown hotels plus a number of off strip ones). The Wynn casino is nice but I wasn’t impressed w the rooms. IMHO Venetian is best “basic” room unless you upgrade to a suite at other properties. Outside of Venetian mist are prettt standard cookie cutter rooms with the only variable being the furnishings and overall quality of the property.

  9. Wow so basically they set themselves up for a class action lawsuit by admitting someone hacked there system creating an fraudulent deal on their site. If someone hacked their system then customer personal data has also been stolen, much like the Marriot data breach. If they were smart they would have said it was an internal error your data is safe and offered some great discount for their mistake. If it was me I would confront them about the issue explaining it was directly from their website (not a shared link) show your screenshots and now you have great concerns about the database hack they have suffered which has exposed tour personal information which is something you need to consult with a lawyer. I bet they come back real fast saying your correct it was an internal error nothing to worry about. They really made a BIG mistake to admit they were hacked 🙂

  10. Woah! Weird, sad. Potential travelers who have been on a emotional roller coaster due to lockdown do not need being accused of fraud on top of all that they have been through. I thought it was a real offer in light of street closures, unrest, notorious hot summer weather, having to wear a mask in the airport and plane, reduced amenities like pools and shows, and disease scaring people away.


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