Amex Refunds Defrauded Customers, Spend Before Upgrade Counts on Amex Cards, Sensory Friendly Place in PIT Airport

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American Express refunding $1.6M after exchange pricing investigation – Fox Business

I am not sure why the salespeople would do it – maybe a profit bonus or something.  It is not like they could pocket the money etc. You would think this would go deeper than a couple hundred businesses/people.

Pittsburgh International Airport Opens First-of-its-Kind Sensory-Friendly Space – Travel Pulse

This is a great idea and I think we will end up seeing more and more of this.  The airlines having sensory “flights” and things like this help out people in need so much.

I noticed this same thing when I recently took the upgrade to the Ascend.  The spend I had put on my no fee Hilton before the upgrade is showing on my $15K tracker. A nice little bonus that was unexpected.


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